Financial investments

Financial investments

Financial investments are causing strong fibrillations on international banking markets that in the last two years have suffered from the recession due to COVID 19 that has indiscriminately hit all the world’s states, reaping the economy both medium and small and hitting the heart of the world’s central banks.Financial Investments

The financial investments of the international economic systems are hiding the galloping subterranean crisis that is affecting the banking systems because the purchases linked to the exchange currency, dollar – euro, that would determine the withdrawal of their values putting the banks in crisis would lead the States towards a sure financial failure and would surely trigger physical clashes for the survival of the various peoples of the Earth.

The apocalyptic scenario described above is not far-fetched and the demonstration comes from the cost of currencies at the central banks to the various banks that buy at prices and interest equal to or negative bringing the monetary value to an almost zero value.

This solution has been put in place to allow the various economies to restart but the COVID 19 has managed for the moment to get the better of the various financial sectors by putting in crisis the large industrial systems and leading to the closure of many medium-sized companies and many small businesses and almost completely canceling the benefits of which could be seen in the medium and long term by keeping the financial investments to a minimum.

The cost of energy is an example of this, where the lack of green facilities has been put in crisis by the shortage of Euro-Asian Russian gas and oil that has forced the United States of America to intervene with supplies transported by ship to prevent prices from continuing to rise reaching certainly in the very near future an increase in costs of 200% that would be impossible to pay affecting the European population.

The nuclear race is gaining momentum again to make up for the energy shortage that could lead to the closure of large factories that would bring European countries to their knees and prevent them from accessing the free market.

Staff layoffs in small companies is now the order of the day and often production prices have risen with the impossibility for consumers and distributors to intervene to support further production.

The problem linked to low financial investments is having repercussions on food, on the cost of electricity, on the cost of fuels and as much as the various States try to support these sectors will not be able to continue for a long time because it must be remembered that the printed currency cannot exceed the gold value of a State, otherwise we would no longer speak of public debt but after a percentage value close to 150% we would speak of bankruptcy of a State as it would no longer be able to pay neither the amount nor the interests that devouring the financial economy would lead to an increase of the percentage debt then impossible to heal if not selling off the assets of the State itself, then … . financial bankruptcy.

This type of financial outcome, we have had the opportunity to observe in times past in the crisis of Argentina, where people went to ATMs and could not withdraw their money resulting in the inability to buy basic necessities and we can observe it with what has been done with Greece that was forced to sell off their assets in exchange for aid to the population, being put at the mercy of other European countries that have torn the economy.

The best choice in such a difficult historical period for the world’s economies are financial investments in precious metals such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds because even the fluctuations of gold do not bring much benefit and are difficult to transport between one state and another to facilitate the exchange in case of economic collapse.

A right investment should consist in a percentile variation of one’s own financial resources keeping a part in money in euro currency, a part in money in dollar currency and a big part in precious stones that have always been a well accepted exchange currency in any world market.

The financial solicitations proposed by banks and States to support themselves with the purchase of government bonds are not advantageous because if a State goes into crisis, these bonds will turn into waste paper and it will be very difficult to exchange them in order to survive and therefore they are not good financial investments.

These scenarios can be easily deduced from what is happening in the financial markets and the fear that comes with favoring the purchase of currencies by banks at the various central banking systems.

This was also seen in the United States of America when the FED closed its taps, no longer allowing the financial system to increase its frightening public debt, and which led to the temporary closure of all public services, putting its citizens in crisis, who, unable to work, began to have problems of survival.

Our advice, therefore, is to invest a large part of one’s bank assets in precious stones in order to guarantee a long-term life preserver and to be able to live safe from any monetary crisis and to have excellent financial investments that will last for generations.

Financial investments

Online scams

Online scams have become very profitable for phantom companies, and an asiatic State, as always, is the master, since although it can boast of very serious and reliable companies, it proves to have no control bodies to search online for its compatriots who play with the lives of companies and people by carrying out all kinds of commercial crimes, especially in the name of companies that have never had business relations with them and are completely unaware of what is happeningOnline scams

In many cases, online scams are carried out through Internet portals on servers in the European Union piloted through VPNs, where, when you enter a direct chat, you will find a smiling Asian character ready to take money from you in the name of companies unaware of what is happening behind their backs.

The most striking case of asiatic online scams took place during the whole period of the pandemic, where false companies and above all companies posing as intermediaries of companies accredited in other European countries, but also in the United States, robbed citizens and entrepreneurs who bought goods in huge quantities but in the end, non-existent.

Many are the responsibilities of the States of the European Union that opened the market to an Asian State, attractive for prices and goods but lacking any control body, and many companies linked to the financial sector have proof of this beyond measure.

The European Union trusted them because the Asian state had generally proved to be an excellent and reliable trading partner, but it had forgotten that it is their habit to clone and rebrand the goods that often circulate in EU states with false labels and counterfeit marks.

In all this gigantic business, online scams have played the leading role, often getting serious and trustworthy European entrepreneurs, private citizens and, above all, pensioners into trouble, who thought they could develop all sorts of businesses comforted by the reassuring words of their own countries that had opened up the famous ‘Silk Road’.

Thanks to online scams, cryptocurrencies have been affected with well-known and simple fraud schemes that still generate millions of euros for those who put them into practice and bring to their knees thousands of unsuspecting Europeans who trust the trader on duty who is closely linked to criminal organisations.

It is not a question of taking advantage of the good faith of professionals, entrepreneurs, European citizens and pensioners, but of trusting a State that at this point, one wonders if it does not turn a blind eye to the actions of its citizens.

The United States of America has often denounced the fraudulent behaviour perpetrated by Asian companies, but often, for convenience, the European States have not given any value or weight to what they were told and at this point there are many questions to be asked, the answers to which could be very unpleasant.

Needless to say, online scams are often operated in a hurry, on time, playing on the prestige of the poor cheated who in good faith believes in the hypothetical business and hypothetical dreams of wealth and cryptocurrencies, some traders come to ensure false earnings in the order of 5, 10 or 20% per day, when the real gains on any investment can not in reality, exceed 6% per month that is already a miracle to get it.

Needless to say, the NON-positive experiences that we realistically define: “ONLINE SCAMS”, not loving political correctness, but calling what happens by its name, reminding everyone that they are not the minority but the majority of the total of existing business relationships that are at stake and that you should not trust what is very often written on the Internet or on contracts created ad OK and sent online to try to bamboozle and maintain good relations with a state that does not protect foreign minorities, You must openly denounce it to your own police forces and inform their embassies, not caring about the politician on duty who will promise you, but will never be able to keep, the return of the capital or the sending of the goods so as not to antagonise the swindler.Online scams

It is useless to tell him that there are many tricks used to make him fall into the net and that the best advice that could be given to him is to go personally to the company in China to finalize a contract, bringing with him a lawyer who speaks fluent English, and at the first hint or doubt, to send up the alleged business with the conviction of having been saved from a potential scam.

Very often, online fraud is also carried out by legitimate means, requesting transfers to real banks and companies that exist but lack any type of goods that should have been the object of the business, or goods that do not conform to the orders placed and are of little economic value are shipped, or quantities of goods are shipped that are smaller than those agreed upon, or even worse, European CE certifications are falsified, getting the businessman or European citizen who unwittingly entrusted the Asian company with a purchase that complies with European customs legislation into serious trouble.

It is already so difficult to deal with customs that even Warsaw (Poland) has been considered to be outside the European Union and ….. is no laughing matter because it really happened.

Unfortunately, it is also necessary to be wary of false pseudo-lawyers who are NOT lawyers by virtue of a degree regularly obtained at some university and a regular state examination, but by autocratic appointment, and this is another thing that is better not to laugh about because it really happened.

Online scams very often occur for small samples in the order of a thousand euros, the Chinese company often disappears completely or fills the small order, making the European customer feel comfortable, and then bails when the latter places the large order, which can reach hundreds of thousands of euros, leading to bankruptcy.

It is useless to hope to recover your money from an online scam, so the best advice is to go directly to the Asian country and negotiate the deal face to face, absolutely avoiding online negotiations via the Internet, expect to see the goods for the quantity required as well as for the quality and description and once you have found a truly reliable partner, bind to him and do not leave him for any discount in the world, you will certainly have found an honest friend and a treasure for your business.

Online scams

Ecommerce Malta

Ecommerce MaltaEcommerce in Malta, a system related to online sales that we can assure you, works perfectly without creating problems for either sellers or buyers, in spite of what many exclusively Italian and German journalistic sources try in every way to discredit because obviously, they have to pull the water to their own millAdvertising costs

SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP LTD is also made up of Italian staff who have taken up regular residence in Malta, not for tax reasons, where, apart from the clear waters of the archipelago and the natural and historical beauty, the difference between Maltese and Italian taxes is really laughable and Ecommerce is simplified by the Maltese Government.

Maltese real taxation is 35% for residents and Italian taxation is 45%, but the difference lies in the various levies, which are an all-Italian financial policy because in Malta, once the taxes that all citizens regularly declare have been evaded, the State does not pursue them on a daily basis.

In Italy, unfortunately, we must reluctantly admit that between direct taxes and indirect taxes we get to pay about 65%, having services that instead of being exceptional, are under the eyes of all, not quite up to what is paid by its citizens.

The ecommerce sector in Malta has developed very quickly, partly because it is linked to the Anglo-Saxon market, which has always been ahead of its time, and digitalisation is, to say the least, incredible, since there is no digital divide in other European countries, Melita (local telephone operator) brings it to him within a week with a minimum of 250 Mega synchronous (and this is incredible) at a cost of about thirty euros and with a STATIC IP that does not have to be requested but is released at the time of activation, so no favoritism of the operator or consumer’s prayer to have a few more KB or a STATIC IP or a mixture of fiber optics <-> copper network for a decent speed from the 21st century speed, but a consumer right that is regularly evaded by giving the possibility to many to open an online business by registering a company.

Ecommerce in Malta, as well as many other services, works perfectly and simply and the verification of what we are writing is not difficult to do because Malta is an hour and twenty by plane from Italy and it is easy to verify what we are telling.

We would like to remind you that in order to open an ecommerce business in Malta you obviously need to register a company, which, by the way, costs less than in other European countries.

The Maltese Chamber of Commerce (Malta Business), is not a passive subject only to ask for money annually without giving anything or demanding more money to give something, but supports the entrepreneur, especially thanks to accountants who know how to do their job well, and provides tools that help the citizen to set up functional and satisfactory Ecommerce for those who buy.

For Ecommerce in Malta, there are active consultants, again made available by Malta Business, who undertake an analysis of the Ecommerce project to ascertain its strengths and weaknesses and enable the merchant to develop his business in the best possible way.

Ecommerce in Malta works mainly because Malta Business assesses and studies the coherence of the products or services for the various target markets and helps and advises the business man on the best legislative requirements and corporate schemes for the activity he is about to undertake, even copyright protection and all the necessary elements.

By now, you know well the mechanisms to open an Ecommerce in Malta, which allows a clean and fair trade and that is putting in trouble serious Ecommerce of other European countries that, as every European citizen has understood, only have the interest to make money and sink the European project for the personal interest of some politicians and / or lobbies related to the Big Ecommerce.

Ecommerce in Malta

Advertising costs

advertising costs

Tax-deductible advertising costs and their deductibility are a very important issue because, as we always say, it is difficult for an unsponsored activity to be appreciated and known by the publicAdvertising costs

Advertising costs that are tax deductible must not exceed ‚ā¨200,000 per year in order to be fully deductible from a company’s income, and the same can be said of the resulting VAT.

In order to be able to deduct advertising costs, it is not sufficient that they be entered in the accounts with this description, as the cost must be inherent in the business activity and must be evaluated in relation to the business purpose of the company.

This means that we cannot advertise potatoes if our activity is a dental practice or a hotel or restaurant, but we know very well that an activity that is not sponsored by advertising is unlikely to bring in higher revenues and new customers, even in the face of deductible advertising costs that will, among other things, bring tax relief, but this should not be the primary purpose but only a logical consequence.

The organisation of an advertising campaign must be well organised in order to justify its full deductibility.

In order to be considered tax-deductible, advertising costs must be documented with a contract, a regular invoice and, above all, a dossier that can include every advertising costsdetail of the campaign which can include every detail that led to the creation of banners, posters, etc. and prepare a packet, even in digital format, which can be viewed to see that there were legal reasons to carry out an advertising campaign and not economic reasons aimed at purely tax savings.

Nothing complicated, but it must be done carefully in order to justify the full deductibility of the expenses incurred.

The imposed limit of 200,000 euros can also be exceeded, but there must be a valid justification for the congruity of the costs incurred to a greater extent.

As far as deductible and not contestable advertising costs are concerned, the realisation of a film that represents in an advertising way the activity carried out can reach costs well above 200,000 Euros at the end of the advertising realisation, since the multimedia structures that are used, the software engineering and the specialists, often have very high costs, especially if the film has been conceived and prepared not only for a web activity but especially for a future television sponsorship.

It goes without saying that if a company or professional firm carries out an advertising campaign, the aim is for a future economic return and therefore to increase revenue in the short to medium term.

The return on investment (ROI) is the ultimate goal to which the management of a company or professional firm wishing to sponsor its business should aim, taking advantage of tax-deductible advertising costs.

advertising costs

PTR Record

Record PTR

PTR record and reverse DNS are used by e-mail servers to verify the authenticity of the sender by correctly setting the reverse DNS resolution of a domain, thus making it possible to verify the trustworthiness of the sender server and preventing his e-mails from being considered Spam PTR record - BLOG I.T.

It seems complicated to understand the operation of the PTR record but for those who manage, even in a simplistic way, a DNS server or are put in a position of having to configure it for a domain that will manage an email server, the creation of a PTR record will be basic and will prevent the emails sent from that server from being marked as Spam even though they are not.

Many people have tried, correctly, to generate DMARC, DKIM and configure the string of the TXT SPF record, failing to understand why the servers receiving the e-mails were still marking them as Spam.

The reason is very simple, the PTR record was missing or it was badly configured or the manager providing the Internet line did not know how to configure it correctly by linking the static IP assigned to you with the name of the mail server that will have to operate to send the e-mails.

Certainly, because the PTR record is not related to the e-mails that are received by the server, but is related to the SMTP protocol and it is useless to think of using SMTPS, i.e. certified sending, because it would change absolutely nothing.

We must bear in mind that when we generate an A record in our DNS server, there is an association between our IP and the service that we are going to serve.

For example, to serve a server that has to display an Internet site, whether it is hosted on Apache, on Microsoft’s II Server or on another HTTP server, we must associate in the A record the IP that the Internet manager has assigned to us statically and NOT dynamically, this is also important for the PTR record.

Here is a quick example:

This is how we need to configure the A record for the domain name Pippo.IT to allow someone who wants to visit that website to view it on their browser.

In practice, a DNS server performs a numerical humanisation operation, i.e. instead of writing the IP address of Pippo.IT, it associates it with a mnemonic name (easier to remember) to allow a human being to reach the pages of the site that interest him, the same thing can be said for the PTR record, even if it has a particular format that distinguishes it: static IP + associated with a domain name.

This is a very simplistic explanation, but in practice this is what happens at a basic level even for the PTR record, then there are configuration techniques such as TTL (Time to Live) with a value of 86400, which is equivalent to 86400 seconds = 1 day.

Any record we are going to register in our DNS server will have a value that will make navigation more or less fast since we will not need to check every time if the IP has changed and we will lighten the work of our authoritative server.

We’ll stop here because otherwise we’ll go off topic and at the moment we’re talking about the PTR record related to Spam issues.

To write a PTR record we have to take our IP address and turn it completely upside down, so if we have: as a static IP address assigned by our internet provider, we will have to write and as a record type we will choose PTR with the association of a domain that in our case we have defined as PIPPO.IT but……it will be better to address it to in order to have already ready the way to correctly configure our mail server.

The PTR record is of fundamental importance in order to avoid ending up among spammers, in fact there are organisations worldwide that record presumed or real Spam operations to which many servers refer and immediately discard incoming emails without even getting them to the recipient.

Email servers use reverse DNS resolution (rDNS), which allows them to verify the domain name and authority of that server to forward emails.

Many providers who host websites, because of the spam that many have used for unwanted newsletters or unintentional emailing caused by viruses or other, have stopped making their email servers available and only host the website to avoid being marked as a spammer and do not allow the customer to use their PTR record under penalty of having their hosting provision terminated.

Once our PTR record has been correctly configured and we have asked our Internet manager for the link between the static IP assigned and the mnemonic identification address (, we will just have to wait a few days and then we can check, thanks to a Google search, whether everything has become linearly operational.

All we have to do is type in “reverse DNS” and click on one of the many websites that allow online DNS verification.

Otherwise, we can use a GNU/Linux operating system where, thanks to the command “dig”, we can verify the exact same thing:

dig -x

The result should be similar to this and will allow you to understand if the PTR record and your Internet provider have started working correctly.

;; <<>> DiG 9.11.3-1ubuntu1.15-Ubuntu <<>> -x
;; global options: +cmd
;; Got answer:
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 44730
;;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 1

; EDNS: version: 0, flags:; udp: 65494

;; ANSWER SECTION: 86400 IN PTR¬† ¬† <——– Here’s what should appear with a correct PTR record

;; Query time: 207 msec
;; WHEN: Wed Jun 16 17:06:58 CEST 2021
;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 8

Or we can use another command that is usually easier to remember:

nslookup name = <——– Here is what should appear with a correct PTR record

Authoritative answers can be found from:

We now know how important the correct creation of a PTR record can be in order not to end up with spam domains.

We should always remember to set SPF, DKIM and DMARC records as well to increase the credibility of our mail server and its reputation as well as having a near certainty that our emails will not end up destroyed or placed in a recipient’s spam folder.

Record PTR - BLOG I.T.


Pubblicità Internet - Internet Advertising

Internet advertising and the unquestionable importance when you want to reach many users and you realize the need to be knownBlog I.T.

The first thing to do in order to make an internet advertising that is really impressive, is to have a professional website that is the showcase of our company and can give the visitor all the feelings, but above all, information necessary to understand the product that intends to use or buy.

The SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP, in agreement with its partner companies, has started sponsoring banner ads on its company showcase and popup banners to make them available to a client that is certainly interested, strong in the number of daily views and the excellent positioning for many articles inserted over time that are very often the object of evaluation and reference for people in the financial sector as well as computer science.


The realization of an internet advertising must recall images present on your virtual showcase so as not to disorient the visitor, it must have simple and comprehensible phrases that already give him an indication of what he will be viewing on his browser.


Does Internet Advertising Work ?

From the growth it would seem so.

Internet advertising has grown 17% since 2004, bucking the trend of global economies.

At a time when the recession has put so many companies in crisis, it can be considered an economic miracle, also due to the fact that it WORKS better than traditional advertising and costs enormously less.
Pubblicità Internet - Internet Advertising

The signs of economic and financial growth in Italy and in the other countries of the European Union can be perceived from a variety of factors, including the advertising that companies make, especially on the web, and the e-commerce sites that are registered daily and are on the rise.

Before, many companies made use of billboard advertising, which just so happened to show more and more web and email addresses, many relied on advertising on the closed circuits of television gyms and more, but in the end an address oriented to the big net, internet advertising, always popped up.

