SECURE OS TORSECURE OS TOR a perfect operating system for USB sticks, where IT security technicians have always followed the course of eventsSECURE OS

Our technicians, thanks to the use of SECURE OS TOR, have witnessed and reported several times privacy violations that slowly, continuously, persistently and perpetrated by anyone, starting with some operating systems and ending especially with the much used search engines that, if blocked, make your life difficult.

There are search engines that do not allow you to search, brazenly declaring that you are taking away data that are important to them, disregarding the fact that they are part of your lives, your privacy and this, in mockery of clear laws especially in Europe.

Our technicians, after having tested for a long time various solutions of operating systems, arriving to create personalized GNU/Linux distros, have reached the determination that anyway it was not possible to reach that standard of privacy and security indispensable for anyone who does not want to be spied on and WISHES to feel free to use the internet without anyone being able to take away personal information, business information and preferences.

The long work has led to the use of TAILS GNU/LINUX, very particular and very accurate in every detail, making us consider to use it ourselves outside the operational headquarters of our companies and renaming it SECURE OS TOR.

SECURE OS TOR is a GNU/Linux operating system derived from Debian but very similar to Microsoft Windows, where in some ways it can make even simpler operations often complex operating system of Microsoft.

SECURE OS TOR, covers all specifications of confidentiality using external proxies scattered around the planet and making it difficult to trace the original IP address does not make the Internet lose speed as the proxies are monitored to allow you to be connected to the best with a minimum lag and a ping time optimal, as well as for navigation it uses the historical TOR network, thus complicating things for those who want to spy on us, as well as being a GNU/Linux operating system, it is difficult to be attacked by viruses, trojans and malware that continuously besiege the noble operating systems of Microsoft and Apple.


In order to use SECURE OS TOR it’s enough to stop the computer and start it from your USB key instead of starting Windows, MacOS or the same Linux that in the consumer versions doesn’t have all the accuracy already at the first installation but needs expert system administrators that activate the various features.

SECURE OS TOR, in addition to transform your computer in a safe machine undoubtedly interesting for journalists, managers, bank managers, private users who do not intend to give continuously personal information and / or business, is fast, operates at 64 Bit, gives the possibility to use it on computers with hard drives damaged irreparably or just to avoid leaving traces on the computer we are using and what is not less important, offers the possibility to dedicate an area on the USB stick with the complete encryption of the data that we can save putting you safe from any loss of the USB pen itself.

SECURE OS TOR is capable of guaranteeing with maximum security what we are downloading, writing, as well as, above all, guaranteeing anonymity during our internet browsing or allowing us to use other people’s computers without leaving the slightest trace.SECURE OS TOR

SECURE OS TOR will give you the possibility to install the operating system permanently on a hard disk on your computer.

The best choice that our technical experts in computer security, have considered, is to interpose a hardware unit ROUTER FIREWALL OPNSENSE, indispensable to guarantee an exceptional protection from the intrusions very often made by the internet, between your router and your notebook or computer that uses SECURE OS TOR, being able to guarantee an exceptional level of protection and security.

With SECURE OS TOR you will have a good level of security as you don’t have to worry about viruses on your computer since the operating system runs independently from the other operating system and never uses the hard disk if installed on a USB stick.

SECURE OS TOR, however, may not be able to protect you properly if you install it on a virus-infected computer or if you use it on computers with inadequately secure hardware such as keyloggers, which is why we recommend either installing it on a new SSD drive that also provides exceptional performance even on older hardware, or using it from a USB pen that we provide in a USB 3 version that provides optimal speed for regular use of the operating system.

Hardware requirements:

SECURE OS TOR can be safely used with a 64-bit x86-64 compatible processor without any restrictions.

SECURE OS TOR is compatible with IBM PCs but not PowerPC nor with computers using ARM technology, as far as Apple Mac computers are concerned there is compatibility with PC-IBM compatible ones, i.e. on those that allow normal operation of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

SECURE OS TOR does not work with Mac models that use the Apple M1 chip and therefore, almost certainly prior to 2006.

SECURE OS TOR being a 64 bit operating system cannot work on 32 bit computers.

SECURE OS TOR does not work on tablets and cell phones.

SECURE OS TOR requires at least 2 GB of RAM for its use because if used with a lower amount of memory could almost certainly, present anomalies and send the computer crashing not allowing us to operate with the usual normality.

SECURE OS TOR, if used directly from a USB stick without generating the encrypted data area, allows a clean use and disappears automatically when the computer is turned off, completely erasing the memory of the computer to prevent cold recovery of any data still in memory (for a certain period of time the data usually remain available and present in our RAM memory units).

What we often don’t think, is that what we normally do on a computer always leaves a trace even if we try to clean up logs, internet browsing histories, anonymous mode of various browsers like Chrome, files that we may have opened with date and time even if deleted, passwords we use, any Wi-Fi networks and network devices, as well as the eventual thorough check of our hard-disk, can bring to light information often confidential both for companies, professionals and normal users.

SECURE OS TOR never writes anything on the hard-disk and runs in the RAM memory area of the computer we are using and again we remind you that this memory is completely erased when we turn off the computer equipment, completely eliminating all possible traces allowing us to consider this operating system also for a possible encrypted persistent storage where we can save some of the files such as documents, browser bookmarks, emails and any additional software.

Encrypted persSECURE OS TORistent storage is optional and we always decide what is persistent, as well as having at any time, the possibility to immediately delete this area we have generated, no longer allowing any and all traces of any residual data.

SECURE OS TOR includes a whole series of applications to work on sensitive documents and communicate securely, ready to use and are configured with secure default settings to avoid errors and allow immediate use.

SECURE OS TOR includes a TOR Browser with uBlock for any unwanted ads that will make you shocked when trying to browse a well-known search engine, you realize that by not providing it with your data that it hungers for, it will blatantly write it down making it impossible to browse, Thunderbird, for encrypted emails, KeePassXC for creating and storing complex passwords, LibreOffice, an office suite even superior to Microsoft’s flagship Office package as well as being fully compatible, OnionShare for sharing files on Tor, Gimp and Inkscape for graphics and many other applications that will allow you to work quickly and safely and NOT make you regret the old operating system.

The applications in SECURE OS TOR, will be blocked automatically if they try to connect to the Internet without Tor and persistent storage, the moment we save any data will be automatically encrypted and importantly, uses the TOR network and very often is used by investigative journalists who risk their own lives investigating government affairs often very thorny having the ability to hide the identity of those who use it not altering the software of the computer on which it is used, it doesn’t use the hard-disk and we always remember that the only storage space used is the RAM, which is automatically deleted when the computer is turned off, knowing that not only you don’t leave a trace, but you will never know what you have done.




USB PEN SECURE OS (all prepared and all installed – direct use)
SSD 128 GIGA SECURE OS (all prepared and all installed – direct use)


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