InvoicePlane Online Invoicing

InvoicePlane Online Invoicing

InvoicePlane Online Invoicing has been chosen from a variety of online solutions available to meet your company’s billing needs

InvoicePlane is an Online Invoicing system but it is NOT a system operating on our systems for Italian professionals as it is prepared for those who have foreign companies and this is very important as the Italian legislation provides for the automatic sending to the Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Tax Agency) with systems that we, for security reasons and especially as a foreign company, have not planned and do not plan to install.

SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LLC is based on a powerful InvoicePlane Online Invoicing software, easy to use, immediate in the visualization of the turnover, complete in the configuration, with the possibility to manage the accounting solution for companies in the UK, French, American and many other countries, which allows you to manage and send invoices, credit notes, quotes to customers and also accept online payments via PayPal Express and other gateways with the use of Personal Computer, Tablet or Smartphone thanks to the use of Web Based technology.

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InvoicePlane Online Invoicing is now available for immediate use on our proprietary servers so you can start billing right away.

The open source Online Billing software is InvoicePlane, a free program that can be downloaded from the official website. However, in order to use InvoicePlane it is necessary to install it on a Gnu/Linux server perfectly configured especially in the security field, with sufficient disk space, sufficiently powerful internet bandwidth and perfect configuration for sending emails that can be sent to customers and the accountant using multiple senders.

By purchasing the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing service developed by the technical staff of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LLC, the customer only has to sit down and prepare the invoices which, among other things, can operate automatically with the recurrence option and does not have to worry about having technical knowledge for the installation and use of the program.

The service includes daily backups, including deferred backups, in compliance with GDPR 679/2016 regulations, allowing data and management to be restored quickly in the event of disaster recovery.

InvoicePlane integrates all the functions necessary for the complete management of the company’s Online Invoicing allowing the insertion of customers and products complete with any annotations, arriving in a few moments to the issue of commercial invoices and the management of their status marking them as “Draft”, “Sent”, “View”, “Paid” and generating a PDF file.

The InvoicePlane Online Invoicing software provides customizations that can be set with the company logo, and a multitude of options that can be reported on the invoice such as: additional information, integration of multiple forms of payment, management of partial payments, summary reports of profits, sales and payment history as well as different types of taxation applicable according to the country of the company and operating with the currency of the State of registration.

In addition to the normal functions, the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing software allows you to send quotes which can then generate an invoice, set up various taxation regimes and no management problems as operating on a web platform it can be used with any operating system and any computer system or smartphone.

With the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing software, you can add, delete and modify content independently, make invoices immediately with the help of a smartphone, often solving some shortcomings complained of especially by free lance and making the service attractive.

SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LLC has prepared the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing package on proprietary servers that allow invoicing for countries outside Italy, i.e. British and American companies, etc., as long as they are not linked to electronic invoicing.

The InvoicePlane Online Invoicing package is valid quarterly and the cost is very low allowing you to work in complete peace of mind and being able to customize it directly from the program with your logo, the details of your company and many other customizations made directly via browser.



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If required, you can entrust us with the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing service on behalf of third parties, i.e., the administrative staff of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LLC will issue invoices on your behalf in respect of the confidentiality and secrecy of the task entrusted to us and any request for a chartered accountant to check and carry out all the necessary administrative procedures (budgets, etc.).

Our consultants are at your complete disposal, if you are seriously interested do not think about it and contact us.

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Italy slapped

Italy slapped - World News - Italy - Italia

Italy slapped by the European Union, the other Member States, including the country that has plagued us (GERMANY) turn back on us and who we are to help ? ITALY SLAPPED - WORLD NEWS

Italy slapped by its European partners, including the German state that brought us the pandemic, they decided to turn His back by refusing to provide the necessary medical supplies to protect medical workers and people who can not find the masks, but who He decides to go to meet the beautiful country is the Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer that gives a lot of boxes to the Italian civil protection.

The SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LLC in London, yes, this company that only deals with aspects such as financial and IT consulting for other companies, as a result of the fact that some of its consultants are Italians, decided to get involved and to propose, after finding an importer in touch with important factories, the interest for the good of our fellow citizens find the FFP2 and FFP3 masks with class filters N99 and N95 (military class), masks N95 with filters and all health protections necessary and appropriate to protect operators of the Italian Civil Defense and health professionals, but not only, as it is contacting the other States at the global level.

It was supposed to provide the Italian Civil Protection which also have contacted and have not yet responded, the Italian community pharmacies of the red zone, but our society has found ten thousand obstacles ready to stop its ability not only to come up against bureaucracy Italian that even in times like these, if you have to pay, requires the CE mark (European Community), but if you receive gifts gladly accept them regardless of its origin and who would have furnished them is among other things a major global supplier and what we sorry immensely because he often entrepreneurs, just because Italians, have more contacts that can be made available to the own nation.

But get presents does not mean solving the problem of people, because Italians are cornered by a financial crisis that is them killing and coronavirus German import, since the flights with China had been suspended, is putting on his knees an Italian slapped, where we see so much incompetence and many friends of friends that you offer and then think about the post-crisis …… so-called “Saviors of the Homeland.”

The agreement was signed with a major Israeli companies present in Tel Aviv, but while FER.RE.IT of Reggio Emilia, pointed out that although prices in line with those proposed by the producers for the quality of the products were satisfactory but lacked the stamp CE (European Community) and the certificate of conformity (those who produce them is 3M and XIAOMI), the Italian state organs contacted did not even reply to forwarded emails among other things by an editor, but the protection Italian Civil, how they write Italian newspapers, quietly accept the protections from XIAOMI not under European certification.

This publisher has made contact with the importer in Tel Aviv and has sincerato of commercial agreements and the real possibility of having all health protections necessary to protect not only the civil protection, but also all health care providers and eventually the population Italian and that health centers were still FDA certified (USA certification much more stringent than the European one).

The problem is always that of a false and mendacious bureaucracy that wants to take advantage and make profit by friends of friends taking advantage of the disasters of Italy, while knowing that it could be secured so many people and especially the elderly … … maybe cost too much to ‘INPS?

Perhaps the friend of the politician in office do not buy enough or nothing if you are interested in the issue?

3M and XIAOMI provide other important countries such as Israel and indeed by all accounts is a state first exposed line and prepared to possible biological warfare, so we do not think that would put at risk the lives of their population.

Curiosity was born sovereign, it is our intention to see how, and if, the representatives of the Italian State will be in contact with us, but especially when and in what mode if anything they decide to do so.

We on our own, we are contacting other Member States and if the Italian representatives wake up too late, only they will be the cause of the lack of protection equipment because we are not a charity, but a company born to do business.