The small and medium entrepreneurs have then perceived that their products and their contacts increased if remarked by a good web marketing and that the right investment allowed them to have not indifferent economic returns.

Web statistics, questionnaires and other means of control played an important role in understanding that the Internet was the most economical means that, if used correctly, allowed direct contact with customers, increasing profits and providing a better quality of service, and that Internet advertising could open up new horizons for companies.

If until a few years ago, it was believed that the simple publication of a company website allowed to earn by filling it with animations but not enough content and not investing strategically in its advertising, thinking only that appearing at the top of a search engine could bring more contacts, understood to have put in place a useless strategy.


Among the many questions that we have often heard professionally, there was the one about which Internet advertising as a means of conveying business, really had all this value ?

Well, the answer is positive also because dictated by the fact that, choosing the right channels, conveying it in the most correct way, working also with the help of search engines and no longer using them as a primary means, as a result of very low costs, the results would certainly be better allowing a high number of contacts.

The Internet advertising is very important and we want to remember that the banner and search engines (if the website is not properly made), if the website is not professionally made, will bring a good return in number of contacts, but can hardly bring an economic benefit, less graphics and special effects and more content that keep the visitor on any site, are the trick to retain the potential customer and allow us to also have economic returns for purchases made by him.

A sponsored product with a banner, a right push on search engines, complete and detailed descriptions of what you want to offer, photographs not taken from other sites but made with art, can certainly bring us benefits and get what the technicians call R.O.I. (Return On Investment).


Pubblicità Internet - Internet Advertising


Until recently internet advertising didn’t take off what was it due to ?

To those who promised you 10,000 banners at a low price and sent them to who knows which sites?

To the promise that their so-called publishers were reliable and offered you a list of sites that, for example, for those who sold cars and ended up on a site of cooking recipes, could give you returns?

Maybe it could have, but surely it would have given more on a website that gave various information and attracted a diverse audience of people.


But we, compared to other operators in the sector, what do we intend to offer you differently ?

Of course, for us the customer’s internet advertising is very important and you will never end up on a site that talks about cooking recipes at least if you do not deal with pots or other related material and at that point we would propose an editorial in which to insert your Banner, we publish you first on our portal that, being a point of reference for various categories of people, whether they are companies and want to take advantage of our services, whether they are surfers arrived only out of curiosity and then any of your customers who come to read the articles of our thematic areas, we offer you the opportunity not to be catapulted into who knows what site, but on a concentrator of contacts; In addition, periodically, we realize that we have articles linked on internet portals of a certain importance, allowing us to dramatically increase our contacts and therefore your visibility (it is an induced that entrepreneurs know very well) and keep in mind that even if the SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP is a young company, it boasts professionals with twenty years of experience in the computer field, up to former company administrators who know how to manage the various market situations knowing the trend and Internet advertising.

The SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP has thought of various types of internet advertising always keeping in mind the efficiency and return on the service provided.

A satisfied customer is our best advertising medium.




The exposed banners for your Internet advertising have a duration of  1 month unless otherwise requested by the customer at the time of purchase.

The banners for your Internet advertising must be provided by the customer or can be agreed upon at a reasonable price with one of our officials by contacting us directly


LONG BANNER Information Technology NEWS



BANNER POPUP Information Technology NEWS



CENTRAL POPUP BANNER Information Technology NEWS






¬† Our consultants are at your complete disposal … do not think and contact us ¬†

Pubblicità Internet - Internet AdvertisingCONTACT US




Having a professional website is not a simple thing because you have to consider many factors that will determine the success and especially the index of pleasantness for future customers Professional WebSite - Sito Web Professionale

Often for the realization of a professional website we dwell only on the cost but not on its value that is the most important thing for our business and do not think that instead the site is imporntante to generate traffic and therefore customers and must be considered our business card, our virtual showcase in a world that today runs fast.


As we have invested for our business, whether it is a restaurant, a bar, a pub or a hotel, in the same way we must reason when we decide to make public our internet showcase that at that point will be under the eyes of an audience of different people, perhaps even from abroad and therefore accustomed to complete information and interest as well as a captivating graphics and that will allow us to have a professional website.

Saving money for something that will last over time and make public our image is not a good deal, the world is full of geeks but the real professionals know what is best for those who must put on the market their company and the best way to do it.

The investment that must be made can only be congruous and with a budget adequate to the objectives that we have set and it is obvious that a website for a few hundred euros will certainly not allow us to have interesting results, nor aspire to a policy of SEO (search engine positioning) that allows us to stand out among the best internet portals.

Each professional website is a different reality given by the taste of the entrepreneur, the hard work of the graphic designer and especially by the indispensable and important advices that the webmaster (web area technician) will give us and that must be religiously listened to for the right success of the work and the right investment that we are going to make.

It is necessary to have clear ideas about the information we want to give about our activity and the webmaster is the right person who will be able to ask us some questions to which he will be able to give clear and exhaustive answers in a short time, because anyway the professional website can’t be left “under construction” forever also for an image factor and the time of the professionals has a cost that could rise if we don’t know how to give answers in adequate time.

It is preferable to prepare in advance a couple of pages written on “ABOUT US”, how our company was born and why it is located in a certain place that, as good entrepreneurs, you will have considered strategic, all enclosed in a couple of pages written to clarify this information and the rest decide together with the webmaster.

For professional websites that must be our showcase and simple blogs, the difference lies mainly in the knowledge of those who design, in knowing how to use communication and automation in an effective way and WordPress for most cases lends itself wonderfully both for simple pages that can be managed and expanded in the future, and for E-Commerce portals that will allow us to sell directly online, thanks to incredible plugins that also help for proper positioning on search engines.


If it is not a professional website that has the function of a showcase, it is necessary to prepare to insert monthly articles related to your business, which always give the impression of a portal in continuous evolution and movement and not a website abandoned to those who visit it by chance and this, if we do not have time, we will do it to a professional copywriter who will know how to use especially the keywords to try to climb the rankings of search engines.

It’s important then, in this case, to prepare monthly articles well written that, with the valuable advice that the webmaster will have left us, will give the search engines the opportunity to position them in their first pages attracting more easily visitors and then potential customers.

A professional website can be made with different timing and urgency, as always, has a different cost as the time of the professionals themselves.

Usually to get a good product that meets most of the demands with adequate costs, the average time varies from 30 to 90 days (the latter for e-commerce), but you can also get it in less time as long as you know that the costs will be higher because of the amount of work to which will be subjected the professionals who will have to prepare the way forward.

It’s very important for a professional website, to take pictures that enhance the products, events, locations and very often it’s not necessary to resort to a professional photographer, as the technological means that you have available very often allow even the entrepreneur, to get adequate results.

We have always had the opportunity to observe impactful images, captivating videos and visual communications with a high emotional result that can certainly help us in the creation of a professional website or a professional e-commerce that can give us satisfaction over time and bring followers and new customers.

Stores, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and accommodation facilities in general are the environments that allow us to enhance furniture, cleanliness, colors and landscapes, as well as the important courses for catering, enhancing them with plays of light and appropriate compositions of environments.

With the right photography, we can give credit to our business card to get useful contacts to make new sales and acquire new customers.

For hotels and showrooms, above all, places where events take place in great style, but also for restaurants (wedding banquets etc etc) and many other important activities, events such as openings, weddings, conventions and fairs, moments that are usually lost in the mists of time but that people often love to watch and share with friends and relatives, are an opportunity to create a dedicated area that allows the memory and above all generates in the potential new customer the right spark to identify himself and think of doing something similar.

The emotions evoked and the highlights can be recalled through photographs that will be very useful for the creation of a professional website.



WebSite one page WordPress (1 page): 2000 ‚ā¨

Featured WebSite WordPress (5 page) including Landing Page: 6500 ‚ā¨

WebSite + corporate blog WordPress: Variable price from 15.000 ‚ā¨ up to 25.000 ‚ā¨

Woocomemrce e-commerce website: Price ranges from 10.000 ‚ā¨ up to 50.000 ‚ā¨.

SEO services: from 1,500 ‚ā¨ for a basic SEO optimization

CopyWriter’s monthly article with SEO optimization: 350 ‚ā¨


These are clearly very indicative prices and are referred to the average web price lists of the market today consists of both freelance professionals and web agencies.

The cost of a website depends on the needs of the customer and the skill of the professional or Web Agency.

Turning to non-professional staff places heavy limitations on what is most commonly considered as a professional website and does not allow many important features that allow us to achieve over time the many goals of growth and development that we may have.

Try to write on GOOGLE: “encrypted bank accounts” “too much money in current accounts” “Precious Stones Investments” and see how it positions our portal SHADOIT, and so for many other articles present where thanks to our experience we were able to appear on the first page of the most important search engine often without expecting it.

Who makes professional websites does not delude the customer as others have certainly done telling him that his pages will have results similar to ours where we also happened to end up on the second or third page of GOOGLE or sometimes even in these first three pages and then when we least expected to find ourselves on the first page thanks to GOOGLE DANCE, but it is safe to say that for every job we do we give our best as if it were our portal because for true professionals every good result achieved is a satisfaction of incredible magnitude.

Who will tell you the opposite is not using professionalism and seriousness.

Everything has the right price if you want to get results that over time will become your pride and can represent your company in the right way.


¬† Our consultants are at your complete disposal … do not think and contact us


Refurbished Computers

Refurbished ComputersRefurbished Computers for businesses and professionals, certainly allow you to save up to 60% compared to the price of a new product of equal performanceRefurbished Computers - Computer Ricondizionati

Refurbished Computers with appropriate settings of the operating system and hardware upgrades, can equal performaces of higher-end products without engaging the operating system with applications that instead of making it more powerful, slow down the operation by adding unnecessary work cycles to microprocessors.

Money has a value and our companies consider that it is an excellent opportunity to renew the machine park taking advantage of the possibility to have the best with Refurbished Computers being able to save on the purchase and replacement of new machines often not necessary to obtain better work performance.

The need for a new Personal Computer, does not mean needing the latest model just released, but means having the need for a machine that can develop greater speed, give security in its use and at the same time allow us to be able to find ourselves with a hardware completely revised and perhaps upgraded in its basic components.

Refurbished products are disassembled, verified, completely cleaned undergoing a process that is usually used during production cycles making among other things the machine completely sanitized, and if the desktop computer is not branded is replaced the case (the casing of your PC), is checked the power supply, is replaced the thermal paste on the components subject to increased overheating and is mounted a hard disk SSD 256 Giga that allows you to safely use the machine with Microsoft operating systems allowing it to express the maximum performaces, is controlled ram and if less than 2 Giga bytes you will be asked to expand at least to 4 Giga bytes (essential minimum condition to maximize performance) even if you want to have the operating system Gnu / Linux Ubuntu Desktop Long Term.

With the Refurbished Computers can be included operating system licenses if you want Microsoft Windows 10 Professional, otherwise the machines will come with an operating system Gnu/Linux Ubuntu Desktop Long Term that provides five years of safe and stable updates to make envy to other operating systems emblazoned.

The operating system Gnu/Linux Ubuntu LTS will put your hardware in a position to enjoy performance that will allow you to develop with motherboards not quite the latest generation also being able to take advantage of an immense container of open source programs freely installable that will give the possibility to use often better if compared to paid software.

The use of Refurbished Computers is an eco-friendly choice that helps the planet and meets the needs of many professionals who would like to save money and at the same time be able to reuse computers that, if verified and upgraded in the correct way, can still develop speed and security in the work for many years to come.

Recovering a computer and its components prevents them from ending up in landfills and contributing to pollution with the hazardous materials it contains.



The computer that arrives at our facility is immediately viewed from the outside and completely disassembled including its power supply.

The motherboard will be cleaned with a liquid particularly effective having previously deprived of the CPU, memory and any video cards and accessory cards with the subsequent replacement of the battery buffer.

The cpu is reclaimed from the thermal paste and the fans of the machine are verified and cleaned first with an alcoholic solution and then with a liquid maintenance for pla

Refurbished Computers

stic materials as well as lubricate the mechanics with an oil spray that allows optimal rotation without friction.

Memories are checked and more attention is paid to any residual oxide that may have formed over time by performing a complete removal.

Also the power supply, for refurbished computers, is disassembled and completely reclaimed operating also on its fan, in the same way as the other fans have been treated.

A component of the motherboard that manages the hard drives etc and is the controller that usually nobody thinks of is the heat sink that is disassembled, removing all traces of thermal paste and providing for its replacement allowing for better efficiency for heat disposal.

After this step, everything is reassembled inside a new case if the machine was assembled or the same case, which has undergone a complete sanitization cycle, if the machine is branded.

The hard disk is replaced with a 256 Giga bytes SSD disk already pre-installed and ready for the tests that the computer will undergo and if it has less than 4 Gigabytes of memory we will implement the difference to bring it to the minimum necessary observing an increase in performance during its use.

At the end of all the work on exposed, the reconditioned computers will be tested with a stress cycle to have a guarantee of functionality after having previously set the bios according to appropriate specifications.



NO, for reasons of time and therefore costs that would be charged to the customer, we do not recondition other equipment if not only and exclusively PC DESKTOP, then we exclude the reconditioning of notebooks (laptops) and other equipment.



When a computer does not turn on, if we have not opened it or had it opened by some inexperienced person, it is likely that the fault is to be found in the power supply and then we can probably see it working again.

Our staff uses bracelets connected to the ground to operate inside the computers preventing the electrostatic energy to damage the components; this precaution not being used by most of the improvised technicians who decide to operate on the electronic components, can damage it irreparably not being able to guarantee the success of the reconditioning and then the stable functionality of the machine.

Refurbished Computers must work perfectly in a state of speed and stability to allow an adequate and satisfactory work of the user, we are not talking about the usual technical computer assistance.

In this case, for complete transparency, we believe it’s useless to ask for reconditioning to avoid a minimal cost that would be charged anyway.



CERTAINLY YES, our company also operates on other territory.



The reconditioning of a computer implies a cost of   250 Euro   and includes a buffer battery, an SSD disk, verification and remediation of hardware, an operating system, already by us, pre-configured with installed a minimum of software for a study and professional use as Libre Office which is compatible with the Microsoft package, Adobe Reader, Gimp for graphic realizations, Inkscape for 3D graphics, Diagram Editor which is a powerful program for the graphic schematization of operational flows, Google Chrome, Firefox and the basic packages released with the installation of the operating system Gnu/Linux Ubuntu LTS.

As for the software packages pre-installed on the Refurbished Computers, with the Microsoft Windows 10 Professional operating system, Gimp, Inkscape, Adobe Reader, Libre Office, Google Chrome, Firefox and all the packages that Microsoft releases during installation will be installed.

The case will not affect the estimated price because if it were not to be replaced as the case brand, with the additional work that will be done for its sanitation, for the various custom connections etc., will cover the cost of the new case for cycles of time of work of our staff.Refurbished Computers

Any hardware upgrades of memories and power supplies, as a result of the fact that our company does not intend to earn on the hardware purchased, will not be economically supported by us, but we will reverse in copy, the purchase invoice that will be sent by our supplier with enclosed our invoice downloadable accounting by the customer that must be paid in advance to allow us to get the goods.

We will agree with the customer the mode of purchase and we will be able to advise him where to find the components in a quick and safe way if he intends to provide independently.

If the customer for their computers reconditioned, wanted the operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Professional, must declare by email when signing the contract for reconditioning computers and must promptly communicate all the product-id necessary for product activation once installed the SSD disk with that operating system.

In case of failure to declare and / or communication of product-id, the machine will be mounted on the SSD disk with Gnu / Linux Ubuntu LTS pre-configured by us.

If the customer, by his choice, should decide before returning the computers, to replace the operating system Gnu/Linux Ubuntu LTS with the Microsoft operating system, the replacement of the SSD disk will involve an additional expenditure of   25 Euros plus the cost of the Microsoft ORIGINAL license   for each computer on which our technician will have to intervene.



Certainly, you can request on Refurbished Computers, the installation of other software on Microsoft systems as long as it is delivered the digital media (original DVD-ROM) but will not be made or customizations, nor will be made configurations of these programs and must be proven the full originality with serial numbers issued by the manufacturer and the cost for each program installed will be   12 euros   each.



The operating systems have pre-installed a PDF printer and the problem that often occurs is the lack of hardware that would not allow us to test the full functionality, so it is not possible to request the installation of a printer that you can do comfortably at your studio or your company in a few minutes, once reconnected the machine to your workstation.

We strongly recommend that you connect the printer to the computer and turn it on after the operating systems have been fully booted up, to allow them to be perfectly recognized and to avoid using configuration CDs if the printer is recognized regularly and shows full functionality.

We would like to remind you that every installation contributes, for Microsoft systems, to weigh down the internal registry often slowing down the processes of use and we want the Refurbished Computers to always work at the maximum of their possibilities to satisfy the user.



Refurbished ComputersAll refurbished computers are connected to our internal network during testing, which uses standard DHCP in order to fully upgrade operating systems before the final test.

This configuration is automatic for operating systems and therefore usually standard for those who connect the computer to their network.

We don’t customize network cards but, we can configure any IP, Subnet mask and Gateway according to your specifications at a cost of¬† ¬†5 Euros¬† ¬†per network card (sometimes there are computers that have more than one).

Obviously, no domain will be configured but, if requested by the customer, the workgroup to which the machine will belong will be configured.



Refurbished Computers are prepared to operate at their maximum performance never trying overclocking or other things that could compromise the stability of use over time.

If you need to install a video card or a network card, these components can not be used but must be NEW and accompanied by an invoice that the dealer has issued you with all the accompanying hardware.

The time that is often spent on troubleshooting a faulty used component would increase the cost of reconditioning the computer and would not be satisfactory for you.

The installation of these additional components has a cost of¬† ¬†5 Euros¬† ¬†each including the installation of any manufacturer’s drivers if the operating system does not recognize it independently.



The S.H.A.D.O. GROUP srl, our Italian partner company, will tell you where to send your computers for reconditioning operating in an office near Rome (Italy).

Will be agreed with the technicians of S.H.A.D.O. GROUP srl the withdrawal of your computers to be delivered to a courier with whom you have made arrangements because the costs are your responsibility.

The day of the withdrawal of computers, will be indicated by email as soon as the machines will be fully ready and you can make arrangements with your courier for date / time.


  Our consultants are at your complete disposal, if you are seriously interested do not think and contact us  


Contact Us


EL ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE puesto a disposición por SHADO GROUP srl con la amable colaboración de los técnicos de las empresas asociadas, ha sido desarrollado para sistemas de red, utilizando la tecnología de código abierto del mundo GNU/Linux, llevando el software en diferentes dispositivos de hardware listos para su uso inmediatamente después de una primera y sencilla configuraciónROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE   ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE

Internet est√° lleno de personas malintencionadas que intentan aprovecharse de las redes y dispositivos inseguros y la creciente demanda de protecci√≥n de la infraestructura, nos llev√≥ a considerar una soluci√≥n que pudiera ser sencilla de usar pero potente y sobre todo econ√≥mica, lo que nos hizo centrarnos en el ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE tambi√©n √ļtil para las familias.

