Overseeing a company

Overseeing a company is the term used for a company that is regularly registered in a state with an administrator or foreign members in the state of registration

tax inversion

The companies registered or administered by foreign persons to the State in which the company is registered can not be considered international but rather, by some States, are considered belonging to the nationality of the Shareholder or the Director (Director) and therefore subject to taxation of that State regardless of whether the staff or offices are actually located in the registration country, highlighting the obvious overshoot.

It is a situation that often puts in contrast various laws of various States where there is a treaty of tax reciprocity and that very often obliges us to intervene with the legal offices in order to demonstrate that they did not want to tax the tax or have used a means to pay less taxes.

The law does not prevent a citizen of a State from being able to hold prestigious positions or establish foreign companies, provided he can demonstrate the non-intention in the tax avoidance of his country often dictated by the lack of employment or the failure of his company , with the firm will in wanting to start again in different ways and in places where the business feels more free of laces and laces imposed by its own government.

Often, for the registration of companies LTD, the use of nominee and that is to say replacement characters belonging to the State of registration of the company, which can certainly put a stop to all the tax disputes that could arise, but the central problem remains the fact of entrusting and registering their company in the name of perfect strangers, who, if administrators will carry out a power of attorney and if shareholders will hold a trust agreement allowing us to manage our business with the utmost freedom but paying obviously a surcharge on the cost of registration of the company.

The best solution that has always been recommended is the obtaining of a real foreign residence and the registration to the AIRE or other office in charge of tax transfer and the declaration of effective foreign residence, awaiting the new citizenship from which it will be possible to decide whether renounce the initial membership or keep them both provided you have to overcome the 180 days outside your country and the actual separation from the stocks of belonging (the taxman is attached to everything so as not to give up on taxes).

The transfer to other countries is therefore in itself the best solution that demonstrates the real will in the separation from the country of birth in order to work in the country of new residence to which personal taxes will be due and those of the company will be paid to the State of registration without any problem.

Overstation is often also dictated by the location of the company website, where for many consultants the country where it is registered and by whom it is registered is not important, but for the tax office it is already an opportunity to consider the foreign-dressed and stable organization thus attributing it to 100% as a recognized company belonging to its own state.

It is therefore advisable to be careful and remember to register the website with the maintainer and provider of the company's registration state or members of a different nationality from that of personal belonging, trying as far as possible to use multi-language and never the only language of belonging original in order to avoid in advance a definitive point in the overshoot.

It is important to keep in mind the difference that exists between a legal residence and a tax residence for a company.

The company, for example, may be registered in Spain but operate with its headquarters in Great Britain in London, where all contracts and invoices will be issued in the latter place for business reasons; this will determine that the registered office of the company is in Spain but for the tax residence, the taxes will have to be paid in Great Britain thanks to the double taxation treaties that often some States try to evade by having a very aggressive taxation.

The loss of personal tax residence in compliance with the law and without risking disputes with the tax authorities of the country to which they belong does not consist in moving their residence to another state with more advantageous taxation, but in putting the right requirements for real emigration can not be absolutely challenged (they will try the same).

First of all, you have to be able to demonstrate to the State of destination, to be economically self-sufficient, to obtain a tax allocation number, to have a real and not convenient rent contract as we will be subject to police control, open a bank account and enroll in AIRE, live abroad with your family for more than 180 days and pay taxes in the State of new domicile and residence.

This will allow us not to see your own esterovestizione company branded, to pay taxes ONLY in the country in which we have actually moved and to interrupt any relationship with the tax authorities of the State of departure, jokingly it is said that it is easier to divorce from one's wife that from the tax authorities.

Even the mere fact of having moved on your own and having left your family (wife and any children) in the country of birth, can give rise to legal disputes with the tax office to which we were bound, because they will also examine the emotional bond that it might seem like a trick to evade taxes and not a reason to start and start life in another place.