In Italy it slapped it is now common knowledge that if you are not a friend of some politician or some trumpet of politics that operates in associated companies, nothing can be done and nothing must move.

And then there is the problem of employers who go to other countries or guys who once graduates go away from Italy, or of satire that is made on the side of the Alps television and accuses Malta accommodate many Italians who are tired moving their residence in this COUNTRY CIVIL?

Certain questions are all answered, but, you know, just to save face on television for a few more votes you sell also what was never invented.

Italy has always been a country very ambiguous and strange, and now you have the assurance of why Italians abroad are treated very badly and their hosts denigrates Italy as a country of parasites and profiteers.

Do not be shocked by seeing what happens also in national emergencies, those who are elderly has seen a lot worse happen which sent troops to the Russian front with light and unsuitable equipment (WORLD WAR II), the massacre of Ustica, the Bologna massacre, the two dead judges who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of so many southern Italians, not realizing that the local mafia were just what are called “soldiers”, because the leaders were well other people far more influential and state secrets that Democratic Republic and not a dictatorship should not exist with their compatriots (see the process of which are State-Mafia agreement were marked confidential recordings).

The demonstration of IGNORANCE because no DOCTOR, is of those who administer the most beautiful country of Europe we can listen live, from the mouth of those who now found himself He also hit by the coronavirus, a scourge that spares no one and that however, we do our best wishes for a safe and speedy recovery



This is Italy slapped that no Italian real birth would ever want to hear nominate, this is Italy who do not want good people, those who are disgusted because they do not vote for local political shift that would corrupt them with pleasures or money but that the local elections with 50 Euro manages to bribe some boy.

This is what sucks Italians.

Politicians expect that in voting the Italian population makes them elect for what they can say on television, but they have forgotten that football matches have been suspended and that the Italians are now wide awake and alert and are following step by step the various choices that they are making about the national crisis.

The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte admits that a leak to a decree that would have to confine Lombardy, but of course, as usual, the friend of the friend of some political released, sparking panic of those who live in that region leading people, possibly ill, get in way to southern Italy risking the spread of the epidemic and endangering the rest of the Italian population.

But in the hands of the Government which is Italy?

The lack of a State that threatens the health of its citizens in order to maintain good relations with
a Europe that we can do without, at this point, is not a State worthy of being considered at pair at the Maduro government.

It has even got to THINK to do as in the field of front-line hospitals, choose who can live or die, evidently will mark his forehead with a red mark those who should not enter into intensive care because they are too old or already debilitated by some major illness.

And then we are surprised that other European countries do the heavy satire on Italy?

And for emergencies such as heart attacks and more?!?

What will they do?!?

Patients will abandon them to their fate tearing their coats and betrayed the oath to Hippocrates?

We hope more in a revolt and rejection of health care to save the lives of all if you were to find yourself in a situation degenerated.

We hope in the future that things will change and that Italy could go back to being a true country free from the corrupt, loved by Italians and those who say they want not more corrupt when in the end the real corrupt are other people.


ADT  London 8th march 2020Italia presa a schiaffi - World News

Offshore bank accounts

Offshore bank accounts - Financial ServicesOffshore bank accounts are the solution in case of personal bankruptcy or your state or serious difficulty Institute of Banking Credit of a European State or any asset, or the difficulties of opening account in England Offshore bank accounts - Financial Services

The Offshore bank accounts are the only lifeline in the event of a bank failure, or serious threat to an asset or risk of default of your country, as it is not possible for the banking institution or the State of affiliation , to get their hands on the money capital deposited outside the European Union or in a EU country with high confidence, that even in the event of the failure of a State or the loss of bank reliability.

But this word: Offshore bank accounts” does it really mean?

The offshore bank accounts will not open in heavenly places of some kind of remote island, but are opened just in foreign countries to your state, in fact “offshore” bank accounts means exactly “foreign” bank accounts, ie away from the State of belonging, so do not be strange and fantastic ideas.

For the opening of offshore bank accounts, the SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LLC has prepared various brokerage packages, remaining always available to provide information for special requests via CONTACT US.

Often they did believe, and it is not farfetched the idea of ​​reason, that the movement of large sums of money were not legal but that does not correspond absolutely true.

The offshore bank accounts are also important for employees, retirees, professionals who do not want to see themselves evaporate overnight i their financial assets, their salaries due to bad checks carried out or not carried out by the central Bank of your country, but are also necessary for those who had financial or bankruptcy bankruptcy proceedings, protests, kidnappings at the hands of tax agencies, which hardly will dip into their capital immediately.

The movement of capital is possible with a bank transfer from your current bank deposit, the offshore destination bank and, if as a result of aggressive taxation, the body responsible should ask ourselves the reason for this shift, the answer is simpler as you can imagine, “as a result of ventilated dangers for some European banks and some European States, I moved my money at the bank in another European country or outside Europe, and we will declare the movement as provided for by legal regulations into force. “


It obvious that the move recommended by us must not exceed 40.000 to transfer euros, or better yet, use the MT that have a service that sets banks use to move large amounts of money, to avoid excessive handling charges (European banks apply a handling charge quite high and vary from institute to institute), but you can always move even very large sums and our financial advisors are always on hand to protect bank savings and the customer’s assets enabling you to act within the law and in ways banker correct.

One caveat is that we need to do for the Italian citizen is not much different, as will be sufficient during the tax return for the following year, to fill out properly from your tax consultant RW framework and the PF pane, indicating What Banking Institute, in which country are our capital, the coordinates of your offshore bank accounts and how much is the average balance, paying only a fee of Euro 34,20 (IVAFE) for each inmate account.

The SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LLC is interested in the opening of offshore bank accounts for the ordinary European citizen, for the company, for the employee who intends to be credited their salaries through agreements with accredited introducers and very often using its consultants.

Many think that banks in electronic money (e-bank), are convenient but do not realize that their State still receives signaling the opening of a bank account and often NOT banks outside the European Union.

The safety of offshore bank accounts but also onshore (EU), is due precisely to the fact that banks are open in real, in United geo-politically stable, where there are no limits to the amount of the deposit that you can make and take, where Debit Cards are released and can be handled very easily with what we all know as home banking or Internet banking.

Being able to speak with the director of a real bank is by far very different from having to send an e-mail and having to wait a likely response, you also have the chance to speak with the exchange office and be able to interface with our brokers for any financial investments in the stock market; opens at the end all a different scenario from the one which would have us believe with electronic cash accounts, are not to be despised but they have their limitations.

The SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LLC, with its consultants and its partners, has-State relations in other states, gives the possibility of being able to secure their capital in non-European or European states still high banking confidentiality, thanks to current accounts offshore and onshore but above all, following completion of our task, all the documentation that you release will be destroyed immediately as also provided GDPR (European Privacy Decree 679/2016) following the destruction request data from the client.

All this will put you away from any tax or capital retaliation of its own and will ensure you do not want offshore bank accounts containing state your savings, not subject to European banking problems that are destroying the finances of the Member States with the various decrees saves banks.

You can get your bank accounts offshore very quickly, relying on an Internet Banking as the one you’ve always used, and a debit card for use in your state as Visa or Master Card with minimal costs, often below those present in the European banking institutions.

The SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LLC offers various types of intermediation for the opening of bank accounts offshore, from online bank accounts for electronic money but with banking license, to end up with current accounts in international investment banks.

Depending on your choice you will be performing, our professionals requiring you activate certain documents (passport is required) necessary to be able to allow a corporate or personal account.

For the brokerage service Current Accounts Offshore Banking, if electronic money once the bank account opened and obtained accreditation from the financial entities, will be enough to pay € 50 (fifty Euros) to obtain the IBAN and Debit Card required to operate, with regard to current accounts at Bank Offshore Offshore Online Merchant Banks or Banks with significant monthly movements, it will be necessary for the payment of € 20.000 (twenty thousand euro) at the opening of the account that will remain the exclusive property your and will appear on your statement.


Offshore bank checking accounts do not mean current accounts opened in exotic tax havens, but foreign bank accounts

Even the employee of a company can easily decide to open a foreign bank account by simply communicating the bank details of his current account to the company administration and paying the regular IVAFE if he was an Italian resident

Brokerage Banking Offshore Bank Accounts – Online Staff

Brokerage Current Accounts Offshore Banking – Corporate Online


Brokerage Banking Offshore Bank Accounts – Online (up to 50,000 euros a month)

Brokerage Banking Offshore Bank Accounts – Online (up to 300,000 euros a month)

Brokerage Banking Offshore Bank Accounts – Online (up to 1000,000 euros a month)

Brokerage Banking Offshore Bank Accounts – Online (up to 2000,000 euros a month)


Brokerage Current Accounts Offshore Bank – BANK OF BUSINESS (not online but real bank)




Documents required to open a current account in PDF format to be sent to us:

Copy of passport (the page with the photo is very legible)
Copy of ID-CARD or Identity Card
Certificate of residence
Latest electricity bill (telephone or other utility bills will not be accepted) in your name with your address of residence

If the current account is corporate, it will be necessary:

View Chamber of Commerce
Memorandum of association of the company
Company incorporation documents
Good standing certificate of company

Our officers may request additional documents from you if required by the bank for the opening of the current account


For any further information or questions, you can consult with CONTACT US and we will respond as soon as possible

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously interested not think about it and contact us

Offshore bank accounts - Financial Services

Coronavirus and spreaders

Coronavirus and spreaders - World News Coronavirus and planetary spreaders, but it is the Italians who for once I unknowingly stumbled into the cunning of a country that should be a friend as belonging to the European UnionCORONAVIRUS E GLI UNTORI - WORLD NEWS

From rumors, it seems that a 33 year old man, a German national, has released the Coronavirus in Europe but to pay the bitter price was Italy.

That the Italian Government sin of ignorance and is made up of simpletons we always deducted, but that came to be fooled by those who went under his arm to his prime minister we did not expect it.

Italians have been passed off as those who bore the coronavirus and planetary plague-spreaders were only them, but the background is very different media and how many would say: “the king is naked.”

Perhaps we begin to imagine why Europe was so magnanimous with Italy, hinting that there will be no major impact on a possible deficit, when we know that those who run the orchestra in the European Union is Germany that he tried to create friction between the beautiful country and China remaining silent, but has also put at risk thousands of Italian citizens.

This Europe is not the dream of many Europeans, it’s just a monetary union dictated and managed by banks, which continues to upset the financial balance of weaker states but have commercial resources to be able to put in big trouble when the two cornerstones are touched German and French, they can not enjoy the strength of the Made in Italy and are only states like the rogue states pose vetoes and other issues to put a spoke in the wheels of Italian ingenuity and Italian production (not the Italian Government ), where the coronavirus and spreaders are not only those who carry the Italian DNA.

Germany lost the Second World War and France should remember well how General de Gaulle entered victorious in French territory after having previously taken refuge in England.

But the Third World War, nowadays, is being fought in the financial area and in addition to failing to pay war reparations, Germany also claims the right to want to lead the European Union.

Having found Patient Zero German, who had attended a meeting together with a colleague from Shanghai asymptomatic but infected with the coronavirus can certainly not bring the situation back to normal and does not solve the problem of having accused Italians like coronavirus and planetary spreaders , it is certain that Germany, now that he has discovered his altar, would do well to stay silent when Italy will require European aid to deal with the emergency and to the financial damage that is undergoing or will not want to pay even these?

Someone says nothing knowing how things went, probably because he realizes that if he were saying a word would be forced to admit that in Italy the government currently in office is a group of parties never elected by the people and for justice only quest ‘last would yield the word or … ..the polls, as the famous grillini now have the flicker party.

To try to understand that what was stated in the article is true and not the usual words thrown into the wind, you just go and read the genetic map published in magazines that The New England Journal and Medicine, where it is shown that the same case may have given rise to a whole number of infections that now have become a global pandemic.

You need not be of virologists to understand that warm weather will not solve the problem, because in Qatar we have 35 degrees and in the UAE there are a few more, but not only, when you consider Brazil, Mexico and other States where the climate today is definitely hot, but they are countries that have not been spared from the coronavirus problem, perhaps we can begin to get an idea of ​​what will happen in the future.

It would be interesting to understand why Germany has played with words talking about a “scientific unique” but at the same time spoke of “global pandemic” not pointing out that it is an outbreak of which only you are guilty.

The game in Germany is now in the open and this allowed him to not bring down his productions and his bags taking up the financial level remained, which however, is changing the locomotive of Europe to a simple wagon with trailer due of so many lies and subterfuge tempted also in the automotive sector with the United States of America.

Much could have been done to slow the coronavirus, but would force Europe and especially the European Union, which woke up very late, to isolate Germany although this could hardly prevent the spread of the epidemic.

This should give pause to those who believe strong pro-European and ask him one question: “is this the Europe that we all want?”

England this question if it made a few years ago and the result was not catastrophic as many hoped, but rather, contrary to all predictions has allowed the release of its citizens from a state of bondage to a l ‘ European Union has barricaded with its borders the 27 remaining and enabled the British state to recover its sovereignty as it was unable to bring democracy and independence in a union controlled by banks and not by the people as many of us would have liked.