A menudo hemos sido testigos de c√≥mo los gestores de l√≠neas de Internet dec√≠an a los clientes que su l√≠nea estaba saturada y que no pod√≠an hacer nada para solucionar el problema, sin investigar el hecho de que el tr√°fico de saturaci√≥n no pod√≠a ser generado por el cliente, sino por ataques furtivos dirigidos a puertos no protegidos por sus routers y sus redes, poniendo al cliente en la condici√≥n de encontrarse con una l√≠nea de internet m√°s lenta que un m√≥dem de vieja generaci√≥n y sobre todo la posibilidad de que sus datos puedan ser fraudulentamente robados o completamente destruidos con da√Īos muchas veces irreparables cuando hubiera bastado con tener el FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE.

El cortafuegos router OPNSENSE no proporciona una línea de Internet, sino que se interpone entre el módem/router que proporciona la línea de Internet y todos los ordenadores que pasarán por el cortafuegos, quedando protegidos de ataques externos que pueden ser fácilmente controlados simplemente configurando el propio cortafuegos router.

OPNSENSE tambi√©n puede utilizarse en m√°quinas virtualbox sin ning√ļn problema o puede suministrarse ya instalado y semiconfigurado en microordenadores suministrados por SHADO GROUP srl o por sus socios.

Esta tecnología es ciertamente interesante incluso a nivel gubernamental, ya que permite excluir incluso a naciones enteras que suelen intentar penetrar las defensas de los servidores.

Aunque los objetivos corporativos y gubernamentales pueden ser los principales debido a los valiosos datos que guardan, los usuarios domésticos deben seguir siendo precavidos.

Los ataques de suplantación de identidad (phishing), generalmente a través del correo electrónico, son los más comunes para los usuarios domésticos.

Afortunadamente, estos ataques suelen ser fáciles de evitar por los usuarios precavidos que no hacen clic a ciegas en todos los archivos adjuntos y enlaces web de sus correos electrónicos.

Sin embargo, la actividad maliciosa es cada vez m√°s com√ļn con los routers de consumo y los dispositivos del Internet de las Cosas (IoT), que muchos usuarios tienen en sus redes dom√©sticas y que son f√°ciles de prevenir utilizando FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE.

Los usuarios suelen pasar por alto las actualizaciones de software y firmware de los routers y dispositivos IoT, debido a la falta de conocimiento y/o a la falta de capacidad técnica para aplicar las actualizaciones.

Muchos routers ofrecen la detección de intrusos como una función de seguridad adicional.

Los routers suelen tener capacidades de cortafuegos integradas y hay una tendencia creciente a incluir también la detección de intrusiones y la detección de intrusiones se puede utilizar junto con el cortafuegos estándar del router y proporciona una capa adicional de seguridad que sólo el ROUTER OPNSENSE FIREWALL puede dar con facilidad.

La detección de intrusiones puede considerarse como un conjunto de indicadores/reglas que pueden utilizarse para alertar o bloquear tipos específicos de tráfico de Internet y de la red.

Puede tratarse de tr√°fico potencialmente sospechoso o peligroso o de otro tr√°fico no deseado en la red (como el tr√°fico peer-to-peer o tor).

El conjunto de características del ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE incluye funciones de alta gama como proxies de caché, conformación del tráfico, detección de intrusiones y fácil configuración del cliente OpenVPN.

El robusto y fiable mecanismo de actualización proporciona al ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE la capacidad de ofrecer actualizaciones de seguridad importantes en el momento oportuno.

El ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE es un software de router de código abierto que soporta la detección de intrusiones y, una vez habilitado, puede seleccionar un conjunto de reglas de detección de intrusiones (también conocidas como conjuntos de reglas) para los tipos de tráfico de red que desea supervisar o bloquear.

Los conjuntos de reglas pueden actualizarse periódicamente de forma automática para que las reglas se mantengan más vigentes y algunos conjuntos de reglas son gratuitos mientras que otros requieren una suscripción.

Para los usuarios domésticos, las normas gratuitas deberían ofrecer una protección razonable.

Los mini-PCs sin ventilador son geniales para este prop√≥sito ya que son peque√Īos, silenciosos, eficientes energ√©ticamente y tienen de 2 a 6 puertos Ethernet en ellos soportando brillantemente el ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE, y necesitar√°s
al menos 2 puertos, ya que un puerto se conectará a su módem y el otro a su LAN, que probablemente sea un conmutador de red para que pueda tener varios puertos.

Además, es posible que quieras elegir un dispositivo (microprocesador) que soporte AES-NI si planeas utilizar funciones que hagan un uso intensivo de la encriptación, como un servidor VPN, de lo contrario, establecerás una carga pesada en el router y potencialmente ralentizarás el rendimiento de la red.

Nuestros técnicos ofrecen el ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE ya instalado en PEN DRIVE USB, SD DRIVE, SSD DRIVE, DISK VIRTUALBOX y mini-ordenadores listos y configurados que sólo necesitan ser conectados entre su router y su LAN corporativa o doméstica.

El uso de este producto asegura los datos de todos los que utilizan una l√≠nea de Internet, permitiendo s√≥lo el tr√°fico √ļtil para las actividades normales pero bloqueando cualquier intento externo de intrusi√≥n en sus sistemas.

Enumeramos algunas de las interesantes caracter√≠sticas del ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE, √ļtil tanto para la familia como para el profesional, hasta poder satisfacer las necesidades de una Peque√Īa y Mediana Empresa:

– Formador de tr√°fico
РAutenticación de dos factores
– Portal cautivo
РProxy de caché (transparente) con soporte de lista negra
– Red privada virtual (VPN de sitio a sitio y L2TP)
РAlta disponibilidad y conmutación por error de hardware
РDetección y prevención de intrusiones
РHerramientas integradas de información y seguimiento, incluidos los gráficos RRD
РExportación y análisis del flujo de red
– Soporte de plugins
– Servidores DNS y DNS FORWARDER
– Servidores DHCP y RELAY
– DNS din√°mico (DDNS)
РCopia de seguridad de la configuración cifrada en Google Drive
РCortafuegos de inspección con estado
– Control granular sobre la tabla de estado
– Soporte de VLAN 802.1Q
– y m√°s.

Para el uso doméstico, todo lo que tiene que hacer es configurar las interfaces WAN y LAN de las dos tarjetas de red del ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE y asignar una IP estática tanto a la WAN como a la LAN y estará en funcionamiento inmediatamente y protegido de intrusiones no deseadas.

Todas las demás funciones presentes en el ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE pueden utilizarse opcionalmente tras un estudio de la documentación para el uso sencillo que suele estar destinado a profesionales y empresas.

Las soluciones propuestas por nuestros t√©cnicos han estado orientadas a la optimizaci√≥n y la econom√≠a, teniendo en cuenta el uso de un ordenador antiguo con un microprocesador de 64 bits y dos tarjetas de red, lo que permite que cualquiera pueda proteger su infraestructura, o la posibilidad de instalar una m√°quina virtual ORACLE-VIRTUALBOX en su ordenador y utilizar el ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE en disco virtual, permitiendo un incre√≠ble ahorro en el coste de hardware, hasta el profesional o la Peque√Īa y Mediana Empresa que tiene la posibilidad de adquirir un equipo dedicado con el producto ya instalado y configurado a nivel b√°sico.


Para una funcionalidad sustancialmente reducida del ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE está disponible la especificación básica y para una funcionalidad completa hay especificaciones mínimas, razonables y recomendadas.


La especificación mínima para ejecutar toda la funcionalidad estándar de ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE que no requiere ninguna o muy pocas escrituras en disco, significa que puede ejecutar toda la funcionalidad estándar excepto las que requieren escrituras en disco, por ejemplo, una caché de proxy (caché) o la detección y prevención de intrusiones (base de datos de alertas).


CPU de doble n√ļcleo a 1 GHz


Instalación en: Tarjeta SD, USB PEN, SSD o CF con un mínimo de 4 GB, utilice imágenes nano para la instalación cuyo corte sin embargo es siempre de 32 GB.



Las especificaciones razonables para ejecutar todas las características estándar del FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE, significa que cada característica es funcional, pero no con muchos usuarios o altas cargas (alrededor de cincuenta PCs clientes).


CPU de doble n√ļcleo a 1 GHz


Instalación en: Tarjeta SD, USB PEN, SSD o CF con un mínimo de 4 GB, utilizar las imágenes nano para la instalación cuyo corte de todos modos es siempre 32 GB.



La especificación recomendada para ejecutar todas las características estándar del ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE significa que todas las características son funcionales y se adaptan a la mayoría de los casos de uso.


CPU multin√ļcleo de 1,5 GHz


Instalación en: Tarjeta SD, USB PEN, SSD o CF con un mínimo de 4 GB, utilice las imágenes nano para la instalación cuyo corte de todos modos es siempre 64 GB para SD, USB PEN, CF y 120 GB para SSDs



El sistema puede ofrecerse o completarse con un PC con sistema operativo GNU/LINUX SERVER con un disco SSD que contenga el ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE, dos discos duros de tama√Īo adecuado colocados en espejo para salvaguardar sus datos, o bien podemos instalar el disco ssd directamente en su m√°quina que estar√° equipada como servidor para los sistemas de memoria y refrigeraci√≥n y siempre dispone de al menos dos discos que se colocar√°n en espejo redundante para mayor seguridad.

El servidor también puede utilizarse para aprovechar servicios adicionales no incluidos en el paquete ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE:

Servidores de correo electrónico con funciones de almacenamiento de correos electrónicos para conservarlos para siempre

Servidor de correo electrónico con funciones de copia de seguridad MX para no volver a perder un correo electrónico.

Servidor web donde puede tener directamente su portal de Internet en su empresa

Copia de seguridad automática nocturna de sus datos en un disco USB externo y transmisión remota de los datos previamente guardados

Si el PC lo proporcionas t√ļ, no puede tener menos de 2 tarjetas de red y un m√≠nimo de 16 Giga bytes de ram con una cpu (microprocesador) no inferior a un Intel I3; esto es para poder ofrecerte el m√°ximo rendimiento en cualquier situaci√≥n de carga de trabajo.

Para conocer los costes, haga clic en CONTACTO y explique claramente sus necesidades


Puede elegir entre soluciones rentables:


1 – 120 Giga SSD con FIREWALL OPNSENSE ROUTER instalado
5 – unidad de hardware con el router OPNSENSE Firewall instalado ‚ā¨¬† ¬† DEPENDIENDO DE LA CARGA DE TRABAJO PARA LA QUE EST√Č DISE√ĎADO EL ORDENADOR¬† CONTACT US

  Los precios se indican en euros, que es la moneda que las empresas aceptan para el pago en línea  




IT Technical Assistance

IT Technical AssistanceThe IT Technical Assistance is based on the figure of the System Administrator that is a technical specialist who deals with installations, configurations, management, maintenance and monitoring of multiple computer systemsAssistenza Tecnico Informatica

Those who have been doing this job for years, know that the best way to keep the customer tied to them is to keep them always informed about everything, to be competitive but always balanced on the economic level, to give the right attention to the customer and especially to make sure that he is always satisfied with the work that is done for him, not considering the Computer Technical Assistance as a cost/expense but as an added value that will always allow him to operate at its maximum potential, earning money and giving in turn a service to those who turn to him, whether it is a company or a professional studio.

Many times we have found ourselves with a computer that would not turn on when we arrived at the office, or a server that was working perfectly the night before and the next morning refused to allow users to connect, or even worse, would not turn back on.

As always, the best advice is not to put your hands inside, to prevent geeks from opening the machine and touching the boards or other very delicate components, where unknowingly, if it was not faulty, it could become so due to factors that would force us to dilate unnecessarily.

The IT Technical Assistance is the most important point in the production chain of a company or a professional studio, because if the equipment stopped working or presented strange problems, it would prevent all production cycles, leading to the blocking of activities.

As always, what entrepreneurs prefer to underestimate is linked to this very service, and when there are spending cuts to be made it is, mistakenly, one of the first financial levers to be alienated, contrary to what common sense should advise.

Generally speaking, the Computer Technical Assistance is interested in the entire infrastructure of the company computer system starting from networks, servers, personal computers desktop or laptop, backups that are very important in order not to lose vital data for professional and business production and many other services of which we have not been given information because the so-called “system technicians”, are very often, people who have improvised “technicians” but who have been enlightened by reading the newsstand magazines or certain that the Internet is the source of inspiration and enlightenment where you become “all-knowing” and Facebook is an example.

The IT Technical Assistance must be the result of acquiring information about the company’s current information system and any needs of the client company or the professional, where both entities must always be put at the center of each situation with a serious business IT consulting.

The installation of hardware or software and the related configuration of systems, is in the Technical Computer Assistance, one of the fundamental bases that can determine the full and especially the long life of the equipment with which we operate daily producing income.

The design and implementation of a fully functional network system should not be based on connecting four cables to a hub/switch or to our modem/router, but must be the result of serious evaluations and the subject of appropriate configurations starting from the workstations and ending with firewalls and/or active intrusion.

The planning of operations that often can not be carried out during the normal production cycle business or professional must be one of the fundamental nodes that determine night work cycles for technicians who must be able to determine the right time, because in the morning the customer’s staff or the customer himself, will have to work and can not stand still obviously losing income, then, money.

The management of the updates of the various operating systems is an operation that the customer, very often, underestimates or carries out with superficiality not wondering if this can determine a block of his computer or his server.

Let’s not talk about the technical documentation that the IT Technical Assistance should draw up and submit to the customer’s attention that is almost always absent because it is classic to think that not writing documents forces the customer to remain tied to us, as if we were the only ones who know how to technically use IT resources.

Very often the client is not given the administrative passwords of the servers or of the company’s nerve centres in a sealed envelope, in order to avoid that the client has the possibility to choose other IT companies, which are often more competent and have a better knowledge of the system.

Hardly any entrepreneur and/or professional knows that he must have the “business network notebook”, that is, very often he avoids like the plague the use of the DHCP network protocol, preferring rightly, to insert static network IPs for each machine present in the company making it easily identifiable even for its dislocation.

But we’re talking about low-level workers, improvised technicians and not IT professionals and serious IT support companies.

The Technical Assistance technician is required to draw up a document where he has to illustrate the conformation and type of network present at the customer and mark every single IP, Machine Name (it’s present in every operating system installed) and dislocation of the latter to be able to easily identify and allow in case of problem, the detachment and sending to the laboratory and / or an intervention aimed at resolving any failure that may have occurred, well yes, for once we are entering the technical but here we stop.

There are a variety of IT Technical Assistance contracts that can offer sufficiently interesting types of intervention and that lead the customer to create an ongoing and long-lasting relationship considering this service indispensable for their production and profitability.

The IT Technical Assistance is not only the ability to administer the various information technologies knowing how to make them efficient and fast but, very often, it is also organized in order to carry out the training of the customer’s staff and the ability to bring to a higher level the professionalism of the users on often different technologies.

Not always the technical staff of Computer Technical Assistance is reminded that the request for feedback from the customer is important and that you should always issue a report of the operations carried out during the technical intervention with any anomalies found because it is too often considered time subtracted to other interventions, not understanding that instead it comes to develop a regular case history that can make us understand the evolution of the problems of the customer and can make him understand if it is the case to resort to the eventual reconditioning of his computer equipment.

All too often, IT support companies do not explain to the customer that it is not necessary to buy new equipment but that it can be brought back to life with simple and inexpensive upgrades both for the operating system used and for maximizing, now very cheap, the hardware resources that will also increase the speed of work.

We see more and more often, trying to sell to their customers new equipment rather than being able to sell their skills at the right price and with huge savings for the company of the customer or the professional who has relied on us.

So, always think about what can be right for your productivity and especially if it is the case to consider other companies of Technical Computer Assistance for competence and professionalism, because you can not always be objective and professional solutions exist and you can discuss with real professionals.

IT Technical Assistance


Financing for business companies - Financial Due DiligenceFinancing for companies thanks to SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP, our partner and Maltese sister company, specialized in credit analysis and contacts with large financial groupsETHIOPIAN DIAMONDS

Financing for business companies at a time when for many countries that have been subject to the “credit crunch” by banks and especially to the unfulfilled agreements with the European Central Bank in feeding credit to companies, regular alternative markets have developed, by large overseas financial groups and thanks to large groups linked to investment funds that have taken advantage of the hole created by banks and have slipped in quickly, allowing even small businesses to resume work and production.

In this niche financial market, SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP Maltese holding company and two companies internationally known in the financial field both in the United Arab Emirates and in Panamanian territory, have made interesting agreements and allowed managers and directors of companies, to be able to access business funding put in difficulty by the poor credit provided by commercial banks.

There is an opportunity to see if your company can access Business Financing by quickly purchasing a package designed by our professionals.

Financing for business companies is no longer something reserved for large industrial groups, but has become a normal activity even for small and medium-sized companies strangled by the globalized market, where if you are not at the forefront, if you do not make the right business investments, you are often doomed to failure.

It is not complicated to request financing for companies, it is enough to ask for our advice for financial due diligence, to draw up a bi-lingual request that will be delivered to you and to fill it in easily on your own computer, thanks to the help of a serious accountant whose work will be a precious object for the evaluation by the investment fund that will have to match your request.


You will have to provide us with the email address of your accountant for any further information and, should we notice any problems, we will be able to intervene with our professional accountants, specialized in the application practices to the funds, which will obviously be subject to separate invoicing upon your explicit contractual request.

The manager of the company can request a pre-screening of his investment project, which has a low cost, to know if sending it to the Panamanian financial group can be taken into consideration and then, after a serious evaluation of our company, he can decide whether to start the necessary practices for the start of the practice of financing.

For financing for business companies, the financial due diligence that even for a small entrepreneur has a small and sustainable amount of money, will allow to deepen in the industrial project for the request of important financing for the realization, birth or expansion of companies and our company will verify and work with its officials so that this financial due diligence will be drawn up in an impeccable way and will face the two indispensable controls for the realization of the project:

The control carried out by the officials of the Panamanian Financial Group and the relative sending of all the documentation produced to the various Financial Entities (Investment Funds, Private Investors etc) identified for the success of the financial operation and therefore well disposed to the financing, even though they do not offer the guarantee of obtaining the company financing, since the only entity that will decide whether or not to finance you is the indisputable and unquestionable lender.

It remains clear that both the Panamanian Financial Group and the United Arab Emirates Financial Group, being accredited Advisors and Brokers, are linked to companies of professionals who work to certify the documents that make up the Due-Diligence and may require in-depth analysis of some documents in order to certify them; this certification is not free of charge and in fact you will have to be ready to pay about 8000 Euros (eight thousand euros) regularly invoiced and usually requested together with the presentation of the contract prepared by the Advisor.

In the contact request with our company, you will have to specify what your company does and describe the activity and the reason for the investment request, so that we can already provide you with a first answer via email to tell you if there is a possibility for the financing and to go ahead with your file and instruct a financial due diligence.

Some documents will be required to be true because if they are altered or even falsified, you risk being on the international financial black list and you will no longer be able to apply for financing for the purchase of a refrigerator.

For business financing, you will need a well-articulated, bi-lingual business plan (in your own language and in English), the last 3 (three) financial statements filed with your tax authorities, the last 2 (two) years of bank transactions (bank statements), the name of your bank and the name of your business manager and his or her contact information, articles of incorporation, bylaws and any social pacts of the company, certificate of vigor of your chamber of commerce, a well-made balance sheet, financially very descriptive as well as real, last 3 (three) invoices issued by the entity that provides you with the company’s electricity and many other documents that you can learn about by talking to our consultants.