So, never sign a contract in the country of origin but always sign it and date it in the tax office of your company, never try to manage the company from the country of birth but always manage it transparently or from other countries or in the country where the direction is placed and administrative offices and above all, to think seriously about moving to avoid incurring tax issues

The solutions to realize one's dreams exist but, one must not improvise and rely on consultants with proven experience

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Overseeing a company

Birth of a StartUp

Birth of a StartUp for the officials of the SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD is always a work that ignites a new spark, new life and new adrenaline that we always believe necessary to perform our work better

Birth of a Start Up

When we are commissioned a new application for the registration of a new company that can be implemented in the Delaware in that England, the first step to which we hold in particular is the meeting that can be done by phone, by Skype or in person.

During the first interview we have the opportunity to listen to the needs and aspirations that the future manager has and the problems he thinks will have to face for the birth of a StartUp.

Our officials are always supportive and prepared to explain and advise the manager on the solutions most suitable for him so that his project can take flight and pursue an uneven road that allows him to see day by day realize his idea.

Work continues, personal relationships are tightened up with the client, followed step by step, intervening on every possible obstacle, and the company can be registered and registered thanks to one of our agents authorized to do so, waiting anxiously for official documents to appear. .the new company was born and is now a young reality ready to operate.

At this point we are carefully prepared to face all the requests of the various banks and in the meantime our agent makes the report (for England) to the HMRC (British tax agency) of the new entry.

This is the long awaited moment, the confrontation with professionals from the banking world who do not see the creation of a StartUp by foreign subjects and put stakes and questions often studied to make life difficult for those who would like to work with them because they demand the maximum seriousness and professional preparation.

Our officials are very competent and always ready to face all the eventualities to counter the truth and with adequate responses to the various situations, always providing very comprehensive and clear arguments that allow the bank manager to understand that he has serious people in front and that the future manager is a person able to enter the business world.

The documents are approved at the bank, the multi-currency workspace is prepared by us and the debit cards are ordered and valuable advice that the entrepreneur must always keep in mind, which will be useful for carrying out the autonomy in full autonomy. his business and his relationship with the bank.

Spend a few days and a smartphone is prepared with an English card which, besides being used for conversation and messages, will be very useful for the customer to manage his bank account with speed and dynamism.

It comes the day of delivery of all the documentation, the smartphone and the latest advice, he is told not to feel abandoned because now he can start working with his new company and will be able to contact us for any problem at any time. as the advice is of vital importance for the conduct of a business conducive to the birth of a StartUp.

Our work is finished, we check that everything is in order, that the contract has been respected up to the last line, we listen for one last time to the client that for us it was like following a friend and we meet to see and discuss of any problems that can be presented and how they have been resolved, all this because it is business and professional growth also for our officials.

We look into each other's eyes and beyond the satisfaction we see a hint of melancholy, it feels like a doctor who witnessed the birth of a child, follows him for some time and then sees him go away, like an actor at the theater at the moment in whose representation ends and the stage lights are lowered but, in the end, they are satisfied and convinced that tomorrow will begin a new professional adventure and there will be new challenges to be won.

Often entrepreneurs think of opening a new company and have many ideas but our task is to convey many concepts and channel them to make them clearer objectives and avoid procedural errors, neglect in planning and financial sustainability and other mistakes that can often be made when it is at the beginning for the birth of a StartUp, being convinced in the strength of those who have the courage to bet on a better future.

Many wonder how a new company is born and the answer is always the same.

Companies are born from ideas, from notes thrown down in a way that is often not well ordered but clear in concepts, from graphic projects and often from processes that change during the development of the thoughts of a business that could allow us to turn the idea into a work activity .

We must always be able to realize the ideas so that they can become economic processes, study the target you want to achieve and see what is the ROI (Return Of Investment), that is, following a certain investment which will be the financial economic return after the birth of a StartUp.

It is necessary to study the market and estimate the time it will take for our project to start developing concretely, transforming itself day by day and capturing the attention of those who frequent the reference market.

It is often easy to imagine what will develop our idea and how long it will be possible to assert itself but we must always keep in mind that the statistical numbers must always be taken with the benefit of the doubt and the financial returns that you think will bring will initially have to be considered always a tenth of the estimate made; this will allow us not to carry out the so-called false steps and to carry out a series of operations necessary for the development of a Business Plan.

The simplest ideas, which are not easy to replicate and the estimated cash flows will be the rules that will allow us to develop a good business.

