ETHIOPIAN DIAMONDS - DIAMONDSExcellent Ethiopian diamonds, having hexagonal shape, are made with a special cut by the master jewelers, providing a perfect cut and taking care of the hexagonal design of nature and their reflectionETHIOPIAN DIAMONDS

Rough Ethiopian diamonds, vary in different sizes from 1 carat to 15 grams, to large 60 grams and available for export, from Ethiopia.

Big brands like Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Ulysse Nardin, Patik Philippe Watches use Ethiopian diamonds to elevate their brand.

Here we have the intrinsic value of diamonds that provides a return on investment just like the value of gold.

The advantage of gems is due to the luster, human being is attracted to it just like gold is because it is yellow and shiny.

We are able to admire clean rough Ethiopian diamonds because if rough they have a lot of natural ash.

1 Gram is equivalent to 5 carats)

For now the availability is 25 carat Ethiopian diamonds but in the future we will be able to admire 1 kilogram gems.

The cut is a very delicate and difficult operation that modifies the rough shape of a stone, facilitates the setting and enhances the brilliance and color.

When we find ourselves in front of Ethiopian diamonds or other precious stones with rose or rosette cut, we cannot help but be fascinated even if we often do not know the work behind it.

In the past, diamonds were mainly rose-cut, since many preferred this elegant cut to the first, coarse brilliant cuts, but today only very few diamonds are cut in this way, since this cut is reserved mainly for those of modest thickness or for which an excessive loss of weight is feared with the brilliant cut.

Do you know how to distinguish diamonds?

What are the four C’s ?

How are diamonds valued?

Here is a brief guide to resolve any doubts you may have about Ethiopian diamonds, which are also the stone of April.

Diamonds are a great investment over time

Diamonds are considered the most valuable stones.

But how much are Ethiopian gems really worth in a ring, earrings or necklace?

Are they all the same? How to recognize and judge them?

For a safe and definitive evaluation of Ethiopian diamonds, it is best to contact an expert who can directly view and evaluate the stone.

Only those who have seriously studied gemology and master jewelers can offer a safe and correct judgment.



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