IT Technical AssistanceThe IT Technical Assistance is based on the figure of the System Administrator that is a technical specialist who deals with installations, configurations, management, maintenance and monitoring of multiple computer systemsAssistenza Tecnico Informatica

Those who have been doing this job for years, know that the best way to keep the customer tied to them is to keep them always informed about everything, to be competitive but always balanced on the economic level, to give the right attention to the customer and especially to make sure that he is always satisfied with the work that is done for him, not considering the Computer Technical Assistance as a cost/expense but as an added value that will always allow him to operate at its maximum potential, earning money and giving in turn a service to those who turn to him, whether it is a company or a professional studio.

Many times we have found ourselves with a computer that would not turn on when we arrived at the office, or a server that was working perfectly the night before and the next morning refused to allow users to connect, or even worse, would not turn back on.

As always, the best advice is not to put your hands inside, to prevent geeks from opening the machine and touching the boards or other very delicate components, where unknowingly, if it was not faulty, it could become so due to factors that would force us to dilate unnecessarily.

The IT Technical Assistance is the most important point in the production chain of a company or a professional studio, because if the equipment stopped working or presented strange problems, it would prevent all production cycles, leading to the blocking of activities.

As always, what entrepreneurs prefer to underestimate is linked to this very service, and when there are spending cuts to be made it is, mistakenly, one of the first financial levers to be alienated, contrary to what common sense should advise.

Generally speaking, the Computer Technical Assistance is interested in the entire infrastructure of the company computer system starting from networks, servers, personal computers desktop or laptop, backups that are very important in order not to lose vital data for professional and business production and many other services of which we have not been given information because the so-called “system technicians”, are very often, people who have improvised “technicians” but who have been enlightened by reading the newsstand magazines or certain that the Internet is the source of inspiration and enlightenment where you become “all-knowing” and Facebook is an example.

The IT Technical Assistance must be the result of acquiring information about the company’s current information system and any needs of the client company or the professional, where both entities must always be put at the center of each situation with a serious business IT consulting.

The installation of hardware or software and the related configuration of systems, is in the Technical Computer Assistance, one of the fundamental bases that can determine the full and especially the long life of the equipment with which we operate daily producing income.

The design and implementation of a fully functional network system should not be based on connecting four cables to a hub/switch or to our modem/router, but must be the result of serious evaluations and the subject of appropriate configurations starting from the workstations and ending with firewalls and/or active intrusion.

The planning of operations that often can not be carried out during the normal production cycle business or professional must be one of the fundamental nodes that determine night work cycles for technicians who must be able to determine the right time, because in the morning the customer’s staff or the customer himself, will have to work and can not stand still obviously losing income, then, money.

The management of the updates of the various operating systems is an operation that the customer, very often, underestimates or carries out with superficiality not wondering if this can determine a block of his computer or his server.

Let’s not talk about the technical documentation that the IT Technical Assistance should draw up and submit to the customer’s attention that is almost always absent because it is classic to think that not writing documents forces the customer to remain tied to us, as if we were the only ones who know how to technically use IT resources.

Very often the client is not given the administrative passwords of the servers or of the company’s nerve centres in a sealed envelope, in order to avoid that the client has the possibility to choose other IT companies, which are often more competent and have a better knowledge of the system.

Hardly any entrepreneur and/or professional knows that he must have the “business network notebook”, that is, very often he avoids like the plague the use of the DHCP network protocol, preferring rightly, to insert static network IPs for each machine present in the company making it easily identifiable even for its dislocation.

But we’re talking about low-level workers, improvised technicians and not IT professionals and serious IT support companies.

The Technical Assistance technician is required to draw up a document where he has to illustrate the conformation and type of network present at the customer and mark every single IP, Machine Name (it’s present in every operating system installed) and dislocation of the latter to be able to easily identify and allow in case of problem, the detachment and sending to the laboratory and / or an intervention aimed at resolving any failure that may have occurred, well yes, for once we are entering the technical but here we stop.

There are a variety of IT Technical Assistance contracts that can offer sufficiently interesting types of intervention and that lead the customer to create an ongoing and long-lasting relationship considering this service indispensable for their production and profitability.

The IT Technical Assistance is not only the ability to administer the various information technologies knowing how to make them efficient and fast but, very often, it is also organized in order to carry out the training of the customer’s staff and the ability to bring to a higher level the professionalism of the users on often different technologies.

Not always the technical staff of Computer Technical Assistance is reminded that the request for feedback from the customer is important and that you should always issue a report of the operations carried out during the technical intervention with any anomalies found because it is too often considered time subtracted to other interventions, not understanding that instead it comes to develop a regular case history that can make us understand the evolution of the problems of the customer and can make him understand if it is the case to resort to the eventual reconditioning of his computer equipment.

All too often, IT support companies do not explain to the customer that it is not necessary to buy new equipment but that it can be brought back to life with simple and inexpensive upgrades both for the operating system used and for maximizing, now very cheap, the hardware resources that will also increase the speed of work.

We see more and more often, trying to sell to their customers new equipment rather than being able to sell their skills at the right price and with huge savings for the company of the customer or the professional who has relied on us.

So, always think about what can be right for your productivity and especially if it is the case to consider other companies of Technical Computer Assistance for competence and professionalism, because you can not always be objective and professional solutions exist and you can discuss with real professionals.

IT Technical Assistance

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