As for the personal documents of the Legal Representative of the company, you will need a copy of the tax code, passport (as it is usually a guarantee that you do not have criminal convictions in progress), id-card or identity card, proof of residence consisting of the last 3 (three) invoices issued by the entity that provides the home electricity.

All documents listed above and others that you will be asked, must be in PDF format and can not be accepted if not in this format, as well as be scanned and printed like a book, therefore, PERFECT or they will be declared non-compliant and you must immediately resend them in the correct manner required.

In order to apply for business funding, you will need to provide us with a professionally prepared business plan in English (and if the company is Italian it must be in English as well) and in the event that you are unable to produce it or notice that it is of poor quality and not specifically representative and comprehensive, you may request the support of one of our professionals who will prepare it for you in English and will be billed separately, is very important for financing for business companies.

It is important to understand that you will have only one chance and that you will have to know how to make the most of it because once you are on the list of serious and solvent companies, future procedures will surely be more streamlined and the analysis of the Financial Entity will surely be more benevolent not looking at every document under a microscope.

You will have to think carefully and seriously about the reason for requesting financing for companies and the real amount your company needs to finance itself, which cannot be less than 500,000 Euros, as you will have to declare them in the request/questionnaire that we will provide you with and this will be the fulcrum on which the commission will assign the highest score to your file.

We remind you that it is NOT useless to hope to obtain financing for business companies and the opening of practices for financial due diligence even if your company has less than 3 (three) years of life (there must be at least two balance sheets), it is instead USELESS if you have not been truthful in your declarations of financial statements or if you have been subject to bankruptcy or bankruptcy procedures and / or criminal; are also excluded, of course, individuals and professionals as the only ones that are taken into account are small, medium and large companies, as well as industrial groups; We reiterate this information to avoid wasting your time and ours and to avoid a possible unpleasant refusal in the instruction of the practice as well as to remember that the company current accounts and the personal current account of the Administrator or Director of the company, must not be paltry or with small movements, but rather must be well moved and with amounts in stock higher than ‚ā¨ 35. 000 (thirty-five thousand euros) and the gross annual turnover must be at least ‚ā¨ 1.500.000 (one million five hundred thousand euros).

Once your file is completed, it will be sent to our Panamanian partner which is one of the most serious financial groups overseas, where it will be examined and analyzed following the contract signed with said Advisor and invoice payment for their professionals, simple checks will be made in the presence of doubts or discrepancies, as we remind you that the budgets are public and freely available, and if everything is in the rule will be sent to the attention of Financial Entities that will take it into consideration and issue a final judgment.

Following this assessment, for financing for business companies, the application for business funding will have completed its final course and you will be sent either a letter of termination of all commitments because the application has failed, o you may be presented with a contract of co-participation in the deal or you may be PROVISIONALLY imposed a provisional administrator or you may be presented with an insurance policy to be subscribed and paid immediately according to the modalities indicated by the commission of the Investment Fund, bearing in mind that each Fund has its own policies for the recovery of credit and that the annual percentage is approximately 3.04%, which is much lower than a commercial bank or merchant bank.

These modalities cannot be chosen by us and will depend on the Investment Fund willing to finance you, but they will guarantee the repayment in time of what has been granted and will subsequently result in the transfer to your declared company current account, to our satisfaction and above all yours.

Following the transfer received, must be paid IMMEDIATELY by contract, a small percentage ONE TANTUM as it is the payment for the work done by the financial group, which varies from 3% up to a maximum of 7% (high amount means lower percentage) and thus begin to give life to your project, which must always be well documented (invoices, contracts, etc. etc.) to always be able to demonstrate compliance with the agreements undertaken that may be subject to inspection.

Financing for business companies has been the subject of study by professionals SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP that in agreement with a Maltese company, have created a package with a not exorbitant cost.

The package called PRE-SCREENING COMPANY, allows to examine and collect the necessary documentation for a PRE-DUE DILIGENCE, taking into consideration various financial factors to highlight if the eventual request and project has all the characteristics to access funding.

With the PRE-SCREENING COMPANY package, if positive and interesting aspects are highlighted for investors, it will be possible to proceed to the next step of the PRE-DUE DILIGENCE, which has an undoubtedly higher cost.


Buy your PRE-SCREENING online


Our consultants are at your complete disposal, if you are seriously interested do not think about it and contact us.

Finanziamenti per le imprese


ETHIOPIAN DIAMONDS - DIAMONDSExcellent Ethiopian diamonds, having hexagonal shape, are made with a special cut by the master jewelers, providing a perfect cut and taking care of the hexagonal design of nature and their reflectionETHIOPIAN DIAMONDS

Rough Ethiopian diamonds, vary in different sizes from 1 carat to 15 grams, to large 60 grams and available for export, from Ethiopia.

Big brands like Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Ulysse Nardin, Patik Philippe Watches use Ethiopian diamonds to elevate their brand.

Here we have the intrinsic value of diamonds that provides a return on investment just like the value of gold.

The advantage of gems is due to the luster, human being is attracted to it just like gold is because it is yellow and shiny.

We are able to admire clean rough Ethiopian diamonds because if rough they have a lot of natural ash.

1 Gram is equivalent to 5 carats)

For now the availability is 25 carat Ethiopian diamonds but in the future we will be able to admire 1 kilogram gems.

The cut is a very delicate and difficult operation that modifies the rough shape of a stone, facilitates the setting and enhances the brilliance and color.

When we find ourselves in front of Ethiopian diamonds or other precious stones with rose or rosette cut, we cannot help but be fascinated even if we often do not know the work behind it.

In the past, diamonds were mainly rose-cut, since many preferred this elegant cut to the first, coarse brilliant cuts, but today only very few diamonds are cut in this way, since this cut is reserved mainly for those of modest thickness or for which an excessive loss of weight is feared with the brilliant cut.

Do you know how to distinguish diamonds?

What are the four C’s ?

How are diamonds valued?

Here is a brief guide to resolve any doubts you may have about Ethiopian diamonds, which are also the stone of April.

Diamonds are a great investment over time

Diamonds are considered the most valuable stones.

But how much are Ethiopian gems really worth in a ring, earrings or necklace?

Are they all the same? How to recognize and judge them?

For a safe and definitive evaluation of Ethiopian diamonds, it is best to contact an expert who can directly view and evaluate the stone.

Only those who have seriously studied gemology and master jewelers can offer a safe and correct judgment.




precious stonesIt has always been important to use safe haven assets such as gold, silver and especially investments in precious stones that represent a reliable guarantee outside of any world crisistoo much money in current accounts

History of precious stones has taught us that gemstone investments were often used as trading tokens instead of money, even ensuring the survival of entire families during the American depression and various wars that often involved many countries.

During the financial crisis we eroded the funds of thousands of investors leading people to wonder if it would have been better to have gemstones instead of the accumulation of paper currency.

Big finance is also responsible for investing in gemstones that guarantee assets that will not be devalued in the future and certainly a good investment that can be passed down for generations.

With the financial crisis knocking at the doors of every nation on Earth, with a probable patrimonial asset that will allow the Italian government to get its hands on the savings of its compatriots, with the risk of bank failure due to worldwide financial instability, only those who are clueless do not consider investments in precious stones that can guarantee them an escape route.

But it is not only the purchase of gemstones that can allow us to guarantee and secure a good investment, in fact, not all gemstones are recognized as a good investment as they must boast certain very specific characteristics that can be recognized and evaluated by experienced gemologists and jewelers.

Many people, before the global financial crisis, had invested in real estate that, with time, lost value in percentage even very considerable, and those that had been rented generated costs in taxes, unpaid rents and expensive lawyers to make them accessible again.

Gold, which has always been considered an excellent refuge asset, is now, due to the crisis, subject to fluctuations and therefore in case of forced sale there is a risk of a 10% loss on the purchase value.

With precious stones this cannot happen because in the financial markets we have never heard of the devaluation of precious stones, but if they have the ideal gemological characteristics they are a real investment for the future that can only increase their intrinsic value and not generate expenses.

A gemstone that you can sell at any time getting much of the initial value determined by platt (financial market price) as an investment proposal.

Investments in precious stones are recommended for a period of not less than five years also because of the increase in their value, they are considered goods and luxury and do not involve risks, as well as the goods are not subject to taxation of the various states and do not involve bureaucratic expenses but only the purchase price.

Gems that are considered by investors to be a safe haven are diamonds.

Emeralds, rubies, opals and sapphires due to their nature can certainly, as they deviate over time, undergo minimal variations from the diamond.

Gems are something very personal and there is the problem of choosing which one will increase in value because all of them, although with certain gemological characteristics, determine a certain value, especially if accompanied by a gemological certificate that is the guarantee at the base of the purchase.

The percentage recommended to make a good investment in precious stones, should play on a principal amount of 15% of the total funds available, in this way you would have availability of the asset for five years and you could later decide whether to sell it and earn or continue to keep it for future use or as emergency capital as an investment proposal.

Often you will be convinced that the purchase of jewelry is also a good refuge, but it is not absolutely true because when you buy it you also pay the processing of gold and the value given to the jewel, so not the pure price of the bag of various materials involved in the realization of the object.

The growth in time of precious stones is intrinsic to their quality certification that determines rarity, purity and many other characteristics that determine the price, making investments in precious stones guaranteed.

We have the opportunity to buy directly from the producers of raw stones, this thanks to mining companies concessionaires in Ethiopia, South America and see them in their finished state, carved by the hands of experienced masters who differentiate the gems by shape and harmony creating a good as well as precious, especially luxury.

The banks have also influenced the deal related to diamonds, often induced customers to buy at their facilities gems of value not convenient, but not favoring the customer who will have to pay commissions, often exceeding the value of the product and eroding the gain on the gem considered in the first two years.

The gemstones that you can admire on the portal of SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP are reserved for the few fans who love luxury, they have all been subjected to a thorough gemological test, after which it was assigned a qualification and a very specific commercial value as an investment proposal.

For diamonds, the main characteristics to be considered are the “4Cs”, i.e. color (Color), clarity (Clarity), cut (Cut) and weight (Carats), but often fluorescence is also taken into consideration.

Our consultants are at your complete disposal, if you are seriously interested do not think and contact us


precious stones investments



Too much money in current accounts, mainly due to the fear generated by the COVID-19, has led Italian citizens to make large cash deposits in banks, derived from the sale of real estate, always considered a safe haventoo much money in current accounts

The panic we witnessed at the beginning of each lockdown, with the storming of supermarkets, was considered by us only the tip of the iceberg as the rest was happening on other fronts of greater importance such as the financial one, with the introduction of too much money on current accounts.

It is clear that the word “WAR”, triggered by politicians and top medical decision makers, brought back to the memory of many people the stories told by their grandparents who advised in case of adversity to be ready to turn real estate into fresh money and fresh money into valuables, useful in case of economic disaster or real war.

But this war to COVID-19 is not a war that can be fought with conventional weapons, but only with medical weapons and vaccines that, as much as they want to say, maybe they can really be the only way out of the path that points to the end of mankind.

In Italy its citizens have flooded with money their bank accounts for a total of about 17 billion euros, of which about 1500 billion are blocked and not moved in any way.

But the Italian citizen, frightened, and above all clueless in matters of finance, has not taken into account that by immobilizing his bank account he will see the total amount of his assets shrinking more and more due to inflation, the costs of maintaining a current account and above all the surprise that the Italian banks are preparing for the dormant savers as the lack of circulation of money will soon become a problem for the European Central Bank (ECB).

The European Central Bank, in order to be able to carry out an expansive policy in aid of European states, has had to introduce more liquidity by lowering interest rates to negative values, putting the Italian and European banking system in crisis, which must at all costs dispose of the money deposited in dormant or little-moved bank accounts in some way, in order to avoid incurring heavy monetary losses due to a real economy drugged by the virtual economy a very problem with too much money in current accounts.

In effect, our money is numbers stored in large processors, which is why there are two economies, the virtual economy and the real economy which is dominated by material money and which gives rise to liquidity in the real economy itself.

The ABI (Italian Banking Association), pointing out a little more than 1500 billion on accounts considered dormant or little moved, has highlighted the problem dictated by the maneuvers of the ECB to move the real economy, highlighting a real brake very dangerous for savers themselves, where the wealth “sterile” deposits obviously higher than small amounts that are around 100 thousand euros and up, generate in fact the cost of management bringing it to about 24 euros quarterly compared to pre-COVID-19 years.

Banks are beginning to advise their customers, at the urging of the ECB, to diversify their financial planning with medium and long term objectives, investing in profitable portfolios in terms of yield and putting money back into the financial markets, which in these months are subject to strong fluctuations but with minimal risks, contrary to what many may think.

What many people don’t understand is that keeping too much money in current accounts, now made non-interest bearing by unattractive interest rates that are almost zero, can only lead to a loss of about 18% of the value deposited.

The big problem is that Italians are a population of great savers but, contrary to many other European citizens more accustomed to financial operations, they always have a perception of risk that could lead them to monetary losses, not considering instead that in this way besides creating a damage to the real economy, they create it to themselves losing more or less the same amounts and not allowing themselves the possibility, also, of possible gains.

The banks, at this time have considered the forced closure of bank accounts with average balances that start from 100 thousand euros upwards for unmanaged savings with a unilateral amendment of their contract, using a legislative decree already in force since 1993 (385/93) and are providing to warn their account holders before giving course to an official communication. TOO MUCH MONEY IN CURRENT ACCOUNTS

The objective is therefore very clear and that is, to force dormant current account holders to move their current accounts by injecting fresh money into businesses but above all into investments of various kinds in the financial sector linked to the real economy, avoiding keeping too much money tied up in current accounts.

Some banks are about to introduce a rather heavy commission for the retention of dormant deposits and others are beginning to think about commissions proportional to the amounts on deposit, while others are actively considering, the closure of such bank current accounts in a mandatory manner.

The advice of many economists is to reinvest the money on deposit, giving again an interesting boost to the real estate sector, which is now affected by a 25% loss of value, also by buying real estate at auction at very interesting prices, especially for an eventual immediate resale, or to invest in medium and long term shares, or especially in valuables, which certainly the central banking system (ECB) will not be able to hit.

This is a good time to be able to ask for mortgages, loans and anything else that may be of interest to Italian banks for a monetary diversification and an excellent opportunity for those who intend to invest, never as now we could see such a possibility.

However, the problem raised by the Italian banks has rendered a further service to the offshore banks with their current accounts, where there is no interest rate on bank deposits or it is so low as to make it practically null, where the account keeping expenses are often non-existent or so low as to make their service interesting and above all, not creating problems for those who intend to keep their economic resources frozen, especially by using the so-called “safe current accounts” or “ciphered current accounts”.


verso la ripresa finanziaria


TOWARDS FINANCIAL RECOVERYTowards financial recovery, a hypothesis that in this period has involved the world’s economies, bringing most of the financial sectors to their knees, allowing us to see that the longed-for recovery expected by most financial operators and many private investors for 2021, will almost certainly arrive late and will be very asphyxiated contrary to what was hopedTOWARDS FINANCIAL RECOVERY

The bet made by the same governments to restart the financial systems, is failing miserably due to the shortage of vaccines caused by the same producers, but also due to lack of infrastructure (especially digital for Italy), low investment, shortages in the extraction and processing of raw materials, real interest rates that have increased instead of giving respite to the financial sector and the safe haven assets that at this time are suffering losses for 23% of their real value and making it difficult to believe the desired direction towards financial recovery.

According to our analysts, the economic-financial recovery will happen very slowly and it will take no less than ten years to return to normal pre-covid regimes, therefore not exactly revolutionary and profitable in the immediate future as many hope, and it is not necessary to be a prophet of doom to understand that the fate of the stock exchanges will certainly not be immediate, nor will it be able to generate rich earnings if they do not generate rich earnings, let alone generate rich earnings if there is not a very quick change of pace to reopen countries in lockdown and with finances now on their knees, but which are hoping for a direct path to financial recovery.

Countries such as the United Arab Emirates, which have always been major investors for private companies, states, projects in the innovative sector and many other resources in which to invest, have closed their doors, mainly financing their own local economy and drastically reducing the possibility for many economies to quickly recover and thus a difficult road towards financial recovery.

The problem for the old European continent has been created mainly by the lack of vaccines operated knowingly by a political operation carried out by Germany that has put in serious difficulty the manufacturer AstroZeneca that had begun to provide millions of doses for the population of European countries, which could quickly raise their economies by rekindling the financial engines, but that could also make the same Germany one of the tail-end of the European financial system, bringing to light all the problems always related to its production system.

With this strategic operation, Germany has earned billions of dollars to the German Pfitzer, placing itself exponentially as the best producer of vaccines, making the German government pocket taxes higher than it should, placing the country system with a level of unemployment certainly lower if compared to other states and avoiding a sure recession.

The world economies had to accept a decisive step back towards financial recovery and those who did not, had to pay a higher number of victims from covid contrary to China that has taken advantage of the situation by spreading masks, lung respirators, disinfectants and many other products necessary for the prevention and treatment from covid at prices significantly higher than even 50% of their commercial value, with economic systems operated by its manufacturers and brokers, in contempt of human life and mutual aid for humanity in these tragic and dark times.TOWARDS FINANCIAL RECOVERY

The world population has grown demographically in contrast to the many broken lives and the decimation of a generation of elderly people, but also social inequalities have grown hand in hand with a reduction in individual incomes making poorer even the famous middle classes always safe from possible catastrophic events of the financial world.

Central banks have worked to meet the need for monetization of public debts to try to revive a hiccup growth dictated by continuous lockdowns, failing to reverse the constraints of the various economies of the States and in particular, the European ECB has proved inadequate not being able to put fresh money into the economies of their countries because of the regulations that govern it and in contrast to what happened with the American FED, which has supported very adequately the finance.

However, flooding the world’s financial markets with money has not been the best choice made in order to head towards financial recovery, and on the contrary, it has led to the drowning of the various countries in liquidity and to the skyrocketing of public debts and their quotations, and at the same time, to the risk of increasing their instability where even the multiplication of open positions on derivative instruments has generated a great systemic risk that no one is seriously paying attention to.

To conclude, we must complete a picture that is not exactly rosy and we cannot avoid highlighting the insolvencies and business failures that will inevitably follow one of the deepest global recessions in a century, putting in serious difficulty a banking system that is now at the end of its rope and which could unleash panic among its clients and investors, blocking the road to global towards financial recovery.

Many financial operators and many state economists, to date, do not believe in such a major financial crisis for two simple reasons

1. because the great liquidity that sustains the markets could-with a little luck and good will-transform into a wave of new investments that in turn could fuel the recovery of employment and consequently the world economy

2. because that same recovery in some parts of the world (China, Japan and also U.S.A.) has already begun, making, at the moment, a vision of crisis less profound than what could apparently emerge

As a consequence of the liquidity congestion that drowns financial markets, interest rates continue to fall below zero and fears of devaluation of major currencies multiply, while corporate valuations continue to rise because there is more demand for investment than opportunities yet to be seized.

