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InvoicePlane Online Invoicing has been chosen from a variety of online solutions available to meet your company’s billing needs

InvoicePlane is an Online Invoicing system but it is NOT a system operating on our systems for Italian professionals as it is prepared for those who have foreign companies and this is very important as the Italian legislation provides for the automatic sending to the Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Tax Agency) with systems that we, for security reasons and especially as a foreign company, have not planned and do not plan to install.

SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP is based on a powerful InvoicePlane Online Invoicing software, easy to use, immediate in the visualization of the turnover, complete in the configuration, with the possibility to manage the accounting solution for companies in the UK, French, American and many other countries, which allows you to manage and send invoices, credit notes, quotes to customers and also accept online payments via PayPal Express and other gateways with the use of Personal Computer, Tablet or Smartphone thanks to the use of Web Based technology.

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InvoicePlane Online Invoicing is now available for immediate use on our proprietary servers so you can start billing right away.

The open source Online Billing software is InvoicePlane, a free program that can be downloaded from the official website. However, in order to use InvoicePlane it is necessary to install it on a Gnu/Linux server perfectly configured especially in the security field, with sufficient disk space, sufficiently powerful internet bandwidth and perfect configuration for sending emails that can be sent to customers and the accountant using multiple senders.

By purchasing the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing service developed by the technical staff of SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP, the customer only has to sit down and prepare the invoices which, among other things, can operate automatically with the recurrence option and does not have to worry about having technical knowledge for the installation and use of the program.

The service includes daily backups, including deferred backups, in compliance with GDPR 679/2016 regulations, allowing data and management to be restored quickly in the event of disaster recovery.

InvoicePlane integrates all the functions necessary for the complete management of the company’s Online Invoicing allowing the insertion of customers and products complete with any annotations, arriving in a few moments to the issue of commercial invoices and the management of their status marking them as “Draft”, “Sent”, “View”, “Paid” and generating a PDF file.

The InvoicePlane Online Invoicing software provides customizations that can be set with the company logo, and a multitude of options that can be reported on the invoice such as: additional information, integration of multiple forms of payment, management of partial payments, summary reports of profits, sales and payment history as well as different types of taxation applicable according to the country of the company and operating with the currency of the State of registration.

In addition to the normal functions, the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing software allows you to send quotes which can then generate an invoice, set up various taxation regimes and no management problems as operating on a web platform it can be used with any operating system and any computer system or smartphone.

With the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing software, you can add, delete and modify content independently, make invoices immediately with the help of a smartphone, often solving some shortcomings complained of especially by free lance and making the service attractive.

SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP has prepared the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing package on proprietary servers that allow invoicing for countries outside Italy, i.e. British and American companies, etc., as long as they are not linked to electronic invoicing.

The InvoicePlane Online Invoicing package is valid quarterly and the cost is very low allowing you to work in complete peace of mind and being able to customize it directly from the program with your logo, the details of your company and many other customizations made directly via browser.



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If required, you can entrust us with the InvoicePlane Online Invoicing service on behalf of third parties, i.e., the administrative staff of SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP will issue invoices on your behalf in respect of the confidentiality and secrecy of the task entrusted to us and any request for a chartered accountant to check and carry out all the necessary administrative procedures (budgets, etc.).

Our consultants are at your complete disposal, if you are seriously interested do not think about it and contact us.

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