The preparation of proposals and contracts, the expansion of ideas that will have to be transformed in an orderly manner, will allow a young entrepreneur to find the right path to success thanks to the birth of a StartUp.

Conducting analysis simulations and studying the economic scenarios will allow you to understand any weaknesses in your idea and find the right solutions to avoid the level of financial risk, managing to win the trust of who will be the estimator and user of our business, succeeding in a reasonable time to realize the business and capture the trust of who will be the user.

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Birth of a Start Up

England for business

England for the business, here is a resurgence of a whole series of perspectives that certainly require the attention of those who want to do real business and especially quickly as they are not usually used to

England for business

First of all, it must be said that in England taxation is one of the most appreciable as it is transparent and has a fixed rate of 19% up to 1.500.000 GBP (one and a half million pounds) and already the right to pay taxes appropriate to The work that one carries out is the greatest advantage we can find in a continuously oppressed Europe.

Contrary to other states that adopt very aggressive fiscal policies, from the police state, England prefers social peace and trust towards its taxpayers who hardly betray the expectations of this important and serious state.

The business is running fast and thanks to the fact that today we can sell lots of glasses and tomorrow we can decide to sell whole banks of potatoes, the profit is in first place and the companies enjoy a whole series of innumerable tax benefits dictated by a real and a real bureaucratic simplification that makes it easier and quickens the possibilities offered by international markets.

With BREXIT, the possibility to further reduce the tax rates is being considered and the opportunity to get off from a 19% to a 10% is achieved thanks to the lightening achieved by the separation from the heavy European burden, making England primary for the business

Many professionals suggest, before registering a company in England, to register one or the Maldives, or in Belize or in the Delaware and then make them become majority shareholders in the new companies that will be established in Great Britain.

This is not, according to our consultants, of primary necessity, as you can still sign agency contracts with other companies and pay the 95% of profits leaving a 5% in England, on the amounts of which we will have to pay taxes.

The substantial difference consists in the fact that maintaining a clear separation between companies, could be useful in the near future in the case of problems with the British company, although it could reduce the already low taxation.

To open a company in England for the business is to have acquired a higher gear compared to its European and above all Italian competitors, because first of all there is not the burden of the Data Protection Agency that obliges us to fanciful registrations, but it is only compliance with net-etiquette and data processing rules is necessary.

We do not have the problem of declaring VAT because the VAT number is not issued if we do not reach a gross amount of 83.000 Pounds and the time to get it varies from 3 months to 5 months and to year end, in case we exceeded this amount , we will only have to pay 10% on income.

The notaries to whom we are accustomed to draw up contracts, develop any corporate relationships and other, are no longer the cornerstone of the companies as all operations can be carried out quickly without their indispensable presence with considerable savings.

England for business

The companies do not pay taxes until the twenty-first month and will have the sole obligation to keep the accounts simple, orderly and fast thanks to some very intuitive online applications or using the billing package of the SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD.

The corporate form most used in England is the Ltd (Private Limited Company) which is the equivalent of the Italian Limited Liability Companies (Srl) but with the difference that a British Limited enjoys unimaginable advantages for a manager accustomed to working with Italian companies , distinguished by slenderness, economy in the constitution and drafting of contracts.

In England for business, English Limited can have up to two Directors (Directors) but usually only one is appointed who can also be the sole shareholder, there is no limit to the minimum amount to be paid for the company incorporation ( a share capital may also be declared by 1 GBP), and unlike Italian subsidiaries, although there is a separation from shareholders and directors by only responding with the share capital or percentage thereof, a Director is unlikely to be persecuted if the company fails to stand out good financially.

With the creation of BREXIT and the agreement with the European Union, England has managed to further grab the benefits it already enjoyed in the past for free trade and trade, but having a free hand for bilateral agreements with other countries without the limits that the European Union imposes on its member states.