The latter two assumptions inevitably fuel innovation and technology startups, helping to fund infrastructure spending where only time will reveal the reasons for global stock markets moving towards financial recovery.


towards financial recovery


TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE ITALYTECHNICAL ASSISTANCE ITALY is taken care of by the Italian staff of S.H.A.D.O. GROUP srl, a partner company of the holding SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP and is interested in computer structures with professionalism and twenty years of experience gained by its technicians from various large companiesTECHNICAL ASSISTANCE ITALY


Technical Assistance Italy, is the most comprehensive solution, aimed at achieving and maintaining maximum efficiency of the computer system, with guaranteed response times, scheduled maintenance, correction of malfunctions, labor for replacement and repair hardware and software.

60% of companies have had a breach in their data and shutdowns that have resulted in economic damage, all this can be avoided and still reduce it with a serious technical assistance and professionals experienced in systems and computer security




The overall objective of the contracted service is to assist the customer in multiple activities:

optimizing the use of the System;

investigate issues related to the use of the System and its maintenance; and

planning the expansion and development of the System;

guaranteeing methods and times of intervention in cases of malfunctions;

Provide discounts for unplanned interventions and other ancillary services.


Technical Assistance Italy is computer assistance both in the corporate and professional field, is becoming an increasingly important factor to succeed over the competition.
An optimized IT system avoids unnecessary waste of time and allows production increases and higher profits as well as, allows the private user to enjoy the maximum performance of their equipment.
The IT consulting we offer to companies that need IT assistance differs from that offered by many other companies in the industry because it is fast, professional and very cost-effective :

Technical Assistance Italy

  • Our staff is composed of highly qualified and experienced technical personnel in information technology, with transversal competences and in complementary subjects.
    in complementary subjects
  • Response times for emergencies are very short;
  • At Technical Assistance Italy we have packages that include telephone computer support;
  • Our commercial offers are advantageous and clearly formulated;
  • Companies and professionals who subscribe to a computer assistance package benefit cyclically from special reserved offers.
Technical Assistance Italy is not a traditional computer assistance




Using our computer assistance you will receive many useful tips on how to optimize the performance of your computer.


What we can do for you:
  • Computer Assistance
  • Installation of operating systems (Windows and Linux)
  • Installation of custom programs
  • Hardware repairs
  • Configuration and installation of peripherals
  • Server and personal computer optimization
  • Virus cleaning
  • Consulting and installation of open-source alternatives
Technical Assistance Italy
Choose one of our computer support packages or tell us your needs, you will be contacted in a very short time by our sales department for an advantageous offer tailored to your needs.


Technical Assistance Italy is effective computer assistance and it’s money saved



As you can see, our packages are created to offer you a transparent service with no surprises.
For specific requests please contact us and we will tailor a quote to suit your needs.


We can perform the service in any part of Italy and the world thanks to tele-assistance software that allows us to operate quickly with the customer.


Our consultants are at your complete disposal, if you are seriously interested do not think and contact us




encrypted bank accountsEncrypted bank accounts are designed for those who are looking for security and confidentiality in the financial sector and it is one of the most popular and present ideas among the operators of this industrySECURE OS

Obtaining encrypted bank accounts are an increasingly difficult goal to achieve, because governments have strengthened their bureaucratic apparatus to try to avoid this “anonymity” and meanwhile, banks give up much of the banking secrecy, under pressure from the same governments.

So, in this context, is it possible to open an encrypted bank account ?

Experts say that there is actually no such thing as an encrypted bank account, but the anonymity is given by the fact that some offshore jurisdictions protect, through legislation, the anonymity of customers bearing in mind that it is always important to clarify that before the presentation of a court order for illegal use of current accounts, the bank registered in that jurisdiction will hand over the information of the account holder.

There are legitimate ways to open an encrypted bank account and it is usually necessary to secure a corporate trust in another jurisdiction by becoming a partner in a business that operates financially and regularly for legitimate business purposes only, guaranteeing to the client and to the bank the ownership of the credit that is paid, the proceeds of which are usually assessed by the tax authorities where the company is registered and no one will be able to oppose the fact that you have legitimate foreign corporate affairs.

One of the so called Tax Havens most used in the world was Switzerland and other countries also in Europe, where there are so called “encrypted bank accounts”, i.e. the name of the holder is replaced by a number, so it works like an “anonymous bank account” but nevertheless, Swiss laws as well as those of other countries, require the bank to know the identity of the client (KYC), therefore, the idea of encrypted or anonymous bank accounts where nobody really knows who the client is is is quite articulated.

Banks defend their policy of “strict” adherence to bank secrecy by acknowledging that very few people have access to the personal data of the customer who holds an encrypted or numbered bank account and transactions are carried out under the anonymous bank account number, while the vast majority of bank employees never get to know the identity of the customer.

Bank secrecy is closely related to the development of numbered encrypted bank accounts and according to specialists, bank secrecy is an obligation of discretion that concerns representatives and employees of banking institutions where every person connected with a bank is subject to bank secrecy protecting the client and not the banking institution.

Very few people inside the bank, know the account holder who is generally identified by an acronym or a keyword, so the customer can be recognized by the bank using only the code and this situation, the other employees of the bank will not know who is the real account holder.

With this type of account it is possible to carry out practically all incoming and outgoing banking operations but no outgoing transfers can be made and withdrawals can only be made with debit cards, contrary to the OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNTS, however it is advisable to use the same only for deposits and investments of a certain importance because these are considered SECURITY ACCOUNTS.

Generally, a minimum amount is required at the moment of opening, which varies greatly according to the bank and its location, and if you wish to receive a particular service from the bank, and therefore become part of the “private banking” clients, then the minimum amount to deposit will be very high.

In some countries encrypted bank accounts or anonymous bank accounts and banking secrecy are supported by the legal framework with the consequence that according to civil law, the contractual obligation between the client and the banker obliges the latter to secrecy of the former’s position.

Going into these laws, it is understood, that the decision to violate the banking secrecy belongs only to the client, since he is the beneficiary of the secrecy, with ciphered bank accounts, the bank cannot take such a decision even if in reality the opposite has happened.

With regard to encrypted bank accounts, it is true that the civil and criminal law includes a number of “causes”, namely, tax evasion and money laundering, which would allow the violation of bank secrecy, but often the loopholes in the law, and the approval of the various procedures for the exchange of tax information between different governments and banks, most information leaks are quite difficult.

Faced with this worrying reality, new alternatives arise to work with the advantages of encrypted bank accounts, namely relying on third party companies that will operate on your behalf or allow you to operate with sub-accounts to be able to receive and send bank transfers, make payments and send remittances to relatives and friends while remaining in an atmosphere of security and anonymity.

The solutions to make your dreams come true exist but, you must not improvise and rely on consultants with proven experience



Our consultants are at your complete disposal, if you are seriously interested do not think and contact us






SECURE OS TORSECURE OS TOR a perfect operating system for USB sticks, where IT security technicians have always followed the course of eventsSECURE OS

Our technicians, thanks to the use of SECURE OS TOR, have witnessed and reported several times privacy violations that slowly, continuously, persistently and perpetrated by anyone, starting with some operating systems and ending especially with the much used search engines that, if blocked, make your life difficult.

There are search engines that do not allow you to search, brazenly declaring that you are taking away data that are important to them, disregarding the fact that they are part of your lives, your privacy and this, in mockery of clear laws especially in Europe.

Our technicians, after having tested for a long time various solutions of operating systems, arriving to create personalized GNU/Linux distros, have reached the determination that anyway it was not possible to reach that standard of privacy and security indispensable for anyone who does not want to be spied on and WISHES to feel free to use the internet without anyone being able to take away personal information, business information and preferences.

The long work has led to the use of TAILS GNU/LINUX, very particular and very accurate in every detail, making us consider to use it ourselves outside the operational headquarters of our companies and renaming it SECURE OS TOR.

SECURE OS TOR is a GNU/Linux operating system derived from Debian but very similar to Microsoft Windows, where in some ways it can make even simpler operations often complex operating system of Microsoft.

SECURE OS TOR, covers all specifications of confidentiality using external proxies scattered around the planet and making it difficult to trace the original IP address does not make the Internet lose speed as the proxies are monitored to allow you to be connected to the best with a minimum lag and a ping time optimal, as well as for navigation it uses the historical TOR network, thus complicating things for those who want to spy on us, as well as being a GNU/Linux operating system, it is difficult to be attacked by viruses, trojans and malware that continuously besiege the noble operating systems of Microsoft and Apple.


In order to use SECURE OS TOR it’s enough to stop the computer and start it from your USB key instead of starting Windows, MacOS or the same Linux that in the consumer versions doesn’t have all the accuracy already at the first installation but needs expert system administrators that activate the various features.

SECURE OS TOR, in addition to transform your computer in a safe machine undoubtedly interesting for journalists, managers, bank managers, private users who do not intend to give continuously personal information and / or business, is fast, operates at 64 Bit, gives the possibility to use it on computers with hard drives damaged irreparably or just to avoid leaving traces on the computer we are using and what is not less important, offers the possibility to dedicate an area on the USB stick with the complete encryption of the data that we can save putting you safe from any loss of the USB pen itself.

SECURE OS TOR is capable of guaranteeing with maximum security what we are downloading, writing, as well as, above all, guaranteeing anonymity during our internet browsing or allowing us to use other people’s computers without leaving the slightest trace.SECURE OS TOR

SECURE OS TOR will give you the possibility to install the operating system permanently on a hard disk on your computer.

The best choice that our technical experts in computer security, have considered, is to interpose a hardware unit ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE, indispensable to guarantee an exceptional protection from the intrusions very often made by the internet, between your router and your notebook or computer that uses SECURE OS TOR, being able to guarantee an exceptional level of protection and security.

With SECURE OS TOR you will have a good level of security as you don’t have to worry about viruses on your computer since the operating system runs independently from the other operating system and never uses the hard disk if installed on a USB stick.

SECURE OS TOR, however, may not be able to protect you properly if you install it on a virus-infected computer or if you use it on computers with inadequately secure hardware such as keyloggers, which is why we recommend either installing it on a new SSD drive that also provides exceptional performance even on older hardware, or using it from a USB pen that we provide in a USB 3 version that provides optimal speed for regular use of the operating system.

Hardware requirements:

SECURE OS TOR can be safely used with a 64-bit x86-64 compatible processor without any restrictions.

SECURE OS TOR is compatible with IBM PCs but not PowerPC nor with computers using ARM technology, as far as Apple Mac computers are concerned there is compatibility with PC-IBM compatible ones, i.e. on those that allow normal operation of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

SECURE OS TOR does not work with Mac models that use the Apple M1 chip and therefore, almost certainly prior to 2006.

SECURE OS TOR being a 64 bit operating system cannot work on 32 bit computers.

SECURE OS TOR does not work on tablets and cell phones.

SECURE OS TOR requires at least 2 GB of RAM for its use because if used with a lower amount of memory could almost certainly, present anomalies and send the computer crashing not allowing us to operate with the usual normality.

SECURE OS TOR, if used directly from a USB stick without generating the encrypted data area, allows a clean use and disappears automatically when the computer is turned off, completely erasing the memory of the computer to prevent cold recovery of any data still in memory (for a certain period of time the data usually remain available and present in our RAM memory units).

What we often don’t think, is that what we normally do on a computer always leaves a trace even if we try to clean up logs, internet browsing histories, anonymous mode of various browsers like Chrome, files that we may have opened with date and time even if deleted, passwords we use, any Wi-Fi networks and network devices, as well as the eventual thorough check of our hard-disk, can bring to light information often confidential both for companies, professionals and normal users.

SECURE OS TOR never writes anything on the hard-disk and runs in the RAM memory area of the computer we are using and again we remind you that this memory is completely erased when we turn off the computer equipment, completely eliminating all possible traces allowing us to consider this operating system also for a possible encrypted persistent storage where we can save some of the files such as documents, browser bookmarks, emails and any additional software.

Encrypted persSECURE OS TORistent storage is optional and we always decide what is persistent, as well as having at any time, the possibility to immediately delete this area we have generated, no longer allowing any and all traces of any residual data.

SECURE OS TOR includes a whole series of applications to work on sensitive documents and communicate securely, ready to use and are configured with secure default settings to avoid errors and allow immediate use.

SECURE OS TOR includes a TOR Browser with uBlock for any unwanted ads that will make you shocked when trying to browse a well-known search engine, you realize that by not providing it with your data that it hungers for, it will blatantly write it down making it impossible to browse, Thunderbird, for encrypted emails, KeePassXC for creating and storing complex passwords, LibreOffice, an office suite even superior to Microsoft’s flagship Office package as well as being fully compatible, OnionShare for sharing files on Tor, Gimp and Inkscape for graphics and many other applications that will allow you to work quickly and safely and NOT make you regret the old operating system.

The applications in SECURE OS TOR, will be blocked automatically if they try to connect to the Internet without Tor and persistent storage, the moment we save any data will be automatically encrypted and importantly, uses the TOR network and very often is used by investigative journalists who risk their own lives investigating government affairs often very thorny having the ability to hide the identity of those who use it not altering the software of the computer on which it is used, it doesn’t use the hard-disk and we always remember that the only storage space used is the RAM, which is automatically deleted when the computer is turned off, knowing that not only you don’t leave a trace, but you will never know what you have done.




USB PEN SECURE OS (all prepared and all installed – direct use)
SSD 128 GIGA SECURE OS (all prepared and all installed – direct use)




JITSI MEET VIDEO is a video conferencing system installed on a private server with TLS-AES security and with an encryption certificate made by our technicians at 2048 bit, therefore a rather reliable system that makes difficult the penetration of third parties and above all carrying out only this function does not affect the security thanks to two levels of firewall (external and internal to the operating system) that guarantee a safe use


Where the mainstream has failed due to issues related to privacy, the fact that many tend to want to listen, decipher and intercept our communications both in video calls and written, systems such as JITSI MEET VIDEO on private servers are taking off quickly and are continuously updated by international developers of the open source community, to ensure a legal but safe use of these communication platforms.

The registration to a Dropbox server has not been enabled directly from the server because of the fact that we would have had to compromise to open additional communication ports to the internet and we would have had to trust servers, although of quality, not of our installation and direct management.

When it comes to security, the SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP LTD of Malta, the Italian S.H.A.D.O. GROUP srl and the American SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP LLC, as part of a holding company created to develop and use the best IT security solutions, prefer to interact with each other only on platforms that they directly install and control, wanting to avoid any involvement of technicians outside the companies and under the direct control of their technical engineers who are experts in IT security.

JITSI MEET VIDEO is one of the most popular alternatives to Zoom and various feedbacks from Jitsi users have explicitly stated that by installing it on private GNU/Linux server, additional security can be implemented and more control over online communications can be gained.



First of all because it does NOT require registration, you create the link, share it and go (totally anonymous).

JITSI MEET VIDEO is an encrypted system and has many additional features besides that it can be downloaded and installed as an app for your cell phones, while from a computer, it can be simply used with a browser like Google Chrome by opening an internet page of our reference and linked to our private server.



All communication rooms JITSI MEET VIDEO can also be used for webinars not too numerous and therefore we always recommend not more than 30 people, this is because the sum of the rooms enabled by us and the users, we do not want to put under stress, not so much the network that we use because it is sufficient for a thousand simultaneous users, but the equipment that we have dedicated, wanting and being able to ensure stable and secure communications for all.

Each room JITSI MEET VIDEO has its own password for the manager, which allows reliable communications by preventing access to those who have not been invited to the videoconference.

With JITSI MEET VIDEO, you will be able to deal with confidential business, you will be able to write live, you will be able to share your computer screens, you will be able to talk about everything with the peace of mind of not being intercepted, securing even your most confidential financial negotiations.

For those who will use the JITSI MEET VIDEO platform we have a couple of important tips to give you:

First: get a pair of headphones or a microphone (better headphones with microphone) whether you use your cell phone or your computer.

Second: when you listen and do not speak, mute the microphone: others will not hear the background noise of your room because often automatic systems increase the sensitivity of the microphone when no one is talking, so that on the other side of the conference are perceived sounds that are almost imperceptible to you.

Last but not least, pay attention to how you dress, and especially what is behind you.




The system JITSI MEET VIDEO can also be installed on your own server operating remotely but you will have to respect the minimum hardware requirements such as 8 Giga Ram, microprocessor XEON 4 Core or I7, minimum 64 Giga SSD disk and internet line with STATIC IP required to be able to bind a DNS record of your domain without having to force you to write an IP address, all this in order to allow you to always allow maximum performance in any workload situation.

For costs click on CONTACT US and explain clearly your needs




1 JITSI MEET VIDEO room for max 30 users with hard password (daily price)




FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSETHE FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE made available by SHADO GROUP srl with the kind collaboration of the technicians of the partner companies, has been developed for network systems, using the open source technology of the GNU/Linux world, bringing the software on different hardware devices ready for use immediately after a first, simple configuration. Router Firewall OPNSENSE    Router Firewall OPNSENSE

The Internet is full of malicious people who try to take advantage of unsafe networks and devices and the growing demand for infrastructure protection, led us to consider a solution that could be simple to use but powerful and above all economical, making us focus on the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE very useful for families.

We have often witnessed internet line managers telling customers that their line was saturated and that they could not do anything to solve the problem, not investigating the fact that the saturation traffic could not be generated by the customer but by sneaky attacks aimed at ports not protected by their routers and their networks, putting the customer in the position of finding himself with an internet line slower than an old generation modem and above all the possibility that his data could be fraudulently stolen or completely destroyed with often irreparable damage when it would have been sufficient to have the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE.

Although corporate and government targets may be the main targets because of the valuable data they hold, home users still need to be cautious.

Phishing attacks usually via email are the most common attack for home users.

Fortunately, these attacks are usually easy to avoid by cautious users who don’t blindly click on every attachment and web link contained in their emails.

However, malicious activity is becoming increasingly common with consumer routers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which many users have on their home network that are easily prevented with the use of FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE.

Software and firmware updates for routers and IoT devices are often overlooked by users, due to lack of awareness and/or lack of technical ability to apply the updates.

Many routers provide intrusion detection as an additional security feature.

Routers typically have built-in firewall capabilities and there is a growing trend to also include intrusion detection and intrusion detection can be used in conjunction with the standard firewall on the router and provides an additional layer of security that only the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE can give with ease.

Intrusion detection can be thought of as a set of indicators/rules that can be used to alert or block specific types of Internet and network traffic.

This could be potentially suspicious or dangerous traffic or other unwanted traffic on the network (such as peer-to-peer or tor traffic).

FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE’s feature set includes high-end features such as caching proxies, traffic shaping, intrusion detection, and easy OpenVPN client configuration.FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE

The robust and reliable update mechanism gives the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE the ability to deliver important security updates in a timely manner.

The FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE is an open source router software that supports intrusion detection and once enabled, you can select a group of intrusion detection rules (also known as rule sets) for the types of network traffic you want to monitor or block.

Rule sets can be periodically updated automatically so that the rules remain more current and some rule sets are free while others require a subscription.

For home users, the free rules should offer reasonable protection.

Fanless mini-PCs are great for this purpose as they are small, quiet, energy efficient and have 2 to 6 Ethernet ports on them brilliantly supporting the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE, and you will need
at least 2 ports since one port will connect to your modem and the other to your LAN which is most likely a network switch so you can have multiple ports.

Also, you might want to choose a device (microprocessor) that supports AES-NI if you plan to use encryption-intensive features such as a VPN server, otherwise, you will be setting a heavy load on the router and potentially slowing down network throughput.