Now Italy is on the brink, and one wonders what would be the moves of a government that does not listen even the parliamentary opposition, well aware that every move can result in an electoral catastrophe.

We all hope that the coronavirus is destroyed or rendered harmless by the vaccines under study in Israel, United States of America and other major world countries and that the Italian Government to undertake separate ways in the future, mindful that we must safeguard the national interest and not EVEN look always trust a Europe that unfortunately NOT always acts in the interest of the beautiful country but more often for purely nationalistic in certain states.

Who knows that the coronavirus not bring a little common sense in all the European and enables management of a country more beautiful in the world to get him back is also a hard-working state and primeggiante industry and employment.


Coronavirus this unknown

CORONAVIRUS THIS UNKNOWN - CORONAVIRUS - World NewsCoronavirus this unknown on which expenses were rivers of words not taking into account that the layman not having the scientific and medical knowledge of a virologist would be alarmed and would surely have been able to undermine the entire national system.CORONAVIRUS THIS UNKNOWN - CORONAVIRUS - World News

The coronavirus, this unknown why Italy, which at first seemed to have taken the right path belittling alarmism but making it clear that science could quickly remedy, during the evolution of the pandemic has made several reverse at the hands of its rulers, reaching close to the Chinese scheduled airports.

Unfortunately it has highlighted the lack of information but especially the lack of a Europe that now only serves to perpetuate the political salaries that no longer serve anyone because the European dream was shattered in favor of monetary dream.

In short, Europe is the union of states put together only from taxes, which punishes anyone who does not intend to submit to his strange claims that the use of powdered milk instead of fresh milk to make cheese, the size of clams the dell’ittico size caught in the sea and countless amenities that do not serve the evolving and the union of a great European nation as it is the United States of America, but only to embarrass certain States in favor of others who strangely the decisions pilot.

The Italian policy was certainly not up to the task as it is made to take collective hysteria and instead of moderation by the events that followed one another rapidly, has seen fit to feed even more people’s concerns with behavior and words truly despicable used especially during some interviews to his Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The coronavirus, this unknown who looks out silently, has served to highlight the enormous divisions that exist between the Central Government and Italian Regions but also has brought to light the true purpose of government should administer one of the most beautiful countries in the world for tourism .

The coronavirus has won the Italian political system and helped to destroy the only sure way that the beautiful country could and should exploit to impalement States having only to envy the Italian beauties because in Italy there you go for good and healthy table that feeds everyone respecting the canons of Mediterranean food.

Italy has always been considered an open air museum because of the coronavirus, where ignorance of its citizens and voluntary ineptitude of its politicians, ended up losing the only train that could revive the fortunes of its south, battered and it has always been used by politicians and friends of political entrepreneurs who have stripped the economy by drawing on state subsidies of the past and the pleasures of the present.

Italy was the only country that has carried out more than 8,000 (eight thousand) controls on its citizens and residents and it is obvious that more cases of coronavirus, this unknown that has allowed to highlight him of a majority of cases, unlike other European states that have made a vastly smaller number by highlighting a few cases but … the future there will be crying when you discover that the Germanic power and haughty France had probably suffered more damage from the pandemic.

The problem of Italians is that they do not like and do not appreciate their country, unlike other inhabitants of neighboring countries, take every opportunity to discuss and shoot zero on Italian problems are no different than those of other states, but, unlike other , they are also accused of being sovranisti and nationalists.

The coronavirus has bent not only companies of northern Italy, but has also generated a phobia that has spread abroad and the words of President Conte have favored those who had every incentive to take down the only chance he had the Bel Paese to lift his head.

A left vulgar and old, accustomed to favor friends of friends and not to listen to the opposition only to avoid having to admit mistakes, managed to destroy in a few days the reduced recovery of the Italian GDP now in its death throes and encourage foreign markets by breaking down even companies listed with more negative outcomes.

The coronavirus has continued its battle against the Chinese giant but also highlighted the carelessness and lack of information and development in medical technologies of the European states, where countries like Cuba, but especially Israel fielded and available to other States, methodologies of defense against this type of virus that is little more than a cold lately as some Italian ministers said, but it is not the end of mankind.

With the coronavirus has highlighted the problem of a welfarist state incapable of serious recovery of the country Italy but only able to cut funds for university research, hospital and private, focusing only on the tax more not to fix the accounts of a State to the default limit, but to swell the coffers of non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and to pay the trumpet pleasures of politics, offer a basic income that is not the salvation for the citizens but only a pittance of State instead of creating places labor, lower taxes, hitting hard on the tax wedge and not lead Italy to a financial police state that does not need to absolutely nothing.

More than this unknown coronavirus, we should say: “Italy, get up and you kick those looking to destroy you”

They highlighted racist incidents where Italians, first offending repeatedly and heavily unarmed Chinese citizens guilty only of living under a Communist dictatorship (what I like so much the Italian left), gathered then to be themselves subject to problems linked to the racism, in the same way as they have always behaved with who was different or Israelite religion.

How much hypocrisy we could see through the coronavirus, all in all this virus was not at all a curse, but only half that highlighted all existing flaws in a country that should be more loved, considered for their history and for their potential and not despised.

But there is a great absence, the one who could have one word to silence all Italian politicians, but that did not lift a finger, indeed, did not say anything except the occasional appearance: “The President of the Republic”, the last bastion in Italians they believe that on this occasion were deeply disappointed.

The coronavirus has won the Italian system did cancel events, fairs important for Italian furniture and many other initiatives that have crippled the economy of a state already skewed by a poor if not culpably deliberate maladministration.

Too bad, missed opportunity for Italy and for its entrepreneurs and citizens, an opportunity that could have put the economy of the country at stake, at times, casts doubt on the good faith of its directors and one wonders if do not play in betting on the stock market negativity to profit even more.

The coronavirus has also highlighted all the good will, hard work and above all the preparation of a health sector that should be further assisted economically and which needs to not be subject to unnecessary investigations of some judge that not knowing how to engage his time opens investigations into nonsensical thinking to pick up in the dock coronavirus bench.

All the tourism sector has been cornered by coronavirus, this unknown who has managed to bring down hotel among the most beautiful and luxurious that have undergone a tremendous financial hit with a 90% of cancellations, and all for the words of a man who represents the Italian power that he got caught by the hysteria thinking of hitting even those opposed to his game of armchairs at Palazzo Chigi.

It certainly did not help the televised presentation made by the President of the Lombardy Region who, wearing a surgical mask, generated panic both in Italy and abroad with media exaltation given by the most important international newspapers, causing the ban on citizens Italians accused of being unters like the Chinese with relative huge loss for the Italian tourism IN and OUT.