However, there is the problem that many people pose for what is defined "Foreign dress", but this is also one of the many harassment that some States try to put in place to tax their citizens and to avoid their effects, we resort to the so-called "nominee" and that is, people resident in England who lend their name to make us Director and Shareholders, releasing a depository fiduciaria (in the case of shareholders) and a power of attorney (in the case of directors) and legally allowing us to drive the company as we believe it may be for the business we intend to develop, or by first establishing a company in Delaware ( USA) which among other things has 0 (zero) taxation and then incorporating the company in England as Ltd where the Delaware company (USA) is holder of the 100% of the shareholder and even if we are appointed Director, not it is essential that we receive a salary that should, logically, be taxed in the State of our residence and therefore we can exploit the England's business opportunity.

England for business

If you want to open one offshore companies in England SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD it will provide you with all its experience and assistance dictated by important financial advisors and partner companies of significant experience and importance, allowing you to quickly reach your goal in complete safety and in full legality and above all with a minimum bureaucracy.

You can always count on the advice of our professionals and our partners for your business operations, to search for possible investors in your projects and to protect your capital and assets thanks to the close collaboration with an important and above all , serious Corporation company of Panama, which may constitute foundations that will shelter your assets or request us to register LLC company in the State of Delaware (USA) for protect your assets and capital obtaining documentation that is perfectly in line with European standards (apostille and notarized documents as prescribed by the AIA Convention).

You ask us to act in your name (fiduciary relationship) and you can ask us for agrowing bank accounts in geo-politically stable countries where others could not succeed in the enterprise because you are not resident in that country, but where we have, over time, have maintained business relationships and state relationships of primary importance.

Our guide for your business will be an added value that will allow you to do business quickly and in total safety, being able to also avail of experienced lawyers with considerable experience in international law, expert accountants and senior officers with years of experience gained behind the shoulders in prestigious companiesEngland for businessde international.

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously interested do not think about it and contact us


England for business

BrExit No Deal

BrExit No Deal at the door or at least, finance has already started to pack and move from London as the spectrum of the "No Deal" is increasingly present, bringing to light many nodes unresolved from the regulation of trade to end with the free movement of people.

BrExit No Deal - London - Great Britain - United Kingdom

Banks of no significant importance such as HSBC, which in the last few years had already strongly tightened the opening of new bank accounts for those not residing in the United Kingdom, have already started the transfer of some branches in France putting in difficulty British Prime Minister Theresa May who, in agreement with the European Union officials, has agreed to postpone the exit of the United Kingdom from March 2019 in December 2020 to try to resolve the differences that undoubtedly would have led to a rift with the Europe.

The "BrExit No Deal" would actually produce the rise in costs of goods sold in the UK due to tariffs and tariff increases for imports and exports required to non-EU countries bringing the United Kingdom into the arms of the World Trade Organization.

The return to the opening of British banking institutions in Europe would become an obligation because British banks could not operate in the countries of the Union without a physical presence and this event has already determined the start of the move of some bank branches towards the Old Continent setting the alarm the financial heart of the City that has long been pressing on the British Government for a controlled exit and with full agreement of the parties involved.

The bags in the City have been in fibrillation for some time and a BrExit No Deal would not like most Britons who would, at this point, have every right to go back to a referendum to decide whether to stay in the European Union or face all the consequences that could result from a failed agreement, just like the Italian default risk because of the indecent proposal of the Economic and Financial Document.

All efforts are aimed at a painless separation and also from the European Union there are all the prerequisites for Britain to continue to prosper regardless of the outcome of the negotiations and not to generate problems for British citizens who would face additional costs which would lead to an increase in the cost of living.

A BrExit No Deal could almost certainly lead to enormous problems in the Import-Export sector, putting in serious difficulty all those companies that until today have prospered with the global market, leading to an increase in prices for online purchases and delays due to more stringent cross-border checks.

Strangely, the European driving license will remain valid in the UK, contrary to that of British citizens who would be forced to apply for international driving licenses as they can no longer drive in the European States, as well as the passport should be replaced with the British one.

The new referendum proposed by the first citizen of London is not an idea so peregrine as to today, a large part of British citizens seem to be thinking about the exit of their state from the European Union that would bring issues that they did not think could be reached , due to the fact that they never joined the single currency (Euro) but kept the Pound and a Central Bank (Bank of England) perfectly autonomous as in the past.