Our technicians offer the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE already installed on USB PEN DRIVE, SD DRIVE, SSD DRIVE, DISK VIRTUALBOX and on mini computers ready and configured that only need to be connected between your router and your company or home LAN network.

The use of this product secures the data of all those who use an internet line, allowing only the traffic useful for normal activities but blocking any external attempt of intrusion to your systems.

We list some of the interesting features of the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE, useful for both the family and for the professional, up to be able to meet the needs of a Small Medium Enterprise:

– Traffic Shaper
– Two-factor authentication
– Captive portal
– Forward Caching Proxy (transparent) with Blacklist support
– Virtual Private Network (site-to-site and road warrior – VPN and L2TP)
– High availability and hardware failover
– Intrusion detection and prevention
– Integrated reporting and monitoring tools, including RRD graphs
– Netflow export and analysis
– Plugin support
– DNS and DNS FORWARDER servers
– DHCP and RELAY servers
– Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
– Encrypted configuration backup on Google Drive
– Inspection firewall with status
– Granular control over status table
– 802.1Q VLAN support
– and more.

For home use, simply configure the WAN and LAN interfaces of the two network cards on the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE, and assign a static IP to both the WAN and LAN to be immediately operational and protected from unwanted intrusions.


All other features present in the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE can be optionally used after a study of the documentation for the simple use that is usually intended for professionals and companies.

The solutions proposed by our technicians have been aimed at optimization and economy, taking into account the use of an old computer with a 64-bit micro processor and two network cards, allowing anyone to be able to protect their infrastructure, or the possibility to install an ORACLE-VIRTUALBOX virtual machine on your own computer and use the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE on a virtual disk, allowing an incredible saving on the cost of hardware, up to the professional or the Small Medium Enterprise that has the possibility to buy a dedicated equipment with the product already installed and configured at a basic level.




For substantially reduced FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE functionality the basic specification is available and for full functionality there are minimum, reasonable and recommended specifications.


The minimum specification for running all of the standard functionality of the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE that requires no or very few disk writes means that you can run all of the standard functionality except for those that require disk writes, for example a proxy cache (cache) or intrusion detection and prevention (alert database).


1 GHz dual core CPU


Installation on: SD card, USB PEN, SSD or CF with a minimum of 4 GB, use nano images for installation whose cut-off however is always 32 GB.



Reasonable specifications to run all the standard features of the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE, means that every feature is functional, but not with many users or high loads (about fifty client PCs).


1 GHz dual core CPU


Installation on: SD card, USB PEN, SSD or CF with a minimum of 4 GB, use nano images for installation whose cut anyway is always 32 GB.



The recommended specification to run all standard features of the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE means that every feature is functional and fits most use cases.


1.5 GHz multi-core CPU


Installation on: SD card, USB PEN, SSD or CF with a minimum of 4 GB, use the nano images for the installation whose cut however is always 64 GB for SD, USB PEN, CF and 120 GB for SSDs



The system can be offered or complete with a PC running GNU/LINUX SERVER with a SSD disk containing the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE, two hard drives of adequate size placed in mirror to safeguard your data, or we can install the ssd disk directly on your machine that will be equipped as a server for memory and cooling systems and always has at least two disks that will be placed in redundant mirror for greater security.

The server can also be used to take advantage of other services not included in the FIREWALL ROUTER OPNSENSE package:

Email server with email storage features to keep them forever

Email server with MX Backup features to never lose an email again

Web server where you can have your internet portal directly at your company’s premises

Automatic nightly backup of your data on an external USB disk and remote transmission of previously saved data.

If the PC was provided by you, can not have less than 2 network cards and a minimum of 16 Giga bytes of ram with a cpu (microprocessor) not less than an I3 Intel, this is to provide you with maximum performance in any situation of workload.

For the costs click on CONTACT US and explain clearly your needs.


You can choose between cost-effective solutions:

1 – DISK SSD 120 Giga with the ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE installed



InvoicePlane Online Invoicing

InvoicePlane Online Invoicing

InvoicePlane Online Invoicing has been chosen from a variety of online solutions available to meet your company’s billing needs

InvoicePlane is an Online Invoicing system but it is NOT a system operating on our systems for Italian professionals as it is prepared for those who have foreign companies and this is very important as the Italian legislation provides for the automatic sending to the Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Tax Agency) with systems that we, for security reasons and especially as a foreign company, have not planned and do not plan to install.

SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP is based on a powerful InvoicePlane Online Invoicing software, easy to use, immediate in the visualization of the turnover, complete in the configuration, with the possibility to manage the accounting solution for companies in the UK, French, American and many other countries, which allows you to manage and send invoices, credit notes, quotes to customers and also accept online payments via PayPal Express and other gateways with the use of Personal Computer, Tablet or Smartphone thanks to the use of Web Based technology.

Go to the commercial offer

InvoicePlane Online Invoicing is now available for immediate use on our proprietary servers so you can start billing right away.

The open source Online Billing software is InvoicePlane, a free program that can be downloaded from the official website. However, in order to use InvoicePlane it is necessary to install it on a Gnu/Linux server perfectly configured especially in the security field, with sufficient disk space, sufficiently powerful internet bandwidth and perfect configuration for sending emails that can be sent to customers and the accountant using multiple senders.

By purchasing the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing service developed by the technical staff of SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP, the customer only has to sit down and prepare the invoices which, among other things, can operate automatically with the recurrence option and does not have to worry about having technical knowledge for the installation and use of the program.

The service includes daily backups, including deferred backups, in compliance with GDPR 679/2016 regulations, allowing data and management to be restored quickly in the event of disaster recovery.

InvoicePlane integrates all the functions necessary for the complete management of the company’s Online Invoicing allowing the insertion of customers and products complete with any annotations, arriving in a few moments to the issue of commercial invoices and the management of their status marking them as “Draft”, “Sent”, “View”, “Paid” and generating a PDF file.

The InvoicePlane Online Invoicing software provides customizations that can be set with the company logo, and a multitude of options that can be reported on the invoice such as: additional information, integration of multiple forms of payment, management of partial payments, summary reports of profits, sales and payment history as well as different types of taxation applicable according to the country of the company and operating with the currency of the State of registration.

In addition to the normal functions, the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing software allows you to send quotes which can then generate an invoice, set up various taxation regimes and no management problems as operating on a web platform it can be used with any operating system and any computer system or smartphone.

With the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing software, you can add, delete and modify content independently, make invoices immediately with the help of a smartphone, often solving some shortcomings complained of especially by free lance and making the service attractive.

SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP has prepared the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing package on proprietary servers that allow invoicing for countries outside Italy, i.e. British and American companies, etc., as long as they are not linked to electronic invoicing.

The InvoicePlane Online Invoicing package is valid quarterly and the cost is very low allowing you to work in complete peace of mind and being able to customize it directly from the program with your logo, the details of your company and many other customizations made directly via browser.



Subscription 3 months

Subscription 6 months

Subscription 1 year

If required, you can entrust us with the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing service on behalf of third parties, i.e., the administrative staff of SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP will issue invoices on your behalf in respect of the confidentiality and secrecy of the task entrusted to us and any request for a chartered accountant to check and carry out all the necessary administrative procedures (budgets, etc.).

Our consultants are at your complete disposal, if you are seriously interested do not think about it and contact us.

contatti - InvoicePlane Online Invoicing

Italy slapped

Italy slapped - World News - Italy - Italia

Italy slapped by the European Union, the other Member States, including the country that has plagued us (GERMANY) turn back on us and who we are to help ? ITALY SLAPPED - WORLD NEWS

Italy slapped by its European partners, including the German state that brought us the pandemic, they decided to turn His back by refusing to provide the necessary medical supplies to protect medical workers and people who can not find the masks, but who He decides to go to meet the beautiful country is the Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer that gives a lot of boxes to the Italian civil protection.

The SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP in London, yes, this company that only deals with aspects such as financial and IT consulting for other companies, as a result of the fact that some of its consultants are Italians, decided to get involved and to propose, after finding an importer in touch with important factories, the interest for the good of our fellow citizens find the FFP2 and FFP3 masks with class filters N99 and N95 (military class), masks N95 with filters and all health protections necessary and appropriate to protect operators of the Italian Civil Defense and health professionals, but not only, as it is contacting the other States at the global level.

It was supposed to provide the Italian Civil Protection which also have contacted and have not yet responded, the Italian community pharmacies of the red zone, but our society has found ten thousand obstacles ready to stop its ability not only to come up against bureaucracy Italian that even in times like these, if you have to pay, requires the CE mark (European Community), but if you receive gifts gladly accept them regardless of its origin and who would have furnished them is among other things a major global supplier and what we sorry immensely because he often entrepreneurs, just because Italians, have more contacts that can be made available to the own nation.

But get presents does not mean solving the problem of people, because Italians are cornered by a financial crisis that is them killing and coronavirus German import, since the flights with China had been suspended, is putting on his knees an Italian slapped, where we see so much incompetence and many friends of friends that you offer and then think about the post-crisis …… so-called “Saviors of the Homeland.”

The agreement was signed with a major Israeli companies present in Tel Aviv, but while FER.RE.IT of Reggio Emilia, pointed out that although prices in line with those proposed by the producers for the quality of the products were satisfactory but lacked the stamp CE (European Community) and the certificate of conformity (those who produce them is 3M and XIAOMI), the Italian state organs contacted did not even reply to forwarded emails among other things by an editor, but the protection Italian Civil, how they write Italian newspapers, quietly accept the protections from XIAOMI not under European certification.

This publisher has made contact with the importer in Tel Aviv and has sincerato of commercial agreements and the real possibility of having all health protections necessary to protect not only the civil protection, but also all health care providers and eventually the population Italian and that health centers were still FDA certified (USA certification much more stringent than the European one).

The problem is always that of a false and mendacious bureaucracy that wants to take advantage and make profit by friends of friends taking advantage of the disasters of Italy, while knowing that it could be secured so many people and especially the elderly … … maybe cost too much to ‘INPS?

Perhaps the friend of the politician in office do not buy enough or nothing if you are interested in the issue?

3M and XIAOMI provide other important countries such as Israel and indeed by all accounts is a state first exposed line and prepared to possible biological warfare, so we do not think that would put at risk the lives of their population.

Curiosity was born sovereign, it is our intention to see how, and if, the representatives of the Italian State will be in contact with us, but especially when and in what mode if anything they decide to do so.

We on our own, we are contacting other Member States and if the Italian representatives wake up too late, only they will be the cause of the lack of protection equipment because we are not a charity, but a company born to do business.

In Italy it slapped it is now common knowledge that if you are not a friend of some politician or some trumpet of politics that operates in associated companies, nothing can be done and nothing must move.

And then there is the problem of employers who go to other countries or guys who once graduates go away from Italy, or of satire that is made on the side of the Alps television and accuses Malta accommodate many Italians who are tired moving their residence in this COUNTRY CIVIL?

Certain questions are all answered, but, you know, just to save face on television for a few more votes you sell also what was never invented.

Italy has always been a country very ambiguous and strange, and now you have the assurance of why Italians abroad are treated very badly and their hosts denigrates Italy as a country of parasites and profiteers.

Do not be shocked by seeing what happens also in national emergencies, those who are elderly has seen a lot worse happen which sent troops to the Russian front with light and unsuitable equipment (WORLD WAR II), the massacre of Ustica, the Bologna massacre, the two dead judges who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of so many southern Italians, not realizing that the local mafia were just what are called “soldiers”, because the leaders were well other people far more influential and state secrets that Democratic Republic and not a dictatorship should not exist with their compatriots (see the process of which are State-Mafia agreement were marked confidential recordings).

The demonstration of IGNORANCE because no DOCTOR, is of those who administer the most beautiful country of Europe we can listen live, from the mouth of those who now found himself He also hit by the coronavirus, a scourge that spares no one and that however, we do our best wishes for a safe and speedy recovery



This is Italy slapped that no Italian real birth would ever want to hear nominate, this is Italy who do not want good people, those who are disgusted because they do not vote for local political shift that would corrupt them with pleasures or money but that the local elections with 50 Euro manages to bribe some boy.

This is what sucks Italians.

Politicians expect that in voting the Italian population makes them elect for what they can say on television, but they have forgotten that football matches have been suspended and that the Italians are now wide awake and alert and are following step by step the various choices that they are making about the national crisis.

The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte admits that a leak to a decree that would have to confine Lombardy, but of course, as usual, the friend of the friend of some political released, sparking panic of those who live in that region leading people, possibly ill, get in way to southern Italy risking the spread of the epidemic and endangering the rest of the Italian population.

But in the hands of the Government which is Italy?

The lack of a State that threatens the health of its citizens in order to maintain good relations with
a Europe that we can do without, at this point, is not a State worthy of being considered at pair at the Maduro government.

It has even got to THINK to do as in the field of front-line hospitals, choose who can live or die, evidently will mark his forehead with a red mark those who should not enter into intensive care because they are too old or already debilitated by some major illness.

And then we are surprised that other European countries do the heavy satire on Italy?

And for emergencies such as heart attacks and more?!?

What will they do?!?

Patients will abandon them to their fate tearing their coats and betrayed the oath to Hippocrates?

We hope more in a revolt and rejection of health care to save the lives of all if you were to find yourself in a situation degenerated.

We hope in the future that things will change and that Italy could go back to being a true country free from the corrupt, loved by Italians and those who say they want not more corrupt when in the end the real corrupt are other people.


ADT  London 8th march 2020Italia presa a schiaffi - World News

Offshore bank accounts

Offshore bank accounts - Financial ServicesOffshore bank accounts are the solution in case of personal bankruptcy or your state or serious difficulty Institute of Banking Credit of a European State or any asset, or the difficulties of opening account in England Offshore bank accounts - Financial Services

The Offshore bank accounts are the only lifeline in the event of a bank failure, or serious threat to an asset or risk of default of your country, as it is not possible for the banking institution or the State of affiliation , to get their hands on the money capital deposited outside the European Union or in a EU country with high confidence, that even in the event of the failure of a State or the loss of bank reliability.

But this word: Offshore bank accounts” does it really mean?

The offshore bank accounts will not open in heavenly places of some kind of remote island, but are opened just in foreign countries to your state, in fact “offshore” bank accounts means exactly “foreign” bank accounts, ie away from the State of belonging, so do not be strange and fantastic ideas.

For the opening of offshore bank accounts, the SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP has prepared various brokerage packages, remaining always available to provide information for special requests via CONTACT US.

Often they did believe, and it is not farfetched the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčreason, that the movement of large sums of money were not legal but that ¬† does not correspond absolutely true.¬†¬†

The offshore bank accounts are also important for employees, retirees, professionals who do not want to see themselves evaporate overnight i their financial assets, their salaries due to bad checks carried out or not carried out by the central Bank of your country, but are also necessary for those who had financial or bankruptcy bankruptcy proceedings, protests, kidnappings at the hands of tax agencies, which hardly will dip into their capital immediately.

The movement of capital is possible with a bank transfer from your current bank deposit, the offshore destination bank and, if as a result of aggressive taxation, the body responsible should ask ourselves the reason for this shift, the answer is simpler as you can imagine, “as a result of ventilated dangers for some European banks and some European States, I moved my money at the bank in another European country or outside Europe, and we will declare the movement as provided for by legal regulations into force. “



It obvious that the move recommended by us must not exceed 40.000 to transfer euros, or better yet, use the MT that have a service that sets banks use to move large amounts of money, to avoid excessive handling charges (European banks apply a handling charge quite high and vary from institute to institute), but you can always move even very large sums and our financial advisors are always on hand to protect bank savings and the customer’s assets enabling you to act within the law and in ways banker correct.

One caveat is that we need to do for the Italian citizen is not much different, as will be sufficient during the tax return for the following year, to fill out properly from your tax consultant RW framework and the PF pane, indicating What Banking Institute, in which country are our capital, the coordinates of your offshore bank accounts and how much is the average balance, paying only a fee of Euro 34,20 (IVAFE) for each inmate account.

The SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP is interested in the opening of offshore bank accounts for the ordinary European citizen, for the company, for the employee who intends to be credited their salaries through agreements with accredited introducers and very often using its consultants.

Many think that banks in electronic money (e-bank), are convenient but do not realize that their State still receives signaling the opening of a bank account and often NOT banks outside the European Union.

The safety of offshore bank accounts but also onshore (EU), is due precisely to the fact that banks are open in real, in United geo-politically stable, where there are no limits to the amount of the deposit that you can make and take, where Debit Cards are released and can be handled very easily with what we all know as home banking or Internet banking.

Being able to speak with the director of a real bank is by far very different from having to send an e-mail and having to wait a likely response, you also have the chance to speak with the exchange office and be able to interface with our brokers for any financial investments in the stock market; opens at the end all a different scenario from the one which would have us believe with electronic cash accounts, are not to be despised but they have their limitations.

The SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP, with its consultants and its partners, has-State relations in other states, gives the possibility of being able to secure their capital in non-European or European states still high banking confidentiality, thanks to current accounts offshore and onshore but above all, following completion of our task, all the documentation that you release will be destroyed immediately as also provided GDPR (European Privacy Decree 679/2016) following the destruction request data from the client.

All this will put you away from any tax or capital retaliation of its own and will ensure you do not want offshore bank accounts containing state your savings, not subject to European banking problems that are destroying the finances of the Member States with the various decrees saves banks.

You can get your bank accounts offshore very quickly, relying on an Internet Banking as the one you’ve always used, and a debit card for use in your state as Visa or Master Card with minimal costs, often below those present in the European banking institutions.

The SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP offers various types of intermediation for the opening of bank accounts offshore, from online bank accounts for electronic money but with banking license, to end up with current accounts in international investment banks.

Depending on your choice you will be performing, our professionals requiring you activate certain documents (passport is required) necessary to be able to allow a corporate or personal account.

For the brokerage service Current Accounts Offshore Banking, if electronic money once the bank account opened and obtained accreditation from the financial entities, will be enough to pay ‚ā¨ 50 (fifty Euros) to obtain the IBAN and Debit Card required to operate, with regard to current accounts at Bank Offshore Offshore Online Merchant Banks or Banks with significant monthly movements, it will be necessary for the payment of ‚ā¨ 20.000 (twenty thousand euro) at the opening of the account that will remain the exclusive property your and will appear on your statement.


Offshore bank checking accounts do not mean current accounts opened in exotic tax havens, but foreign bank accounts

Even the employee of a company can easily decide to open a foreign bank account by simply communicating the bank details of his current account to the company administration and paying the regular IVAFE if he was an Italian resident

Brokerage Banking Offshore Bank Accounts – Online Staff

Brokerage Current Accounts Offshore Banking – Corporate Online


Brokerage Banking Offshore Bank Accounts – Online (up to 50,000 euros a month)

Brokerage Banking Offshore Bank Accounts – Online (up to 300,000 euros a month)

Brokerage Banking Offshore Bank Accounts – Online (up to 1000,000 euros a month)

¬† ‚ā¨ 10.000 – CONTACT¬† US¬†¬†¬†¬†

Brokerage Banking Offshore Bank Accounts – Online (up to 2000,000 euros a month)

¬† ‚ā¨ 15.000 – CONTACT¬† US¬† ¬†¬†


Business Bank or Commercial Bank

Brokerage Current Accounts Offshore Bank (not online but real bank)

¬† ‚ā¨ 25.000 – CONTACT¬† US¬† ¬†¬†




Documents required to open a current account in PDF format to be sent to us:




  Personal Current Account 

Copy of passport (the page with the photo is very legible)
Copy of ID-CARD or Identity Card
Certificate of residence
Latest electricity bill (telephone or other utility bills will not be accepted) in your name with your address of residence




  Corporate Current Account 

Legal representative documents

Copy of passport (the page with the photo is very legible)
Copy of ID-CARD or Identity Card
Certificate of residence
Latest electricity bill (telephone or other utility bills will not be accepted) in your name with your address of residence

View Chamber of Commerce
Memorandum of association of the company
Company incorporation documents
Good standing certificate of company
Latest electricity bill (telephone or other utility bills will not be accepted) in name of company with address of company


Our officers may request additional documents from you if required by the bank for the opening of the current account




The SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP only takes care of introducing you to the bank, to propose the opening of an Offshore Bank Account.