The Italian press is not immune to criticism because of looting and lack of arguments has seen fit to spend pages and pages hitting hard on the Italian system, and taking every opportunity to denigrate him and broadcast transmissions mismanaged and especially of transmission, not maintaining the objectivity and distance that a good reporter should also always bear in mind going against the editorial line that has been imposed.

Numerous flights were canceled for both arrivals and departures for the damage that had already folded and the airlines but also the sea, you will be felt soon with the loss of many jobs.

Who knows, maybe the coronavirus has tried to put things in place in Italy and in Europe, making it clear to Europeans that if the European Union is immediately restored and the laws that govern the states, maybe it really is better to take a cue from England and go back to being sovereign and democratic while living in harmony with others but closing with a union of states based only monetary unit ?


BREXIT victory


BREXIT, a victory for many Britons who had on several occasions shown their lack of interest in remaining linked to the European UnionBREXIT UNA VITTORIA - BREXIT A VICTORY - NEWS - WORLD NEWS

BREXIT, a victory for the United Kingdom, which is running to become the next real tax haven, accentuating all the financial strength on the safe and friendly countries linked by the Commonwealth Pact that unites the former British colonies of which most recognize the Queen as Head of State.

It is true that many Commonwealth nations are now independent republics with a parliament that legislates and independent administrations, but still remain united with the royalty of England recognizing the Queen of England as the head of the Commonwealth itself and not as head of state, but allowing trade and financial exchanges within the various states, especially strengthening the financial and economic power of Britain.

The Great Britain that all the European States felt was heading towards an abyss without salvation, today, they are beginning to highlight their weaknesses by losing 16 billion euros of European funding and no longer being able to blackmail the British State by trying to force it to accept non-EU immigrants illegally from African states and trying, as in the past, to weigh their decisions on Britain.

With the BREXIT a victory, England, already financially independent because it never wanted to adopt the Euro and the imposition made on many other European states thanks to the financial strength of its markets and the Bank of England, which has always continued to print the Pound or Pound autonomously, gave a shoulder to the wall that had been artfully built by the European Union, freeing itself and returning to being a sovereign state and always well administered.

The European defeatists, foreseeing the great risk of a recession of the EU member states and fearing for the loss of power in trade, had tried in every way to dissuade England from separating from the rest of Europe, going so far as to bring about a change of pace with the entry into play of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

But England, strong with its own currency, its own industries and its own exports not only on European territory but precisely in the Commonwealth territories, has been able to give the right answer by bringing complete sovereignty back into its own state.

The economy is solid and finance will not back down and the United States of America will also have its eyes on the British island, which is already starting to think of becoming Hong Kong close to Europe, with agreements with Malta that would have guaranteed the supply of primary materials even in the event of a No Deal.

With the BREXIT, a victory and the English people, the flag drop in Brussels took place in a very discreet way, the sign of a historical separation of England from the European Union, where the twenty-seven States that are part of it have negotiated an agreement that provides for a transition period but defeats the strength of the European Parliament of the centre-left, unbalancing it towards the now majority forces of the centre-right.

But the BREXIT a victory that will bring consequences in trade where agreements will be renegotiated, including those relating to immigrants in the United Kingdom who work normally and waiting to obtain a stable residence, the passports that will be needed to enter and leave the United Kingdom and will almost certainly involve a huge movement of money and relocation of companies lured from a nearby area with low taxation and not problematic cash movements as is the case for some European states,

The fisheries sector will also remain safeguarded and will be able to continue fishing in Community waters and vice versa, and during the transitional period, the British banks will be able to continue to operate on the continent, which has prevented an exit without agreement, the NO DEAL, where in return the United Kingdom will continue to have a minimal share of the European budget.

There will be a kind of partnership between the United Kingdom and the European Union, to allow agreements and negotiations that do not lead to trade chaos and crowding at European and British borders.

The British project to transform the island into a welcoming centre for international finance and European businesses is what scares the 27 European states the most, but it must be borne in mind that if it is not a friendly country like Great Britain to do so, there are other states in the Eastern bloc such as Croatia, Albania and Romania, which, while aspiring to future membership of the European Union, are already making currency transfers and business relocations as well as pensioners like Portugal.

The future for the United Kingdom is still to be written and the BREXIT can be considered a victory for the British people who have been able to react to the pressures of a Europe of bankers where even Italy has succeeded, thanks to a boorish left centre and a right centre with no solutions and only announcements, to enter the spiral of economic subordination without batting an eyelid by means of the ESM which will lead it over time to a default on a par with Greece ten years ago if it does not immediately start a change of course which, we hope, is not already late.


Malta knights and Freemasons

Malta, Knights and Freemasons - Knight - little businessman - Freemason - World NewsMalta, Knights and Freemasons, a combination that in other times would not have caused a stir but rather the belief that cathedrals were erected by humble stonemasons enslaved to the Knights once Templars, then Knights of Rhodes and finally Knights HospitallersLoss of work - work - Italy - World News

Malta, little businessman, Knights and Freemasons are nowadays for those who would like to enter the two Institutions, a very difficult goal to reach because to enter the Hospitaller Knights it should be necessary to have the requisites of economic solidity, a real degree and not the ones you buy in Swiss markets or universities for a fee, a noble title or in any case to be honest and good people even if not graduated.

The title of nobility is cited as indispensable to join the Order of the Knights Hospitallers of Malta, but we remind everyone that one inherits it only from one’s father and not from one’s mother by attaching the title of nobility to one’s father’s surname because it is fraudulent, to be one of those people dedicated to good works if they have the financial requirements and not living on gimmicks and subsidies from the State of Malta because no lieutenants or even worse, on gimmicks by boasting non-existent titles in neighbouring countries in order to collect what thousands of euros to survive.

The same is true for those who wish to enter the Institution of Freemasonry, an institution even older than the Knights Templar, where, as also described in the Holy Bible, the Talmud and the Koran (Old Testament), an architect in the service of King Solomon, made available its existence to erect a Temple enslaved by free masons (the ancient stonemasons) and later the same institution first made itself available to the Knights Templar and then later passed into the service of the various knightly orders that today boast of Malta.

The beautiful cathedrals, but above all the walls of the ancient defence of the three castles of Valletta still bear the tangible signs of the Freemasons (rock and stone workers) who actively participated in the realization of works still present today and whose wonders are the pride of the island of Malta.

But of all this history, as always, the Holy Roman Church, which should only be a shepherd of souls and not enslaved to vice, to money, to subjugate Catholic populations because we are no longer at the time when the Pope had power of life and death over his subjects, with to this day, the apologies to the Catholics by successive Popes, still exerts a strong and close influence on the Maltese population and on Malta itself.

