Italy at risk default, this is the thought that is flashing in the minds of all those responsible who include a minimum of economics and finance, with the Italian Government determined to increase the deficit and make a good deal of public debt

Italy at risk default - default - Italy default

The maneuver of the Italian Government has not tried in any way to loosen the grip of the markets and exposing Italy to the risk Troika, just as happened in the past for Greece and as moreover, was avoided by the Italian Government to guide the much criticized Minister Monti .

Italy at risk default, with an economic financial maneuver that increases the public debt up to 2,4%, in contrast to the expected 1,6%, is going against all the advice that had been given by the European Union, especially by the President of the ECB that being an Italian, even if super partes, had always tried to meet the needs of the various Italian Governments that have followed one another in the last ten years.

The deputy acting premier of the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Economic Development celebrated that the financial markets would understand the importance of the choice, without thinking that Italy is not making more debt to guarantee more jobs and therefore develop and give energetic sprint to industrial production and facilitate new business, but is simply ensuring welfare, a pre-announced patrimonial even at the expense of those who work, with something that defines "income of citizenship" and leading Italy to default risk.

The ghost of the Troika that does not frighten the foolish but that made the Greeks cry, is a sad premonition for the Bel Paese that with its impromptu administration, is putting at risk the lives of all Italian citizens.

It 's easy and it would be nice to live on a sofa, go out when you want, do not work but, life has taught everyone, or it should have done, that only with the work you can achieve important goals and lasting over time, only with production can increase the GDP that the international markets so much like and therefore facilitate the sales of government bonds from which proceeds are financed the salaries of the Italian Public Administration.

The economic maneuvers against the trend, the European Union would also accept them as it did in the past for other Member States, but it is obvious that they should be oriented to investments for serious growth and not for the very high electoral tips necessary to appease their fellow citizens for allow the realization of a "Book of Dreams" realized during the various electoral campaigns.

The lowering of the tax wedge to companies, a sort of pseudo "flat tax" that for the Italian constitutional order must necessarily be with increasing rates but that if lowered as the part of the constituent government would have wanted the party of the other Vice Premier Salvini, would certainly have encouraged companies by giving them the necessary oxygen to restart and recover the shares of the international market lost during the over 10 years of recession we have witnessed.

A deficit made to allow new start ups and new companies in southern Italy to give employment and not to dismantle it as it was in the thoughts of the majority party to the Government with the ILVA affair, would certainly have been well liked financial markets.

These are investments and not the assistance that they would like us to assist that also call investments; we think that the majority party does not have the slightest idea of ​​what the real investments are, those that have to bear in time, those that in the long run make you earn money and do not lose them, those that allow the economic growth of a company, of a family, of a state trying to avoid bringing theItaly at risk default.

The busy Italians, but also those who seek it, who care about the good of their country, hope that the last bulwark of wisdom and that is the President of the Italian Republic, intervening by opening the document of Economics and Finance (DEF) even earlier that the European Union does that would expose Italy to default risk.

As we often have heard, the BrExit from the United Kingdom it has been evaluated and in any case is administered and managed, trying to guarantee the exit of Great Britain in the least painful way, avoiding the "No DEAL"Which would also be disastrous for the economy of England.

An economic maneuver like that demanded by the Italian majority party is discouraging for the markets, already we see the tangible signs of one Spread that goes up and of the fibrillation scholarships that sell, where they collapse, we would witness the closure of many banks, the economic loss of the current accounts of Italians who should ultimately guarantee the huge burden of public debt, the closure of companies and related layoffs that would result, the Troika that would try to save the country to avoid the contagion of other European markets and the exit of Italy from the European Union not by its will, but by the will of the other Member States bringing Italy to risk almost safe default .

That France has decided to increase its public debt in the face of a considerable economic financial debt, was the excuse to generate this document of Economics and Finance disastrous, not taking into account that France has a GDP that flies almost as much as the German and that Italy over time has become the bottom of the European tail, something hidden by many newspapers but floated by prestigious economists.

Italy has been for many years, since the post-war period, the seventh economic power in the world but, to date, it becomes difficult to invest in the actions of this country with the purchase of its government bonds.

I current accounts in Italian banks they have become a high risk and it is no coincidence that the Government of Minister Monti imposed the opening of current accounts to all holders of VAT and extending them to all those who wanted to get paid for a job; insurance was assured on Italy at default risk.

It is only a matter of time and common sense that we all wish to prevail at the last moment.

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