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BrExit and International Markets

BrExit and the International Markets, for the United Kingdom "will not be like the world of Mad Max", these were the words of the British Secretary of State David Davis addressing the British citizens


Life made of poverty and misery following the BrExit No Deal, hoped for by the many supporters of a very fragmented Europe, where every State does not feel cohesive with others is only a science fiction film that will not absolutely reflect reality as the economy and especially the UK finance is very solid and the financial centralization in the City, having always turned to the markets for the primary international negotiations regardless of their accession to Europe, will continue to be the British economic hub.

The alignment of the business world, with the separation from the European Union, will not lead to changes in Britain as the new rules will be aligned with the European ones and the companies will not suffer market declines and will not be affected by the national import-export following the BrExit.

Le British companies, always respected and seen as an economic-financial entity superior to other European companies, pride and pride for the United Kingdom, even after the BrExit, will continue to work and to establish itself worldwide, continuing to give prestige to the Crown Britannica with their seriousness, tenacity and class that has always distinguished them.

The exit of Great Britain from the Single Market will not lead to economic collapse and any forecast in this sense has only the interest to flex and put the markets into fibrillation to start the start of speculations that will fall without a shadow of doubt into the void, with heavy losses for those who will try them.

The fortune of Great Britain was not to join the single currency (the EURO) and remain with the pound, strong of a nationalized central bank (Bank of England) and dropped by the European Central Bank, even though it had a fluctuating currency but undisputed, has never been put in jeopardy as it has happened to other countries of the EURO area.

The fact remains that until the last moment, the United Kingdom can take a step back by giving up the BrExit and stay in the European Union giving a lot to reflect on the Prime Minister because the gap between staying and leaving the countries of the Union, following the democratic referendum, it was subtle.

The tempting proposal of the American Atlantic ally that spurred for the firmness towards the BrExit, has not completely convinced the British public opinion even as a return on its own steps could leave the sense of bitterness for the blackmail suffered during the negotiations with the 'European Union.

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Limited Company in Great Britain

Limited Company in Great Britain - Setting up a Limited company can be a simple operation but regulations, even if not complicated, at least on a general level, must be known

Establish Limited Company - Open a Company Ltd in LondonCompany Limited in Britain and the very fact of having its online domain registered and present on servers resident in British soil is another relevant factor for the purpose of verifying the present business and governed by British laws to which the company belongs.

Reaffirming that a Limited Company can not be used for tax evasion, but to make business with more taxable taxation in the presence of transparent and simplified laws such as the British, we also point out the unrealizable aspect of registering a company Ltd if it intends to perform services that necessitate exclusively and personally in the territory of the State of ownership of the property, business activities exclusively in its own country, marketing and advertising exclusively oriented to the country of affiliation.

Such business activities do not benefit the establishment of a Limited Company, being unable to fall into the rules of British taxation.

Another situation is given by online business, where all business and business transactions are carried out and managed via the Internet; Usually, although a prior analysis is needed, these activities are part of UK taxation.

The main company law governing this matter is the Company Law Amended by 1985, as well as the 1988 Company's income and tax laws.

English is the official language of legislation and corporate documents, moreover, for international trade and for investment, the types of companies used are private or public companies as a guarantee (limited liability).

A UK-based company has the same rights as a natural person.

There are no specific laws regarding the release or release of unauthorized information on a British company, its directors or its owners.

However, there is an obligation for practitioners working in the sector, such as managers, company directors, to respect confidentiality and discretion in the eyes of their clients, shareholders and shareholders of UK law firms.

The different legislations are related to the requirements regarding the procedure for setting up private limited liability companies, public limited liability companies and unlimited companies.

Diversity refers to the main differences between the various types of companies, the documents required for their training, the shareholders, the share capital, the bodies and the secretaries.

There are also norms that govern the company's social reasons.

Certain words according to English law are banned as they suggest a particular thing and some names are also forbidden depending on whether the company is involved in a particular business.

There are restrictions on business and commercial activities: specific types of services are not permitted by British law, including, for example, banks, insurance, financial services, accreditation services, consumer-oriented services, and staff placement.

The procedure for constitution requires the constitution of a capital company and articles of association, the declaration of conformity and the declaration of the first directors and the secretary, the notification of the official headquarters and the payment of the fee required for the Chamber of Commerce (Company House).