The Freemasons in Italy, are legally recognized as a result of respect for the Anselmi law, which prevents anyone from operating in secret and imposes that every Freemason, Masonic association and/or Masonic Obedience self-declaration at the Prefecture, notifying the Ministry of the Interior so that it can be demonstrated that they are not affiliated with Mafia gangs, but that they are transparent and legal in accordance with the laws of the State.

The laws of all the Republican States that call themselves democratic, grant freedom of worship, freedom of speech, freedom of race so that no one can feel the victim of persecution and they are all countries that fortunately belong to Europe and to many other prestigious nations such as the United States of America, Australia and so on, apart from totalitarian countries where even the professing of a religion becomes an object of crime.

The Freemasons embrace as brothers the Muslims, the Jews, the Catholics and bow before the three sacred books without any constraint, but with spontaneity and sincere heart on a par with the Knights of Malta, They question the impositions of the Holy Roman Church that still carries out in the 21st century, interference due to the denial of the archaeological and scientific discoveries that undermine the New Testament and not the respect for the Old Testament that we can find in all three sacred books of primary monotheistic religions.

This is the only difference between the Knights Hospitallers of Malta and the Freemasons, the former accept the interference of the Holy Roman Church and the Freemasons question them democratically and freely while respecting the teachings of the Old Testament and bending over the Churches in front of the altars marking themselves with the cross before the figure of Christ, bowing before the Talmud and bowing in prayer in respect of the Koran.

Today we will tell you a fairy tale, close to what may have been the reality for a little businessman who, as a Freemason, had never missed the teachings of his religious and Institutional Creed and thought he was still living in the past, where respect for the Knights was an ordinary thing and above all believing in their words that they should have been sincere and come out of a pure heart, a fairy tale of our days very relevant to the Knight.

Today we are going to tell you a fairy tale, close to what may have been the reality for a little businessman who, as a Freemason, had never missed the teachings of his religious and Institutional Creed and thought he was still living in the past, where respect for the Knights was an ordinary thing and above all believing in their words that they should have been sincere and come out of a pure heart, a fairy tale of the present day very relevant to the Knights Hospitallers of Malta, the Freemasons and the intrigues that host the most vile figures in this fairy tale told in a modern key.

But let us remember, though a fable of fantasy that does not want to offend anyone or besmirch the honour of any institution and is the fruit of freedom of thought and freedom of speech, but still a fable that could also be reflected with reality and the key to interpretation, each of us can give it to ourselves thinking of Malta, Knights and Freemasons.

One day, a small computer entrepreneur and Freemason who was beginning to approach the internationalization of companies, the registration of companies abroad and was fascinated by the financial world that could help and unblock the financial problems of many companies in difficulty but with interesting projects, came into contact with a person who professed to be a Knight and said he was a lawyer and doctor because he belonged to a noble family.

The two, began to feel more and more often and the little businessman began to open up and trust the Knight mindful that the latter, by oath, could never hurt him but rather, with his sword could offer him protection in a new world of which the Knight had always spoken to him showing him a world where true freedom and democracy was common practice and that the island was not a dream but a true Earthly Paradise of justice and mutual respect.

Malta, Knights and Freemasons, where the little businessman pointed out to the Knight that he was not rich but a hard worker, esteemed by many people because he was honest and that he was approaching the financial world fearfully so as not to make mistakes but, he was not in a position to leave his country if he did not have the opportunity to work and support himself by moving to the island of his dreams.

The Horseman, strong of his boastful titles that later turned out to be all fake, made him meet with someone he called a great mussel farmer, yes, you understand correctly, a mussel farmer who had a big company and was very rich and would have liked to be able to open a company in the paradise island by making it run by an honest person of trust.

The Knight convinced the little businessman to trust him and made him get an honest contract that would allow him to live normally on the island and take care of the business of the big mussel farmer who first wanted a bar and restaurant and then changed his mind and wanted to become an established manager for a bed & breakfast.

The little businessman, he let himself be convinced and left his homeland strong of a good contract and the word of the great mussels entrepreneur, who should never have regretted the choice because the Knight was also a lawyer (bogus by title) of his big company and nothing could endanger his future.

Arrived on the island paradise, the little businessman began to respect all the points of the contract under the direct control of the Knight and an accountant who was responsible for the respect of the contract and when he began to turn the island to set up the bed & breakfast he heard that the great mussels entrepreneur could not spend 800,000 euros for a structure with legal concessions but, having an apartment for rent, he would have liked to rent the beds and so on by renting other properties but making a crime to the little businessman who refused.

The poor little businessman looked and hoped for the wisdom of the Knight and began to doubt who he was and, as a good Mason, asked questions to other Freemason brothers who were hiding on the island and in his country of origin, discovering that the great mussel businessman was nothing but a scoundrel who had taken advantage of his good faith and who, having been discovered, had suspended the payment of his quarterly debt.

The Knight that the little businessman admired, was none other than a braggart who pretended to be noble but who had nothing noble but a mountain of lies, that the Knight was not a lawyer but that he had given 1 (one) only examination in jurisprudence and that he was not accredited to any legal order neither in his country of origin, nor in the island nor in the neighbouring countries, that the Knight had also lied about his profession as a doctor because he was not a doctor but had been a nurse in a clinic on the island in the past and that he had resigned saying that he wanted to enrich himself with business then imaginary or small results and that he lived by getting paid for bogus advice thanks to the false references he gave in the country of origin of the little businessman.

Malta, Knights and Freemasons, where the little businessman felt he was dying and had another small heart attack, where among tears and praying like a good Catholic, he told his wife to take him back to his country because that was where he wanted to die, yes, because in the past he had had three of great importance that had led him almost to leave his loved ones to reach the God.

The discoveries that he had made had destroyed him and he was afraid for the survival of his family and his children, he had brought them to the island and he wondered how he could live since he had closed all the old contracts to honor the one with the great mussel contractor.

He cried in the silence of the night, he felt himself dying for the fate that could touch his children and his wife and icing on the cake, one fine day, the little businessman, on the phone with the great mussel entrepreneur, who gave money for no reason whatsoever to the Knight, told him that the Knight was not who he said he was and that he was not a “c…o” of noble but a boaster and that he would have done well to look at him too and above all, to be honest with his wife and confess to her all the handouts made.

The little businessman had not yet understood that the large mussel entrepreneur was in cahoots with the Knight and that he would later blackmail him with more than one email and whatsapp messages, writing him that he had recorded the phone call and attempted extortion by saying that the Knight, his lawyer, had told him that the business of the little businessman who regularly paid taxes to the British crown was fake and that he wanted money.

