Refurbished ComputersRefurbished Computers for businesses and professionals, certainly allow you to save up to 60% compared to the price of a new product of equal performanceRefurbished Computers - Computer Ricondizionati

Refurbished Computers with appropriate settings of the operating system and hardware upgrades, can equal performaces of higher-end products without engaging the operating system with applications that instead of making it more powerful, slow down the operation by adding unnecessary work cycles to microprocessors.

Money has a value and our companies consider that it is an excellent opportunity to renew the machine park taking advantage of the possibility to have the best with Refurbished Computers being able to save on the purchase and replacement of new machines often not necessary to obtain better work performance.

The need for a new Personal Computer, does not mean needing the latest model just released, but means having the need for a machine that can develop greater speed, give security in its use and at the same time allow us to be able to find ourselves with a hardware completely revised and perhaps upgraded in its basic components.

Refurbished products are disassembled, verified, completely cleaned undergoing a process that is usually used during production cycles making among other things the machine completely sanitized, and if the desktop computer is not branded is replaced the case (the casing of your PC), is checked the power supply, is replaced the thermal paste on the components subject to increased overheating and is mounted a hard disk SSD 256 Giga that allows you to safely use the machine with Microsoft operating systems allowing it to express the maximum performaces, is controlled ram and if less than 2 Giga bytes you will be asked to expand at least to 4 Giga bytes (essential minimum condition to maximize performance) even if you want to have the operating system Gnu / Linux Ubuntu Desktop Long Term.

With the Refurbished Computers can be included operating system licenses if you want Microsoft Windows 10 Professional, otherwise the machines will come with an operating system Gnu/Linux Ubuntu Desktop Long Term that provides five years of safe and stable updates to make envy to other operating systems emblazoned.

The operating system Gnu/Linux Ubuntu LTS will put your hardware in a position to enjoy performance that will allow you to develop with motherboards not quite the latest generation also being able to take advantage of an immense container of open source programs freely installable that will give the possibility to use often better if compared to paid software.

The use of Refurbished Computers is an eco-friendly choice that helps the planet and meets the needs of many professionals who would like to save money and at the same time be able to reuse computers that, if verified and upgraded in the correct way, can still develop speed and security in the work for many years to come.

Recovering a computer and its components prevents them from ending up in landfills and contributing to pollution with the hazardous materials it contains.



The computer that arrives at our facility is immediately viewed from the outside and completely disassembled including its power supply.

The motherboard will be cleaned with a liquid particularly effective having previously deprived of the CPU, memory and any video cards and accessory cards with the subsequent replacement of the battery buffer.

The cpu is reclaimed from the thermal paste and the fans of the machine are verified and cleaned first with an alcoholic solution and then with a liquid maintenance for pla

Refurbished Computers

stic materials as well as lubricate the mechanics with an oil spray that allows optimal rotation without friction.

Memories are checked and more attention is paid to any residual oxide that may have formed over time by performing a complete removal.

Also the power supply, for refurbished computers, is disassembled and completely reclaimed operating also on its fan, in the same way as the other fans have been treated.

A component of the motherboard that manages the hard drives etc and is the controller that usually nobody thinks of is the heat sink that is disassembled, removing all traces of thermal paste and providing for its replacement allowing for better efficiency for heat disposal.

After this step, everything is reassembled inside a new case if the machine was assembled or the same case, which has undergone a complete sanitization cycle, if the machine is branded.

The hard disk is replaced with a 256 Giga bytes SSD disk already pre-installed and ready for the tests that the computer will undergo and if it has less than 4 Gigabytes of memory we will implement the difference to bring it to the minimum necessary observing an increase in performance during its use.

At the end of all the work on exposed, the reconditioned computers will be tested with a stress cycle to have a guarantee of functionality after having previously set the bios according to appropriate specifications.



NO, for reasons of time and therefore costs that would be charged to the customer, we do not recondition other equipment if not only and exclusively PC DESKTOP, then we exclude the reconditioning of notebooks (laptops) and other equipment.



When a computer does not turn on, if we have not opened it or had it opened by some inexperienced person, it is likely that the fault is to be found in the power supply and then we can probably see it working again.

Our staff uses bracelets connected to the ground to operate inside the computers preventing the electrostatic energy to damage the components; this precaution not being used by most of the improvised technicians who decide to operate on the electronic components, can damage it irreparably not being able to guarantee the success of the reconditioning and then the stable functionality of the machine.

Refurbished Computers must work perfectly in a state of speed and stability to allow an adequate and satisfactory work of the user, we are not talking about the usual technical computer assistance.

In this case, for complete transparency, we believe it’s useless to ask for reconditioning to avoid a minimal cost that would be charged anyway.



