precious stonesIt has always been important to use safe haven assets such as gold, silver and especially investments in precious stones that represent a reliable guarantee outside of any world crisistoo much money in current accounts

History of precious stones has taught us that gemstone investments were often used as trading tokens instead of money, even ensuring the survival of entire families during the American depression and various wars that often involved many countries.

During the financial crisis we eroded the funds of thousands of investors leading people to wonder if it would have been better to have gemstones instead of the accumulation of paper currency.

Big finance is also responsible for investing in gemstones that guarantee assets that will not be devalued in the future and certainly a good investment that can be passed down for generations.

With the financial crisis knocking at the doors of every nation on Earth, with a probable patrimonial asset that will allow the Italian government to get its hands on the savings of its compatriots, with the risk of bank failure due to worldwide financial instability, only those who are clueless do not consider investments in precious stones that can guarantee them an escape route.

But it is not only the purchase of gemstones that can allow us to guarantee and secure a good investment, in fact, not all gemstones are recognized as a good investment as they must boast certain very specific characteristics that can be recognized and evaluated by experienced gemologists and jewelers.

Many people, before the global financial crisis, had invested in real estate that, with time, lost value in percentage even very considerable, and those that had been rented generated costs in taxes, unpaid rents and expensive lawyers to make them accessible again.

Gold, which has always been considered an excellent refuge asset, is now, due to the crisis, subject to fluctuations and therefore in case of forced sale there is a risk of a 10% loss on the purchase value.

With precious stones this cannot happen because in the financial markets we have never heard of the devaluation of precious stones, but if they have the ideal gemological characteristics they are a real investment for the future that can only increase their intrinsic value and not generate expenses.

A gemstone that you can sell at any time getting much of the initial value determined by platt (financial market price) as an investment proposal.

Investments in precious stones are recommended for a period of not less than five years also because of the increase in their value, they are considered goods and luxury and do not involve risks, as well as the goods are not subject to taxation of the various states and do not involve bureaucratic expenses but only the purchase price.

Gems that are considered by investors to be a safe haven are diamonds.

Emeralds, rubies, opals and sapphires due to their nature can certainly, as they deviate over time, undergo minimal variations from the diamond.

Gems are something very personal and there is the problem of choosing which one will increase in value because all of them, although with certain gemological characteristics, determine a certain value, especially if accompanied by a gemological certificate that is the guarantee at the base of the purchase.

The percentage recommended to make a good investment in precious stones, should play on a principal amount of 15% of the total funds available, in this way you would have availability of the asset for five years and you could later decide whether to sell it and earn or continue to keep it for future use or as emergency capital as an investment proposal.

Often you will be convinced that the purchase of jewelry is also a good refuge, but it is not absolutely true because when you buy it you also pay the processing of gold and the value given to the jewel, so not the pure price of the bag of various materials involved in the realization of the object.

The growth in time of precious stones is intrinsic to their quality certification that determines rarity, purity and many other characteristics that determine the price, making investments in precious stones guaranteed.

We have the opportunity to buy directly from the producers of raw stones, this thanks to mining companies concessionaires in Ethiopia, South America and see them in their finished state, carved by the hands of experienced masters who differentiate the gems by shape and harmony creating a good as well as precious, especially luxury.

The banks have also influenced the deal related to diamonds, often induced customers to buy at their facilities gems of value not convenient, but not favoring the customer who will have to pay commissions, often exceeding the value of the product and eroding the gain on the gem considered in the first two years.

The gemstones that you can admire on the portal of SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP are reserved for the few fans who love luxury, they have all been subjected to a thorough gemological test, after which it was assigned a qualification and a very specific commercial value as an investment proposal.

For diamonds, the main characteristics to be considered are the “4Cs”, i.e. color (Color), clarity (Clarity), cut (Cut) and weight (Carats), but often fluorescence is also taken into consideration.

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