The little businessman was surrounded by a gang of thugs and since he had not paid the extortion, he heard from a brother in Freemason’s sleep and presented himself as a government, that the Knight had gone to him and told him that the poor little businessman had tried and made money laundering and that he was in a position to ruin him if it was true.

The little businessman handed over all the papers of his British company and all his email correspondence, as well as all the whatsapp conversations he had with the Knight and the great mussel entrepreneur, handed over all his personal and corporate statements to prove that he was a man of good morals, an honest person who tried to work honestly in compliance with all international laws.

The Government or the one who still thought he was, after due diligence and after seeing that the little businessman was an honest man and that he had promptly proved it to him within ten minutes by handing everything over to him by email, when he heard the little businessman ask for justice because he had been falsely accused of a serious crime he had never committed, he simply replied that he wanted to stay out of it and that he did not want to be involved in it… a real coward, nothing but a sleeping Freemason brother.

The Horseman, threatened the little businessman two days later, telling him that he would even take the Vatican police as well as the police of the island to his home, but the little businessman who had nothing to hide because in the meantime he had already warned his lawyers in his country and the Freemasons brothers of the island who are forced to hide for fear of retaliation by religious and government bodies and the Freemasons brothers of his home country and Great Britain where the top of Freemasonry is the most important figure in the world, did not compromise and did not take an interest in the threats of the Knight.

At that point, he turned to the superior of the Knights asking to be put before the Masonic tribunal in conjunction with the tribunal of the Knights for justice, but since the Knight had created a false knightly order in the country of origin of the little businessman, with the help of a former Senator of the State of the little businessman, the superior of the Knights told him that nothing was in his power but to give him moral support as he should to a brother who had suffered so many wrongs.

The little businessman, in order to save his family more than himself, and fearing for the safety of his loved ones, since the Knight also had deep roots in an island of the Country where the little businessman came from but where the Mafia had always been the boss, decided to return immediately to his country by making himself available to his competent authorities and talking to a representative of his State.

The little businessman never gave in to blackmail, extortion, attempts to intimidate the Mafia that he had suffered on the island, but when he returned to his own country, he began again in small steps in the slow recovery he and his family turning to the authorities who, investigating, would then find a diplomatic incident in his stories and above all proven what he had told.

The Horseman, the great mussel entrepreneur, thought that everything had been solved with the silence of the little businessman who, instead, was asking the British State to investigate the blackmail and attempted extortion perpetrated against him as Director of an English company.

Too bad only that the accountant and superior of the Knight, at first he had listened and comforted his brother as true knights do, then, it is not understood for what reason, he started to move away and then disappear into thin air with the regret and displeasure of the little businessman.

And as one would say in such cases: This fairy tale has not yet had a negative outcome, nor a positive epilogue, but the ending is still to be written and above all, we would like to remind the Freemasons who is in charge of Freemasonry in Great Britain and that no one can be above the laws of a state governed by law or must be forced to hide because he is a Freemason.

We only hope that this will be understood as a fairy tale and that no one will ever have to end up like the sad journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia as they had let the little businessman understand.

We, always remembering that this is a fairy tale and therefore an expression of fantasy, are to remind everyone that “Any reference to existing people and places or to facts that really happened is purely random” and nothing can be linked to Malta, Knights and Freemasons.

ADT London 25 January 2020Malta, Knights and Freemasons - Knight - little businessman - Freemason - World News

Loss of work

Loss of work - work - Italy - World NewsLoss of work, a serious social problem that is crossing Europe, but above all an Italy brought to its knees by a Christian Democrat past that has only known how to put this country in debt for the next generations and that has led with the new governments only to be more alone, closed in its miseries and its sadness hidden from the world and that no one cares about it  Loss of work - work - Italy - World News

Loss of work for many in the last decade has been equivalent to the ruin of Italy, companies that from evening to morning closed their doors leaving workers and managers in the middle of a street, often with the problem of getting to the next month and very often with dependent families for which the father who should have been concerned did not know what solutions could exist in his future.

The more days went by, the more the ex-occupied man tried to retire up, continuing to lose every battle against his future, having to adapt to hardships and trying not to let his family, his children, live on.

Curriculum Vitae of all respect, of people who had dedicated their lives to work, understanding that only that could make their happiness, lost all sense and one realized that what he had tried so hard to build for his future and that of his family had crumbled like a badly made concrete and realized that all his work experience no longer mattered because of the only thing he had always cared about and that had betrayed him: “work”.

Men who in silence, secluded in a garden or on the seashore where no one could notice them, passing unnoticed by everyone, had their eyes lost in nothingness, no longer observed anything and were confined in their own suffering, people who had counted, who had had power in their hands and who had also managed it well with fairness and understanding, found themselves emptied inside, questioned their own abilities and choices, became aware that the loss of their job, the only thing they really cared about, had destroyed them by betraying all their dreams and hopes.

We talk a lot about workers, but we never talk about managers who have put all of themselves at stake for companies not their own and very often for companies also owned, finding themselves after so much effort with a handful of flies in the hand, often with mortgages to pay, with bills that accumulate or with rents that will never be able to pay, but nobody wants to talk about this or when you do, you already have answers of psychologists beautiful and pre-packaged that serve absolutely nothing.

The loss of a job is the loss of one’s dignity, the plunging into silence and acceptance, having to lean on someone to solve tomorrow, having to cancel one’s experiences from one’s curriculum vitae because maybe one has the hope of being able to start again from the bottom but…. only hope and nothing more.

Bitter tears that silently scratch the face of many people, dictated by past thoughts, by the many victories and many sacrifices in the name of that company for which they lived and in which they believed, sometimes wrong choices that led even entrepreneurs to see their lives changed, to lose their jobs too, Tears in the silence of the night where no one can observe us, which create a lump at the throat but which must disappear quickly to hide everything from their family and not make them lose hope, tears hidden from wives, children, family members and the whole world, which descend along so many faces aged by time.

This is the real Italian situation that the various governments don’t give a damn about, thinking only of their electoral laws, their little scandals, their petty scandals, which for those who find themselves in the situation of losing their jobs doesn’t make tomorrow any easier for them, but makes them feel even more out of a society that in the end rejected them and marginalized them.

An Italy that hides how much pain in the lives of many Italians, pain well hidden by false smiles and many sentences of circumstance, pain hidden from others by taking refuge at home and looking for solutions.

One often wonders why everything was solved at all, why were the most impossible solutions found that were then positive for others and with the loss of work one cannot find a solution for oneself?

With the loss of your job you no longer have a chance, you look at your age and you realize that what should be the strength of experience becomes an impassable wall and as the Americans say: “you are fired”, you are burned and you will hardly be able to get up.