CERTAINLY YES, our company also operates on other territory.



The reconditioning of a computer implies a cost of   250 Euro   and includes a buffer battery, an SSD disk, verification and remediation of hardware, an operating system, already by us, pre-configured with installed a minimum of software for a study and professional use as Libre Office which is compatible with the Microsoft package, Adobe Reader, Gimp for graphic realizations, Inkscape for 3D graphics, Diagram Editor which is a powerful program for the graphic schematization of operational flows, Google Chrome, Firefox and the basic packages released with the installation of the operating system Gnu/Linux Ubuntu LTS.

As for the software packages pre-installed on the Refurbished Computers, with the Microsoft Windows 10 Professional operating system, Gimp, Inkscape, Adobe Reader, Libre Office, Google Chrome, Firefox and all the packages that Microsoft releases during installation will be installed.

The case will not affect the estimated price because if it were not to be replaced as the case brand, with the additional work that will be done for its sanitation, for the various custom connections etc., will cover the cost of the new case for cycles of time of work of our staff.Refurbished Computers

Any hardware upgrades of memories and power supplies, as a result of the fact that our company does not intend to earn on the hardware purchased, will not be economically supported by us, but we will reverse in copy, the purchase invoice that will be sent by our supplier with enclosed our invoice downloadable accounting by the customer that must be paid in advance to allow us to get the goods.

We will agree with the customer the mode of purchase and we will be able to advise him where to find the components in a quick and safe way if he intends to provide independently.

If the customer for their computers reconditioned, wanted the operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Professional, must declare by email when signing the contract for reconditioning computers and must promptly communicate all the product-id necessary for product activation once installed the SSD disk with that operating system.

In case of failure to declare and / or communication of product-id, the machine will be mounted on the SSD disk with Gnu / Linux Ubuntu LTS pre-configured by us.

If the customer, by his choice, should decide before returning the computers, to replace the operating system Gnu/Linux Ubuntu LTS with the Microsoft operating system, the replacement of the SSD disk will involve an additional expenditure of   25 Euros plus the cost of the Microsoft ORIGINAL license   for each computer on which our technician will have to intervene.



Certainly, you can request on Refurbished Computers, the installation of other software on Microsoft systems as long as it is delivered the digital media (original DVD-ROM) but will not be made or customizations, nor will be made configurations of these programs and must be proven the full originality with serial numbers issued by the manufacturer and the cost for each program installed will be   12 euros   each.



The operating systems have pre-installed a PDF printer and the problem that often occurs is the lack of hardware that would not allow us to test the full functionality, so it is not possible to request the installation of a printer that you can do comfortably at your studio or your company in a few minutes, once reconnected the machine to your workstation.

We strongly recommend that you connect the printer to the computer and turn it on after the operating systems have been fully booted up, to allow them to be perfectly recognized and to avoid using configuration CDs if the printer is recognized regularly and shows full functionality.

We would like to remind you that every installation contributes, for Microsoft systems, to weigh down the internal registry often slowing down the processes of use and we want the Refurbished Computers to always work at the maximum of their possibilities to satisfy the user.



Refurbished ComputersAll refurbished computers are connected to our internal network during testing, which uses standard DHCP in order to fully upgrade operating systems before the final test.

This configuration is automatic for operating systems and therefore usually standard for those who connect the computer to their network.

We don’t customize network cards but, we can configure any IP, Subnet mask and Gateway according to your specifications at a cost of¬† ¬†5 Euros¬† ¬†per network card (sometimes there are computers that have more than one).

Obviously, no domain will be configured but, if requested by the customer, the workgroup to which the machine will belong will be configured.



Refurbished Computers are prepared to operate at their maximum performance never trying overclocking or other things that could compromise the stability of use over time.

If you need to install a video card or a network card, these components can not be used but must be NEW and accompanied by an invoice that the dealer has issued you with all the accompanying hardware.

The time that is often spent on troubleshooting a faulty used component would increase the cost of reconditioning the computer and would not be satisfactory for you.

The installation of these additional components has a cost of¬† ¬†5 Euros¬† ¬†each including the installation of any manufacturer’s drivers if the operating system does not recognize it independently.



The S.H.A.D.O. GROUP srl, our Italian partner company, will tell you where to send your computers for reconditioning operating in an office near Rome (Italy).

Will be agreed with the technicians of S.H.A.D.O. GROUP srl the withdrawal of your computers to be delivered to a courier with whom you have made arrangements because the costs are your responsibility.

The day of the withdrawal of computers, will be indicated by email as soon as the machines will be fully ready and you can make arrangements with your courier for date / time.


  Our consultants are at your complete disposal, if you are seriously interested do not think and contact us  


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