Online scams have become very profitable for phantom companies, and an asiatic State, as always, is the master, since although it can boast of very serious and reliable companies, it proves to have no control bodies to search online for its compatriots who play with the lives of companies and people by carrying out all kinds of commercial crimes, especially in the name of companies that have never had business relations with them and are completely unaware of what is happeningOnline scams

In many cases, online scams are carried out through Internet portals on servers in the European Union piloted through VPNs, where, when you enter a direct chat, you will find a smiling Asian character ready to take money from you in the name of companies unaware of what is happening behind their backs.

The most striking case of asiatic online scams took place during the whole period of the pandemic, where false companies and above all companies posing as intermediaries of companies accredited in other European countries, but also in the United States, robbed citizens and entrepreneurs who bought goods in huge quantities but in the end, non-existent.

Many are the responsibilities of the States of the European Union that opened the market to an Asian State, attractive for prices and goods but lacking any control body, and many companies linked to the financial sector have proof of this beyond measure.

The European Union trusted them because the Asian state had generally proved to be an excellent and reliable trading partner, but it had forgotten that it is their habit to clone and rebrand the goods that often circulate in EU states with false labels and counterfeit marks.

In all this gigantic business, online scams have played the leading role, often getting serious and trustworthy European entrepreneurs, private citizens and, above all, pensioners into trouble, who thought they could develop all sorts of businesses comforted by the reassuring words of their own countries that had opened up the famous ‘Silk Road’.

Thanks to online scams, cryptocurrencies have been affected with well-known and simple fraud schemes that still generate millions of euros for those who put them into practice and bring to their knees thousands of unsuspecting Europeans who trust the trader on duty who is closely linked to criminal organisations.

It is not a question of taking advantage of the good faith of professionals, entrepreneurs, European citizens and pensioners, but of trusting a State that at this point, one wonders if it does not turn a blind eye to the actions of its citizens.

The United States of America has often denounced the fraudulent behaviour perpetrated by Asian companies, but often, for convenience, the European States have not given any value or weight to what they were told and at this point there are many questions to be asked, the answers to which could be very unpleasant.

Needless to say, online scams are often operated in a hurry, on time, playing on the prestige of the poor cheated who in good faith believes in the hypothetical business and hypothetical dreams of wealth and cryptocurrencies, some traders come to ensure false earnings in the order of 5, 10 or 20% per day, when the real gains on any investment can not in reality, exceed 6% per month that is already a miracle to get it.

Needless to say, the NON-positive experiences that we realistically define: “ONLINE SCAMS”, not loving political correctness, but calling what happens by its name, reminding everyone that they are not the minority but the majority of the total of existing business relationships that are at stake and that you should not trust what is very often written on the Internet or on contracts created ad OK and sent online to try to bamboozle and maintain good relations with a state that does not protect foreign minorities, You must openly denounce it to your own police forces and inform their embassies, not caring about the politician on duty who will promise you, but will never be able to keep, the return of the capital or the sending of the goods so as not to antagonise the swindler.Online scams

It is useless to tell him that there are many tricks used to make him fall into the net and that the best advice that could be given to him is to go personally to the company in China to finalize a contract, bringing with him a lawyer who speaks fluent English, and at the first hint or doubt, to send up the alleged business with the conviction of having been saved from a potential scam.

Very often, online fraud is also carried out by legitimate means, requesting transfers to real banks and companies that exist but lack any type of goods that should have been the object of the business, or goods that do not conform to the orders placed and are of little economic value are shipped, or quantities of goods are shipped that are smaller than those agreed upon, or even worse, European CE certifications are falsified, getting the businessman or European citizen who unwittingly entrusted the Asian company with a purchase that complies with European customs legislation into serious trouble.

It is already so difficult to deal with customs that even Warsaw (Poland) has been considered to be outside the European Union and ….. is no laughing matter because it really happened.

Unfortunately, it is also necessary to be wary of false pseudo-lawyers who are NOT lawyers by virtue of a degree regularly obtained at some university and a regular state examination, but by autocratic appointment, and this is another thing that is better not to laugh about because it really happened.

Online scams very often occur for small samples in the order of a thousand euros, the Chinese company often disappears completely or fills the small order, making the European customer feel comfortable, and then bails when the latter places the large order, which can reach hundreds of thousands of euros, leading to bankruptcy.

It is useless to hope to recover your money from an online scam, so the best advice is to go directly to the Asian country and negotiate the deal face to face, absolutely avoiding online negotiations via the Internet, expect to see the goods for the quantity required as well as for the quality and description and once you have found a truly reliable partner, bind to him and do not leave him for any discount in the world, you will certainly have found an honest friend and a treasure for your business.

Online scams

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