With the loss of the job, slowly the individual does not realize it almost but time seems to flow faster and also the physical and psychological forces of the person slowly get lost, you lose all energy to continue to fight against a life that has put you in a position where you can’t get back on your feet.

ADT – Rome 16 January 2020
Loss of Work - Italy - Work - World News

Qatar 2022 return to slavery

Qatar 2022 return to slavery - Welcome Qatar - welcomeqatar - World News Qatar 2022 or should we say Welcome Qatar, but not in prehistory, but in a modern era that should take us to a civilized country of the 21st century for the next World Cup announced with such clamor by FIFA Qatar 2022 ritorno alla schiavitĂą - Welcome Qatar

Qatar 2022 return to slavery or is it better to emphasize that the Qatari Emir is working to give light to the beauty of their kingdom, always in problematic relations with the state of Israel but above all with the United Arab Emirates and listening to a chorus of “Welcome Qatar”?

The Qatari kingdom getting a nice polished has perhaps given his Emir the opportunity to bring new money in their vaults?

The emirate does not need more money if you do what every state uses to sustain itself financially, say that other States will feel superior and say they are Democrats and liberals would have liked them to be hosting a football event to earn.

The Emir has taken advantage of the ‘opportunity that was presented with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

As it was in the past for other States, the football event of the world is of a strategic importance to know their beauty and certainly no hiding that this was a good opportunity to raise awareness of the modern state of Qatar.

Many newspapers, but especially many articles online say that the dust under the Qatar carpet 2022 has much before it began, and is dust unfortunately, obtained with the enslavement of workers from Nepal and Bangladesh, but all that does not match the true since as usual fake news the online world is full of them.

This information can also be easily disproved if the major newspapers of several European states are trying to pass the news on the sly, contrary to what was reported by Amnesty International that wants to prove with overwhelming evidence of abuse on the skin of the workers used at the limit of slavery and engaged in the construction of sports facilities.

Qatar in 2022 was born in the shadow of news that should upset the civil society but how can you deny that only in the past took place when these things then, in the light of the facts, when the Emir of Qatar it came to knowledge has sought to radically change the situation and make his emirate respectable but most modern and welcoming to foreign workers who were striving to build stadiums and other important civil engineering works?

But most of the FIFA who is the promoter, where the Qatari emirate is not acceptable come to accept injustices to those who need to work, allowing them to engage with “recruiters” in the payment of sums ranging from $ 500 to $ 4300 and putting the workers in a position of not knowing how to pay off your debt and be able to say at last welcome Qatar?

These are the questions we should be asking to unearth the truth and disprove all the fake news that have tarnished this jewel of the desert, full of beauty but most modern and avant-garde.

The emirate has not escaped the criticism of the past, but was able to demonstrate that in a modern state, when they are discovered the abuse, you can remedy immediately intervening with laws but above all with a firm hand, to be able to compete internationally.

Both the Nepalese government that the government of Bangladesh, have admitted that there have been many deaths from Qatar in 2022 but it is what happens in other European countries and the United States of America where no criminalized these countries, but we will endeavor to understand the causes and resolve them so that does not happen again in the future.

It would have to think that to build the wonderful Empire State Building in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and many other works known all over the world, no worker has died and all have returned unharmed to their homes to hand over these works.

This news should be ashamed and shuddering all who are said to belong to a civilized and democratic society, open to multi-culturalism and respect for life in general, but you have to make even realize the effort that Qatar is making to host the football world and nationals of States which are represented, the luxurious welcome for everyone who has the good fortune of going to Qatar.

Rivers of dollars they are turning millions to build and even more wonderful the emirate of Qatar and economic interests are superior to the values ​​attributed, from the kingdom of Qatar, to human life and especially his respect and I do not think that Indian workers, Bangladeshi and Nepalese NOT can never say Welcome Qatar or follow the easy to fake news Qatar 2022 slavery.

The question that arises is: “but the FIFA, after having the evidence of the FAKE NEWS myriad attributing the danger and speculation on the lives of other human beings, how can you accept the continuation of the event in Qatar without denying anything ? “

And those who sit and stand up for human rights at the UN, FAO and many non-governmental organizations for the protection of human life, why remain silent and do not admit that Qatar is a modern state and respects human rights ?

The conscience of every human being belonging to civil society should feel humiliated and do not accept a mess like that and indeed, cried aloud the end of this barbarity media for the joy of seeing a ball roll or require the organization of Qatar in 2022 and its makers to be vigilant as they are already doing and forcing qatariani leaders to publicly deny to stop the mud machine to art was built around the imposing event Qatar 2022.

Many thought that slavery was just a bad episode and horrid path of human beings towards other human beings, but in the 21st century, discovering that even fake news are the masters trying to pass for real what even the Emir certainly it considered an abomination and has used a firm hand, should create discomfort in all of us and make us say WELCOME QATAR.

Amnesty International has experienced the overwhelming power of “recruiters” with the complete alienation of labor contracts, to live humans in dilapidated stacked shacks like in a concentration camp worthy of World War II, wages poorly paid and often not paid for the return of ‘commitment made by the employee and the confiscation of the passports of the workers themselves are abuses to which we should put an end except that these practices have been utilized in the past because now, the workers have comfortable accommodation and canteen worthy of a modern company preventing anyone from being able to put an end also to the Qatar 2022 world Cup and assigning the event to another country definitely more democratic,Liberal and civil but has artfully muddied who will welcome with open arms with Welcome Qatar in 2022.

E ‘horrible in 2020 having to rehash a past now far and that many would like to forget, that brought incredible suffering among the people of Israel, but of course, the treatment that has been reserved for Nepalese workers and Bangladesh is completely different and there are only atrocities that were perpetrated in the past to allow haters to continue to tarnish those who could put an end to foreign manufacturers who committed this massacre enjoying the hospitality of the emirate.

We have found jobs for workers from India on an independent and non-government newspaper, like many may think, welcomeqatar, and we wonder why a magazine of information which should be independent does not report the news and indeed, contrary sponsors the event and insert search ads for Indian workers and does not write anything about the fake news that have turned?

When we think we are informed by the mass media, we must always make sure that it is not a fake news built on art to discredit those who are on the front line and instead want to give a sign of modernity and in this case the emirate is telling us NOT “ QATAR SLAVERY ” but ” WELCOME QATAR

We believe that everyone has the right to freely and democratically think whatever you like, just think that should deter you from believing false information to those who need to work for the event Qatar 2022 and keep him from thinking of being enslaved when in fact there is a State he writes ” WELCOME


ADT – London 9 January 2020

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Qatar 2022 ritorno alla schiavitĂą - welcomeqatar - World News