Then, the bank may decide to ask the customer for a video conference to streamline some internal procedures and to be able to know the customer, additional information and documents especially to fill in the KYC (Know Your Customer) form, it is the set of procedures that must be implemented by some institutions and professionals by law obligation.

This procedure helps the Banking Institution to understand the customer, the needs and the nature of the offshore bank account opening.

Unfortunately, SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP DOES NOT have any special rights over Offshore Banking Institutions and does not offer Offshore Banking services, where the Banks decide for themselves whether the necessary conditions exist for the opening of an Offshore Bank Account that does not harm the Bank’s own interests.

In case the Bank decides that the conditions for opening an Offshore Bank Account are not met, SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP will refund 50% of the amount due to the cost of the professionals who worked on your file, or, you can ask us for a further attempt to introduce you to another Offshore Bank by requesting a “TRY AGAIN” form which you must send us signed for acceptance with the addition of the word “I ACCEPT” inserted and written clearly in block letters.

The SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP always uses the company policy of TRANSPARENCY towards the customer and this is the only secret to gain the trust of those who require our services.


For any further information or questions, you can consult with CONTACT US and we will respond as soon as possible

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously interested not think about it and contact us

Offshore bank accounts - Financial Services

Coronavirus and spreaders

Coronavirus and spreaders - World News Coronavirus and planetary spreaders, but it is the Italians who for once I unknowingly stumbled into the cunning of a country that should be a friend as belonging to the European UnionCORONAVIRUS E GLI UNTORI - WORLD NEWS

From rumors, it seems that a 33 year old man, a German national, has released the Coronavirus in Europe but to pay the bitter price was Italy.

That the Italian Government sin of ignorance and is made up of simpletons we always deducted, but that came to be fooled by those who went under his arm to his prime minister we did not expect it.

Italians have been passed off as those who bore the coronavirus and planetary plague-spreaders were only them, but the background is very different media and how many would say: “the king is naked.”

Perhaps we begin to imagine why Europe was so magnanimous with Italy, hinting that there will be no major impact on a possible deficit, when we know that those who run the orchestra in the European Union is Germany that he tried to create friction between the beautiful country and China remaining silent, but has also put at risk thousands of Italian citizens.

This Europe is not the dream of many Europeans, it’s just a monetary union dictated and managed by banks, which continues to upset the financial balance of weaker states but have commercial resources to be able to put in big trouble when the two cornerstones are touched German and French, they can not enjoy the strength of the Made in Italy and are only states like the rogue states pose vetoes and other issues to put a spoke in the wheels of Italian ingenuity and Italian production (not the Italian Government ), where the coronavirus and spreaders are not only those who carry the Italian DNA.

Germany lost the Second World War and France should remember well how General de Gaulle entered victorious in French territory after having previously taken refuge in England.

But the Third World War, nowadays, is being fought in the financial area and in addition to failing to pay war reparations, Germany also claims the right to want to lead the European Union.

Having found Patient Zero German, who had attended a meeting together with a colleague from Shanghai asymptomatic but infected with the coronavirus can certainly not bring the situation back to normal and does not solve the problem of having accused Italians like coronavirus and planetary spreaders , it is certain that Germany, now that he has discovered his altar, would do well to stay silent when Italy will require European aid to deal with the emergency and to the financial damage that is undergoing or will not want to pay even these?

Someone says nothing knowing how things went, probably because he realizes that if he were saying a word would be forced to admit that in Italy the government currently in office is a group of parties never elected by the people and for justice only quest ‘last would yield the word or … ..the polls, as the famous grillini now have the flicker party.

To try to understand that what was stated in the article is true and not the usual words thrown into the wind, you just go and read the genetic map published in magazines that The New England Journal and Medicine, where it is shown that the same case may have given rise to a whole number of infections that now have become a global pandemic.

You need not be of virologists to understand that warm weather will not solve the problem, because in Qatar we have 35 degrees and in the UAE there are a few more, but not only, when you consider Brazil, Mexico and other States where the climate today is definitely hot, but they are countries that have not been spared from the coronavirus problem, perhaps we can begin to get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčwhat will happen in the future.

It would be interesting to understand why Germany has played with words talking about a “scientific unique” but at the same time spoke of “global pandemic” not pointing out that it is an outbreak of which only you are guilty.

The game in Germany is now in the open and this allowed him to not bring down his productions and his bags taking up the financial level remained, which however, is changing the locomotive of Europe to a simple wagon with trailer due of so many lies and subterfuge tempted also in the automotive sector with the United States of America.

Much could have been done to slow the coronavirus, but would force Europe and especially the European Union, which woke up very late, to isolate Germany although this could hardly prevent the spread of the epidemic.

This should give pause to those who believe strong pro-European and ask him one question: “is this the Europe that we all want?”

England this question if it made a few years ago and the result was not catastrophic as many hoped, but rather, contrary to all predictions has allowed the release of its citizens from a state of bondage to a l ‘ European Union has barricaded with its borders the 27 remaining and enabled the British state to recover its sovereignty as it was unable to bring democracy and independence in a union controlled by banks and not by the people as many of us would have liked.

Now Italy is on the brink, and one wonders what would be the moves of a government that does not listen even the parliamentary opposition, well aware that every move can result in an electoral catastrophe.

We all hope that the coronavirus is destroyed or rendered harmless by the vaccines under study in Israel, United States of America and other major world countries and that the Italian Government to undertake separate ways in the future, mindful that we must safeguard the national interest and not EVEN look always trust a Europe that unfortunately NOT always acts in the interest of the beautiful country but more often for purely nationalistic in certain states.

Who knows that the coronavirus not bring a little common sense in all the European and enables management of a country more beautiful in the world to get him back is also a hard-working state and primeggiante industry and employment.


Coronavirus this unknown

CORONAVIRUS THIS UNKNOWN - CORONAVIRUS - World NewsCoronavirus this unknown on which expenses were rivers of words not taking into account that the layman not having the scientific and medical knowledge of a virologist would be alarmed and would surely have been able to undermine the entire national system.CORONAVIRUS THIS UNKNOWN - CORONAVIRUS - World News

The coronavirus, this unknown why Italy, which at first seemed to have taken the right path belittling alarmism but making it clear that science could quickly remedy, during the evolution of the pandemic has made several reverse at the hands of its rulers, reaching close to the Chinese scheduled airports.

Unfortunately it has highlighted the lack of information but especially the lack of a Europe that now only serves to perpetuate the political salaries that no longer serve anyone because the European dream was shattered in favor of monetary dream.

In short, Europe is the union of states put together only from taxes, which punishes anyone who does not intend to submit to his strange claims that the use of powdered milk instead of fresh milk to make cheese, the size of clams the dell’ittico size caught in the sea and countless amenities that do not serve the evolving and the union of a great European nation as it is the United States of America, but only to embarrass certain States in favor of others who strangely the decisions pilot.

The Italian policy was certainly not up to the task as it is made to take collective hysteria and instead of moderation by the events that followed one another rapidly, has seen fit to feed even more people’s concerns with behavior and words truly despicable used especially during some interviews to his Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The coronavirus, this unknown who looks out silently, has served to highlight the enormous divisions that exist between the Central Government and Italian Regions but also has brought to light the true purpose of government should administer one of the most beautiful countries in the world for tourism .

The coronavirus has won the Italian political system and helped to destroy the only sure way that the beautiful country could and should exploit to impalement States having only to envy the Italian beauties because in Italy there you go for good and healthy table that feeds everyone respecting the canons of Mediterranean food.

Italy has always been considered an open air museum because of the coronavirus, where ignorance of its citizens and voluntary ineptitude of its politicians, ended up losing the only train that could revive the fortunes of its south, battered and it has always been used by politicians and friends of political entrepreneurs who have stripped the economy by drawing on state subsidies of the past and the pleasures of the present.

Italy was the only country that has carried out more than 8,000 (eight thousand) controls on its citizens and residents and it is obvious that more cases of coronavirus, this unknown that has allowed to highlight him of a majority of cases, unlike other European states that have made a vastly smaller number by highlighting a few cases but … the future there will be crying when you discover that the Germanic power and haughty France had probably suffered more damage from the pandemic.

The problem of Italians is that they do not like and do not appreciate their country, unlike other inhabitants of neighboring countries, take every opportunity to discuss and shoot zero on Italian problems are no different than those of other states, but, unlike other , they are also accused of being sovranisti and nationalists.

The coronavirus has bent not only companies of northern Italy, but has also generated a phobia that has spread abroad and the words of President Conte have favored those who had every incentive to take down the only chance he had the Bel Paese to lift his head.

A left vulgar and old, accustomed to favor friends of friends and not to listen to the opposition only to avoid having to admit mistakes, managed to destroy in a few days the reduced recovery of the Italian GDP now in its death throes and encourage foreign markets by breaking down even companies listed with more negative outcomes.

The coronavirus has continued its battle against the Chinese giant but also highlighted the carelessness and lack of information and development in medical technologies of the European states, where countries like Cuba, but especially Israel fielded and available to other States, methodologies of defense against this type of virus that is little more than a cold lately as some Italian ministers said, but it is not the end of mankind.

With the coronavirus has highlighted the problem of a welfarist state incapable of serious recovery of the country Italy but only able to cut funds for university research, hospital and private, focusing only on the tax more not to fix the accounts of a State to the default limit, but to swell the coffers of non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and to pay the trumpet pleasures of politics, offer a basic income that is not the salvation for the citizens but only a pittance of State instead of creating places labor, lower taxes, hitting hard on the tax wedge and not lead Italy to a financial police state that does not need to absolutely nothing.

More than this unknown coronavirus, we should say: “Italy, get up and you kick those looking to destroy you”

They highlighted racist incidents where Italians, first offending repeatedly and heavily unarmed Chinese citizens guilty only of living under a Communist dictatorship (what I like so much the Italian left), gathered then to be themselves subject to problems linked to the racism, in the same way as they have always behaved with who was different or Israelite religion.

How much hypocrisy we could see through the coronavirus, all in all this virus was not at all a curse, but only half that highlighted all existing flaws in a country that should be more loved, considered for their history and for their potential and not despised.

But there is a great absence, the one who could have one word to silence all Italian politicians, but that did not lift a finger, indeed, did not say anything except the occasional appearance: “The President of the Republic”, the last bastion in Italians they believe that on this occasion were deeply disappointed.

The coronavirus has won the Italian system did cancel events, fairs important for Italian furniture and many other initiatives that have crippled the economy of a state already skewed by a poor if not culpably deliberate maladministration.

Too bad, missed opportunity for Italy and for its entrepreneurs and citizens, an opportunity that could have put the economy of the country at stake, at times, casts doubt on the good faith of its directors and one wonders if do not play in betting on the stock market negativity to profit even more.

The coronavirus has also highlighted all the good will, hard work and above all the preparation of a health sector that should be further assisted economically and which needs to not be subject to unnecessary investigations of some judge that not knowing how to engage his time opens investigations into nonsensical thinking to pick up in the dock coronavirus bench.

All the tourism sector has been cornered by coronavirus, this unknown who has managed to bring down hotel among the most beautiful and luxurious that have undergone a tremendous financial hit with a 90% of cancellations, and all for the words of a man who represents the Italian power that he got caught by the hysteria thinking of hitting even those opposed to his game of armchairs at Palazzo Chigi.

It certainly did not help the televised presentation made by the President of the Lombardy Region who, wearing a surgical mask, generated panic both in Italy and abroad with media exaltation given by the most important international newspapers, causing the ban on citizens Italians accused of being unters like the Chinese with relative huge loss for the Italian tourism IN and OUT.

The Italian press is not immune to criticism because of looting and lack of arguments has seen fit to spend pages and pages hitting hard on the Italian system, and taking every opportunity to denigrate him and broadcast transmissions mismanaged and especially of transmission, not maintaining the objectivity and distance that a good reporter should also always bear in mind going against the editorial line that has been imposed.

Numerous flights were canceled for both arrivals and departures for the damage that had already folded and the airlines but also the sea, you will be felt soon with the loss of many jobs.

Who knows, maybe the coronavirus has tried to put things in place in Italy and in Europe, making it clear to Europeans that if the European Union is immediately restored and the laws that govern the states, maybe it really is better to take a cue from England and go back to being sovereign and democratic while living in harmony with others but closing with a union of states based only monetary unit ?


BREXIT victory


BREXIT, a victory for many Britons who had on several occasions shown their lack of interest in remaining linked to the European UnionBREXIT UNA VITTORIA - BREXIT A VICTORY - NEWS - WORLD NEWS

BREXIT, a victory for the United Kingdom, which is running to become the next real tax haven, accentuating all the financial strength on the safe and friendly countries linked by the Commonwealth Pact that unites the former British colonies of which most recognize the Queen as Head of State.

It is true that many Commonwealth nations are now independent republics with a parliament that legislates and independent administrations, but still remain united with the royalty of England recognizing the Queen of England as the head of the Commonwealth itself and not as head of state, but allowing trade and financial exchanges within the various states, especially strengthening the financial and economic power of Britain.

The Great Britain that all the European States felt was heading towards an abyss without salvation, today, they are beginning to highlight their weaknesses by losing 16 billion euros of European funding and no longer being able to blackmail the British State by trying to force it to accept non-EU immigrants illegally from African states and trying, as in the past, to weigh their decisions on Britain.

With the BREXIT a victory, England, already financially independent because it never wanted to adopt the Euro and the imposition made on many other European states thanks to the financial strength of its markets and the Bank of England, which has always continued to print the Pound or Pound autonomously, gave a shoulder to the wall that had been artfully built by the European Union, freeing itself and returning to being a sovereign state and always well administered.

The European defeatists, foreseeing the great risk of a recession of the EU member states and fearing for the loss of power in trade, had tried in every way to dissuade England from separating from the rest of Europe, going so far as to bring about a change of pace with the entry into play of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

But England, strong with its own currency, its own industries and its own exports not only on European territory but precisely in the Commonwealth territories, has been able to give the right answer by bringing complete sovereignty back into its own state.

The economy is solid and finance will not back down and the United States of America will also have its eyes on the British island, which is already starting to think of becoming Hong Kong close to Europe, with agreements with Malta that would have guaranteed the supply of primary materials even in the event of a No Deal.

With the BREXIT, a victory and the English people, the flag drop in Brussels took place in a very discreet way, the sign of a historical separation of England from the European Union, where the twenty-seven States that are part of it have negotiated an agreement that provides for a transition period but defeats the strength of the European Parliament of the centre-left, unbalancing it towards the now majority forces of the centre-right.

But the BREXIT a victory that will bring consequences in trade where agreements will be renegotiated, including those relating to immigrants in the United Kingdom who work normally and waiting to obtain a stable residence, the passports that will be needed to enter and leave the United Kingdom and will almost certainly involve a huge movement of money and relocation of companies lured from a nearby area with low taxation and not problematic cash movements as is the case for some European states,

The fisheries sector will also remain safeguarded and will be able to continue fishing in Community waters and vice versa, and during the transitional period, the British banks will be able to continue to operate on the continent, which has prevented an exit without agreement, the NO DEAL, where in return the United Kingdom will continue to have a minimal share of the European budget.

There will be a kind of partnership between the United Kingdom and the European Union, to allow agreements and negotiations that do not lead to trade chaos and crowding at European and British borders.

The British project to transform the island into a welcoming centre for international finance and European businesses is what scares the 27 European states the most, but it must be borne in mind that if it is not a friendly country like Great Britain to do so, there are other states in the Eastern bloc such as Croatia, Albania and Romania, which, while aspiring to future membership of the European Union, are already making currency transfers and business relocations as well as pensioners like Portugal.

The future for the United Kingdom is still to be written and the BREXIT can be considered a victory for the British people who have been able to react to the pressures of a Europe of bankers where even Italy has succeeded, thanks to a boorish left centre and a right centre with no solutions and only announcements, to enter the spiral of economic subordination without batting an eyelid by means of the ESM which will lead it over time to a default on a par with Greece ten years ago if it does not immediately start a change of course which, we hope, is not already late.


Malta knights and Freemasons

Malta, Knights and Freemasons - Knight - little businessman - Freemason - World NewsMalta, Knights and Freemasons, a combination that in other times would not have caused a stir but rather the belief that cathedrals were erected by humble stonemasons enslaved to the Knights once Templars, then Knights of Rhodes and finally Knights HospitallersLoss of work - work - Italy - World News

Malta, little businessman, Knights and Freemasons are nowadays for those who would like to enter the two Institutions, a very difficult goal to reach because to enter the Hospitaller Knights it should be necessary to have the requisites of economic solidity, a real degree and not the ones you buy in Swiss markets or universities for a fee, a noble title or in any case to be honest and good people even if not graduated.

The title of nobility is cited as indispensable to join the Order of the Knights Hospitallers of Malta, but we remind everyone that one inherits it only from one’s father and not from one’s mother by attaching the title of nobility to one’s father’s surname because it is fraudulent, to be one of those people dedicated to good works if they have the financial requirements and not living on gimmicks and subsidies from the State of Malta because no lieutenants or even worse, on gimmicks by boasting non-existent titles in neighbouring countries in order to collect what thousands of euros to survive.

The same is true for those who wish to enter the Institution of Freemasonry, an institution even older than the Knights Templar, where, as also described in the Holy Bible, the Talmud and the Koran (Old Testament), an architect in the service of King Solomon, made available its existence to erect a Temple enslaved by free masons (the ancient stonemasons) and later the same institution first made itself available to the Knights Templar and then later passed into the service of the various knightly orders that today boast of Malta.

The beautiful cathedrals, but above all the walls of the ancient defence of the three castles of Valletta still bear the tangible signs of the Freemasons (rock and stone workers) who actively participated in the realization of works still present today and whose wonders are the pride of the island of Malta.

But of all this history, as always, the Holy Roman Church, which should only be a shepherd of souls and not enslaved to vice, to money, to subjugate Catholic populations because we are no longer at the time when the Pope had power of life and death over his subjects, with to this day, the apologies to the Catholics by successive Popes, still exerts a strong and close influence on the Maltese population and on Malta itself.

The Freemasons in Italy, are legally recognized as a result of respect for the Anselmi law, which prevents anyone from operating in secret and imposes that every Freemason, Masonic association and/or Masonic Obedience self-declaration at the Prefecture, notifying the Ministry of the Interior so that it can be demonstrated that they are not affiliated with Mafia gangs, but that they are transparent and legal in accordance with the laws of the State.