The official office of the office must be in the United Kingdom and very often they are located in London.

For the purposes of this disclosure, a British company is established in England or Wales and is a member of Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

Once you have registered at the Chamber of Commerce, companies are immediately available (usually within 7 days).

The requirements for equity-related authorization depend on the type of company: Private company: Minimum capital is an action but usually additional capital is emitted to consolidate the company's stability and consistency.

Opening an Ltd company in London normally allows us to establish it with an authorized share capital of £ 1.000 (one thousand pounds sterling and / or 1000 GBP).

Public Company: The minimum authorized share capital for a public company is £ 50.000 (50.000 sterling and / or 50.000 GBP), of which £ 12.500 must be released upon constitution (in the case of liquidation all £ 50.000 must be paid).

The minimum issued capital amounts to two shares and it is important to underline that the company tax rates are among the lowest in the whole European Union, the tax rate is 21% charged to a British company.

There are different ways to distribute dividends to the various shareholders (shareholder).

Here are some of the most commonly used solutions:

1 - Invoices issued to other companies: If you have another company, an invoice can be issued to you, with payment. The British authorities are very flexible and the fact of being the owner of both companies will not be a problem as long as everything happens clearly and without hiding the transactions

2 - Expenditure Note: As noted above, the UK tax authorities are also flexible on expense reports. You can download from your taxes all the expenses associated with the company, provided they are related to the company itself

3 - Salary: You could even choose to pay a salary for yourself. The amount of money issued would not be taxed in the United Kingdom, but in the case of residence outside the UK, taxation will take place in the country of residence.

The use of a Limited company in the United Kingdom is aimed primarily at entrepreneurs who run an international company or want to expand beyond the borders of their country of residence.

The Limited is particularly suited to companies with active business and / or new companies that are intended to create a profitable new business.

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously concerned, do not think about us and contact us.

limited company - register limited - limited company - set up a limited company

Open a company in London

Opening a company Ltd in London with SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD offers good reasons that should push you to relocate a business in a low-tax country

Company Ltd London - open a company in London

Opening a company in London, involves a whole series of important and relevant news that makes it impossible for them to fail to argue.

This is a brief statement but, for transparency and seriousness, we believe it is necessary for those who are really interested in relocating or starting their business in the UK, having as much information as possible that will let him know what he is expecting.

If you already have a small-medium business, you can have significant tax savings if you move part of your business to another country; there is no need to be a multinational corporation to deal with international trade.

Many think it is complicated to be able to save on income taxation with the conviction of violating laws, but if things are done in the right way, there are no violations for EU countries and the laws that make up and open a company Ltd. in London is often the best solution.

If for example the owner of an Italian company generates a turnover for 6 millions of euro and the 70 per cent of the trade is generated by Italian customers and the 30 per cent by customers in other European countries having about forty employees all working at the Italian plant the Italian tax pressure being about the 56 percent will lead to a profit of no more than 400.000 Euro from sales made outside the border against a profit there about 600.000 Euro, having shifted the share of international business to the UK, where the tax burden is not higher than 21 per cent.

Here in simplistic and rounded figures, the savings that can be achieved by delocalisation of part of their business in the UK and the opening of a company in London, also bearing in mind that if the owner of the establishment were willing to move to Britain, a further facilitation even on personal income defined as "no dome".

Let's imagine setting up a real office with employees abroad, relocating administration and expanding your business by getting a favorable business climate both in terms of taxation and worldwide recognition as London companies enjoy meritorious fame for seriousness and entrepreneurial competence with good infrastructure and easy reachability.

SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd, knowing the concerns and needs of entrepreneurs, is in charge of helping international clients to open a business in the United Kingdom, providing numerous "packages", made to reach advantageous solutions and proposing the best solutions in terms of tax efficiency to also guarantee a solution for protect bank savings and assets.

The tremendous difference in simplification in the United Kingdom with other European countries allows us to see fair and interesting taxation for those who intend to develop their business honestly and to profit from it without being pressured by laws and tax police states, they will surely bring a huge benefit to the entrepreneur who intends to invest and produce in complete freedom solely on his own business and leads us to open a company in London.