The laws of all the Republican States that call themselves democratic, grant freedom of worship, freedom of speech, freedom of race so that no one can feel the victim of persecution and they are all countries that fortunately belong to Europe and to many other prestigious nations such as the United States of America, Australia and so on, apart from totalitarian countries where even the professing of a religion becomes an object of crime.

The Freemasons embrace as brothers the Muslims, the Jews, the Catholics and bow before the three sacred books without any constraint, but with spontaneity and sincere heart on a par with the Knights of Malta, They question the impositions of the Holy Roman Church that still carries out in the 21st century, interference due to the denial of the archaeological and scientific discoveries that undermine the New Testament and not the respect for the Old Testament that we can find in all three sacred books of primary monotheistic religions.

This is the only difference between the Knights Hospitallers of Malta and the Freemasons, the former accept the interference of the Holy Roman Church and the Freemasons question them democratically and freely while respecting the teachings of the Old Testament and bending over the Churches in front of the altars marking themselves with the cross before the figure of Christ, bowing before the Talmud and bowing in prayer in respect of the Koran.

Today we will tell you a fairy tale, close to what may have been the reality for a little businessman who, as a Freemason, had never missed the teachings of his religious and Institutional Creed and thought he was still living in the past, where respect for the Knights was an ordinary thing and above all believing in their words that they should have been sincere and come out of a pure heart, a fairy tale of our days very relevant to the Knight.

Today we are going to tell you a fairy tale, close to what may have been the reality for a little businessman who, as a Freemason, had never missed the teachings of his religious and Institutional Creed and thought he was still living in the past, where respect for the Knights was an ordinary thing and above all believing in their words that they should have been sincere and come out of a pure heart, a fairy tale of the present day very relevant to the Knights Hospitallers of Malta, the Freemasons and the intrigues that host the most vile figures in this fairy tale told in a modern key.

But let us remember, though a fable of fantasy that does not want to offend anyone or besmirch the honour of any institution and is the fruit of freedom of thought and freedom of speech, but still a fable that could also be reflected with reality and the key to interpretation, each of us can give it to ourselves thinking of Malta, Knights and Freemasons.

One day, a small computer entrepreneur and Freemason who was beginning to approach the internationalization of companies, the registration of companies abroad and was fascinated by the financial world that could help and unblock the financial problems of many companies in difficulty but with interesting projects, came into contact with a person who professed to be a Knight and said he was a lawyer and doctor because he belonged to a noble family.

The two, began to feel more and more often and the little businessman began to open up and trust the Knight mindful that the latter, by oath, could never hurt him but rather, with his sword could offer him protection in a new world of which the Knight had always spoken to him showing him a world where true freedom and democracy was common practice and that the island was not a dream but a true Earthly Paradise of justice and mutual respect.

Malta, Knights and Freemasons, where the little businessman pointed out to the Knight that he was not rich but a hard worker, esteemed by many people because he was honest and that he was approaching the financial world fearfully so as not to make mistakes but, he was not in a position to leave his country if he did not have the opportunity to work and support himself by moving to the island of his dreams.

The Horseman, strong of his boastful titles that later turned out to be all fake, made him meet with someone he called a great mussel farmer, yes, you understand correctly, a mussel farmer who had a big company and was very rich and would have liked to be able to open a company in the paradise island by making it run by an honest person of trust.

The Knight convinced the little businessman to trust him and made him get an honest contract that would allow him to live normally on the island and take care of the business of the big mussel farmer who first wanted a bar and restaurant and then changed his mind and wanted to become an established manager for a bed & breakfast.

The little businessman, he let himself be convinced and left his homeland strong of a good contract and the word of the great mussels entrepreneur, who should never have regretted the choice because the Knight was also a lawyer (bogus by title) of his big company and nothing could endanger his future.

Arrived on the island paradise, the little businessman began to respect all the points of the contract under the direct control of the Knight and an accountant who was responsible for the respect of the contract and when he began to turn the island to set up the bed & breakfast he heard that the great mussels entrepreneur could not spend 800,000 euros for a structure with legal concessions but, having an apartment for rent, he would have liked to rent the beds and so on by renting other properties but making a crime to the little businessman who refused.

The poor little businessman looked and hoped for the wisdom of the Knight and began to doubt who he was and, as a good Mason, asked questions to other Freemason brothers who were hiding on the island and in his country of origin, discovering that the great mussel businessman was nothing but a scoundrel who had taken advantage of his good faith and who, having been discovered, had suspended the payment of his quarterly debt.

The Knight that the little businessman admired, was none other than a braggart who pretended to be noble but who had nothing noble but a mountain of lies, that the Knight was not a lawyer but that he had given 1 (one) only examination in jurisprudence and that he was not accredited to any legal order neither in his country of origin, nor in the island nor in the neighbouring countries, that the Knight had also lied about his profession as a doctor because he was not a doctor but had been a nurse in a clinic on the island in the past and that he had resigned saying that he wanted to enrich himself with business then imaginary or small results and that he lived by getting paid for bogus advice thanks to the false references he gave in the country of origin of the little businessman.

Malta, Knights and Freemasons, where the little businessman felt he was dying and had another small heart attack, where among tears and praying like a good Catholic, he told his wife to take him back to his country because that was where he wanted to die, yes, because in the past he had had three of great importance that had led him almost to leave his loved ones to reach the God.

The discoveries that he had made had destroyed him and he was afraid for the survival of his family and his children, he had brought them to the island and he wondered how he could live since he had closed all the old contracts to honor the one with the great mussel contractor.

He cried in the silence of the night, he felt himself dying for the fate that could touch his children and his wife and icing on the cake, one fine day, the little businessman, on the phone with the great mussel entrepreneur, who gave money for no reason whatsoever to the Knight, told him that the Knight was not who he said he was and that he was not a “c…o” of noble but a boaster and that he would have done well to look at him too and above all, to be honest with his wife and confess to her all the handouts made.

The little businessman had not yet understood that the large mussel entrepreneur was in cahoots with the Knight and that he would later blackmail him with more than one email and whatsapp messages, writing him that he had recorded the phone call and attempted extortion by saying that the Knight, his lawyer, had told him that the business of the little businessman who regularly paid taxes to the British crown was fake and that he wanted money.

The little businessman was surrounded by a gang of thugs and since he had not paid the extortion, he heard from a brother in Freemason’s sleep and presented himself as a government, that the Knight had gone to him and told him that the poor little businessman had tried and made money laundering and that he was in a position to ruin him if it was true.

The little businessman handed over all the papers of his British company and all his email correspondence, as well as all the whatsapp conversations he had with the Knight and the great mussel entrepreneur, handed over all his personal and corporate statements to prove that he was a man of good morals, an honest person who tried to work honestly in compliance with all international laws.

The Government or the one who still thought he was, after due diligence and after seeing that the little businessman was an honest man and that he had promptly proved it to him within ten minutes by handing everything over to him by email, when he heard the little businessman ask for justice because he had been falsely accused of a serious crime he had never committed, he simply replied that he wanted to stay out of it and that he did not want to be involved in it… a real coward, nothing but a sleeping Freemason brother.

The Horseman, threatened the little businessman two days later, telling him that he would even take the Vatican police as well as the police of the island to his home, but the little businessman who had nothing to hide because in the meantime he had already warned his lawyers in his country and the Freemasons brothers of the island who are forced to hide for fear of retaliation by religious and government bodies and the Freemasons brothers of his home country and Great Britain where the top of Freemasonry is the most important figure in the world, did not compromise and did not take an interest in the threats of the Knight.

At that point, he turned to the superior of the Knights asking to be put before the Masonic tribunal in conjunction with the tribunal of the Knights for justice, but since the Knight had created a false knightly order in the country of origin of the little businessman, with the help of a former Senator of the State of the little businessman, the superior of the Knights told him that nothing was in his power but to give him moral support as he should to a brother who had suffered so many wrongs.

The little businessman, in order to save his family more than himself, and fearing for the safety of his loved ones, since the Knight also had deep roots in an island of the Country where the little businessman came from but where the Mafia had always been the boss, decided to return immediately to his country by making himself available to his competent authorities and talking to a representative of his State.

The little businessman never gave in to blackmail, extortion, attempts to intimidate the Mafia that he had suffered on the island, but when he returned to his own country, he began again in small steps in the slow recovery he and his family turning to the authorities who, investigating, would then find a diplomatic incident in his stories and above all proven what he had told.

The Horseman, the great mussel entrepreneur, thought that everything had been solved with the silence of the little businessman who, instead, was asking the British State to investigate the blackmail and attempted extortion perpetrated against him as Director of an English company.

Too bad only that the accountant and superior of the Knight, at first he had listened and comforted his brother as true knights do, then, it is not understood for what reason, he started to move away and then disappear into thin air with the regret and displeasure of the little businessman.

And as one would say in such cases: This fairy tale has not yet had a negative outcome, nor a positive epilogue, but the ending is still to be written and above all, we would like to remind the Freemasons who is in charge of Freemasonry in Great Britain and that no one can be above the laws of a state governed by law or must be forced to hide because he is a Freemason.

We only hope that this will be understood as a fairy tale and that no one will ever have to end up like the sad journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia as they had let the little businessman understand.

We, always remembering that this is a fairy tale and therefore an expression of fantasy, are to remind everyone that “Any reference to existing people and places or to facts that really happened is purely random” and nothing can be linked to Malta, Knights and Freemasons.

ADT London 25 January 2020Malta, Knights and Freemasons - Knight - little businessman - Freemason - World News

Loss of work

Loss of work - work - Italy - World NewsLoss of work, a serious social problem that is crossing Europe, but above all an Italy brought to its knees by a Christian Democrat past that has only known how to put this country in debt for the next generations and that has led with the new governments only to be more alone, closed in its miseries and its sadness hidden from the world and that no one cares about it  Loss of work - work - Italy - World News

Loss of work for many in the last decade has been equivalent to the ruin of Italy, companies that from evening to morning closed their doors leaving workers and managers in the middle of a street, often with the problem of getting to the next month and very often with dependent families for which the father who should have been concerned did not know what solutions could exist in his future.

The more days went by, the more the ex-occupied man tried to retire up, continuing to lose every battle against his future, having to adapt to hardships and trying not to let his family, his children, live on.

Curriculum Vitae of all respect, of people who had dedicated their lives to work, understanding that only that could make their happiness, lost all sense and one realized that what he had tried so hard to build for his future and that of his family had crumbled like a badly made concrete and realized that all his work experience no longer mattered because of the only thing he had always cared about and that had betrayed him: “work”.

Men who in silence, secluded in a garden or on the seashore where no one could notice them, passing unnoticed by everyone, had their eyes lost in nothingness, no longer observed anything and were confined in their own suffering, people who had counted, who had had power in their hands and who had also managed it well with fairness and understanding, found themselves emptied inside, questioned their own abilities and choices, became aware that the loss of their job, the only thing they really cared about, had destroyed them by betraying all their dreams and hopes.

We talk a lot about workers, but we never talk about managers who have put all of themselves at stake for companies not their own and very often for companies also owned, finding themselves after so much effort with a handful of flies in the hand, often with mortgages to pay, with bills that accumulate or with rents that will never be able to pay, but nobody wants to talk about this or when you do, you already have answers of psychologists beautiful and pre-packaged that serve absolutely nothing.

The loss of a job is the loss of one’s dignity, the plunging into silence and acceptance, having to lean on someone to solve tomorrow, having to cancel one’s experiences from one’s curriculum vitae because maybe one has the hope of being able to start again from the bottom but…. only hope and nothing more.

Bitter tears that silently scratch the face of many people, dictated by past thoughts, by the many victories and many sacrifices in the name of that company for which they lived and in which they believed, sometimes wrong choices that led even entrepreneurs to see their lives changed, to lose their jobs too, Tears in the silence of the night where no one can observe us, which create a lump at the throat but which must disappear quickly to hide everything from their family and not make them lose hope, tears hidden from wives, children, family members and the whole world, which descend along so many faces aged by time.

This is the real Italian situation that the various governments don’t give a damn about, thinking only of their electoral laws, their little scandals, their petty scandals, which for those who find themselves in the situation of losing their jobs doesn’t make tomorrow any easier for them, but makes them feel even more out of a society that in the end rejected them and marginalized them.

An Italy that hides how much pain in the lives of many Italians, pain well hidden by false smiles and many sentences of circumstance, pain hidden from others by taking refuge at home and looking for solutions.

One often wonders why everything was solved at all, why were the most impossible solutions found that were then positive for others and with the loss of work one cannot find a solution for oneself?

With the loss of your job you no longer have a chance, you look at your age and you realize that what should be the strength of experience becomes an impassable wall and as the Americans say: “you are fired”, you are burned and you will hardly be able to get up.

With the loss of the job, slowly the individual does not realize it almost but time seems to flow faster and also the physical and psychological forces of the person slowly get lost, you lose all energy to continue to fight against a life that has put you in a position where you can’t get back on your feet.

ADT – Rome 16 January 2020
Loss of Work - Italy - Work - World News

Qatar 2022 return to slavery

Qatar 2022 return to slavery - Welcome Qatar - welcomeqatar - World News Qatar 2022 or should we say Welcome Qatar, but not in prehistory, but in a modern era that should take us to a civilized country of the 21st century for the next World Cup announced with such clamor by FIFA Qatar 2022 ritorno alla schiavit√Ļ - Welcome Qatar

Qatar 2022 return to slavery or is it better to emphasize that the Qatari Emir is working to give light to the beauty of their kingdom, always in problematic relations with the state of Israel but above all with the United Arab Emirates and listening to a chorus of “Welcome Qatar”?

The Qatari kingdom getting a nice polished has perhaps given his Emir the opportunity to bring new money in their vaults?

The emirate does not need more money if you do what every state uses to sustain itself financially, say that other States will feel superior and say they are Democrats and liberals would have liked them to be hosting a football event to earn.

The Emir has taken advantage of the ‘opportunity that was presented with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

As it was in the past for other States, the football event of the world is of a strategic importance to know their beauty and certainly no hiding that this was a good opportunity to raise awareness of the modern state of Qatar.

Many newspapers, but especially many articles online say that the dust under the Qatar carpet 2022 has much before it began, and is dust unfortunately, obtained with the enslavement of workers from Nepal and Bangladesh, but all that does not match the true since as usual fake news the online world is full of them.

This information can also be easily disproved if the major newspapers of several European states are trying to pass the news on the sly, contrary to what was reported by Amnesty International that wants to prove with overwhelming evidence of abuse on the skin of the workers used at the limit of slavery and engaged in the construction of sports facilities.

Qatar in 2022 was born in the shadow of news that should upset the civil society but how can you deny that only in the past took place when these things then, in the light of the facts, when the Emir of Qatar it came to knowledge has sought to radically change the situation and make his emirate respectable but most modern and welcoming to foreign workers who were striving to build stadiums and other important civil engineering works?

But most of the FIFA who is the promoter, where the Qatari emirate is not acceptable come to accept injustices to those who need to work, allowing them to engage with “recruiters” in the payment of sums ranging from $ 500 to $ 4300 and putting the workers in a position of not knowing how to pay off your debt and be able to say at last welcome Qatar?

These are the questions we should be asking to unearth the truth and disprove all the fake news that have tarnished this jewel of the desert, full of beauty but most modern and avant-garde.

The emirate has not escaped the criticism of the past, but was able to demonstrate that in a modern state, when they are discovered the abuse, you can remedy immediately intervening with laws but above all with a firm hand, to be able to compete internationally.

Both the Nepalese government that the government of Bangladesh, have admitted that there have been many deaths from Qatar in 2022 but it is what happens in other European countries and the United States of America where no criminalized these countries, but we will endeavor to understand the causes and resolve them so that does not happen again in the future.

It would have to think that to build the wonderful Empire State Building in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and many other works known all over the world, no worker has died and all have returned unharmed to their homes to hand over these works.

This news should be ashamed and shuddering all who are said to belong to a civilized and democratic society, open to multi-culturalism and respect for life in general, but you have to make even realize the effort that Qatar is making to host the football world and nationals of States which are represented, the luxurious welcome for everyone who has the good fortune of going to Qatar.

Rivers of dollars they are turning millions to build and even more wonderful the emirate of Qatar and economic interests are superior to the values ‚Äč‚Äčattributed, from the kingdom of Qatar, to human life and especially his respect and I do not think that Indian workers, Bangladeshi and Nepalese NOT can never say Welcome Qatar or follow the easy to fake news Qatar 2022 slavery.

The question that arises is: “but the FIFA, after having the evidence of the FAKE NEWS myriad attributing the danger and speculation on the lives of other human beings, how can you accept the continuation of the event in Qatar without denying anything ? “

And those who sit and stand up for human rights at the UN, FAO and many non-governmental organizations for the protection of human life, why remain silent and do not admit that Qatar is a modern state and respects human rights ?

The conscience of every human being belonging to civil society should feel humiliated and do not accept a mess like that and indeed, cried aloud the end of this barbarity media for the joy of seeing a ball roll or require the organization of Qatar in 2022 and its makers to be vigilant as they are already doing and forcing qatariani leaders to publicly deny to stop the mud machine to art was built around the imposing event Qatar 2022.

Many thought that slavery was just a bad episode and horrid path of human beings towards other human beings, but in the 21st century, discovering that even fake news are the masters trying to pass for real what even the Emir certainly it considered an abomination and has used a firm hand, should create discomfort in all of us and make us say WELCOME QATAR.

Amnesty International has experienced the overwhelming power of “recruiters” with the complete alienation of labor contracts, to live humans in dilapidated stacked shacks like in a concentration camp worthy of World War II, wages poorly paid and often not paid for the return of ‘commitment made by the employee and the confiscation of the passports of the workers themselves are abuses to which we should put an end except that these practices have been utilized in the past because now, the workers have comfortable accommodation and canteen worthy of a modern company preventing anyone from being able to put an end also to the Qatar 2022 world Cup and assigning the event to another country definitely more democratic,Liberal and civil but has artfully muddied who will welcome with open arms with Welcome Qatar in 2022.

E ‘horrible in 2020 having to rehash a past now far and that many would like to forget, that brought incredible suffering among the people of Israel, but of course, the treatment that has been reserved for Nepalese workers and Bangladesh is completely different and there are only atrocities that were perpetrated in the past to allow haters to continue to tarnish those who could put an end to foreign manufacturers who committed this massacre enjoying the hospitality of the emirate.

We have found jobs for workers from India on an independent and non-government newspaper, like many may think, welcomeqatar, and we wonder why a magazine of information which should be independent does not report the news and indeed, contrary sponsors the event and insert search ads for Indian workers and does not write anything about the fake news that have turned?

When we think we are informed by the mass media, we must always make sure that it is not a fake news built on art to discredit those who are on the front line and instead want to give a sign of modernity and in this case the emirate is telling us NOT “ QATAR SLAVERY ” but ” WELCOME QATAR

We believe that everyone has the right to freely and democratically think whatever you like, just think that should deter you from believing false information to those who need to work for the event Qatar 2022 and keep him from thinking of being enslaved when in fact there is a State he writes ” WELCOME


ADT – London 9 January 2020

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Qatar 2022 ritorno alla schiavit√Ļ - welcomeqatar - World News