The pressing bureaucracy in other European countries is leading to a generalized recession by increasing production and sales costs while lowering entrepreneurs' profits at the same time, leaving them to abandon their country of origin in order not to end their business.

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously concerned, do not think about us and contact us.

Register a Limited Company in London

Registering a Limited Company in London in Great Britain as well as being fiscally advantageous paves the way for the foreign market especially for the credibility it has until today demonstrated the British state for the existing bureaucratic simplification

Register a Limited Company in Great Britain - Open a Limited Company in London - Limited Company

Registering and opening a Limited Company in London will definitely open up the markets to international markets that we would hardly be able to achieve in other countries with comparable companies, since because of low taxation you can be more competitive.

Great Britain, compared to other states such as Switzerland, Cyprus and others, is not considered as an offshore country, not least a blacklisted country, and indeed, having fair taxation, little bureaucracy and favoring the establishment of limited company in London, comparable to Italian Limited Liability Companies (SrL) but, more importantly, on international markets, favors economic and productive development by guaranteeing business profitability, development and business planning.

In the United Kingdom, but especially those operating in London with regard to Limited Companies, that being constituted does not necessarily require high costs, but contrary to common thinking, they can be registered with initially low share capital, enjoy corporation taxes lower than the average and subject to British laws that allow you to enjoy taxation and business-friendly rules.

A Limited company can be registered in the United Kingdom and belong to legal entities from other countries but with the constraint of compliance with some simple rules that do not induce the country of residence to challenge the company's internationality by imposing its own taxation.

But it's not all about being a paradise, there are, like all things, the advantages and disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration when deciding to open and register a limited company in London to do business in Britain.

The main advantages of opening up a company Limited in London, in the United Kingdom, are brought to the benefit of the English tax legislation that requires low constitution costs and almost non-existent capital, as opposed to countries like Italy which, in constitutional relation, impose substantial social capital to be taken into account by banks where, in Great Britain, there is enough 1 GBP per share with a minimum of GBP 1000 and a considerable savings with no notary fees, different registration fees, annual fee for the Chamber of Commerce, costs for a lawyer, thus allowing a start-up cost unimaginable.

The main disadvantages are due to the country of residence, which, as far as our business is carried out internationally, will obviously seek any legal remedy to claim the payment of taxes according to its tax burden.

That is why SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd puts on the field its professionals, including lawyers specializing in international law and accountants with long experience abroad, in order to secure their customers from legal disputes, thoroughly studying, case by case the criticality and feasibility for the ultimate in the tranquility of the entrepreneur.

The international tax treaties stipulate that a company be taxed where it is managed, regardless of its domicile, so to prevent the British company from being questioned it is sufficient to open an office and employ a minimum of staff, including a Director resident in Gran Britain.

SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd, provides a Secretary (Secretary) and a Director (Director), in case the client sees the need or desire that his anonymity be respected for the investment in opening a Limited company in London.

There are important requirements to prevent a Limited Company from being subject to sanctions related to the country of residence of the property, where compliance with British laws may be deprived of respect for the laws of the country of ownership of the owner.

Our consultants are experts in finding the best solutions using the legal expert in international law and advise the client for the realization of his project and finding the right legally accessible ways to open a limited company in London can make us enjoy the benefits of British legislation where there is no intention of circumventing the source tax but simply want to undertake appropriate taxation in compliance with market rules, thus developing a meritous and satisfactory business.

The general rules a Limited Company in London is required to comply with in order to be considered a company governed by UK law is not many but basic, where the company must have an office at the place of registration and where there are employees ; communications are addressed to the company in the United Kingdom.

Usually, the safest solution is to avail of a UK-based UK Trust Administrator and conduct any administrative meetings on the British soil.

No less important and important is the sponsorship of products and services in Great Britain, not exclusively addressing them as a reference market to the country of ownership of the company Ltd or Limited.

This will determine the effective internationalization of the company, proving its membership in the UK, but it will also give us the advantage of expanding our clientele pool by increasing our business in London as well.

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously concerned, do not think about us and contact us.

Register a Limited in London - Limited - Company in London