BrExit No Deal at the door or at least, finance has already started to pack and move from London as the spectrum of the "No Deal" is increasingly present, bringing to light many nodes unresolved from the regulation of trade to end with the free movement of people.

BrExit No Deal - London - Great Britain - United Kingdom

Banks of no significant importance such as HSBC, which in the last few years had already strongly tightened the opening of new bank accounts for those not residing in the United Kingdom, have already started the transfer of some branches in France putting in difficulty British Prime Minister Theresa May who, in agreement with the European Union officials, has agreed to postpone the exit of the United Kingdom from March 2019 in December 2020 to try to resolve the differences that undoubtedly would have led to a rift with the Europe.

The "BrExit No Deal" would actually produce the rise in costs of goods sold in the UK due to tariffs and tariff increases for imports and exports required to non-EU countries bringing the United Kingdom into the arms of the World Trade Organization.

The return to the opening of British banking institutions in Europe would become an obligation because British banks could not operate in the countries of the Union without a physical presence and this event has already determined the start of the move of some bank branches towards the Old Continent setting the alarm the financial heart of the City that has long been pressing on the British Government for a controlled exit and with full agreement of the parties involved.

The bags in the City have been in fibrillation for some time and a BrExit No Deal would not like most Britons who would, at this point, have every right to go back to a referendum to decide whether to stay in the European Union or face all the consequences that could result from a failed agreement, just like the Italian default risk because of the indecent proposal of the Economic and Financial Document.

All efforts are aimed at a painless separation and also from the European Union there are all the prerequisites for Britain to continue to prosper regardless of the outcome of the negotiations and not to generate problems for British citizens who would face additional costs which would lead to an increase in the cost of living.

A BrExit No Deal could almost certainly lead to enormous problems in the Import-Export sector, putting in serious difficulty all those companies that until today have prospered with the global market, leading to an increase in prices for online purchases and delays due to more stringent cross-border checks.

Strangely, the European driving license will remain valid in the UK, contrary to that of British citizens who would be forced to apply for international driving licenses as they can no longer drive in the European States, as well as the passport should be replaced with the British one.

The new referendum proposed by the first citizen of London is not an idea so peregrine as to today, a large part of British citizens seem to be thinking about the exit of their state from the European Union that would bring issues that they did not think could be reached , due to the fact that they never joined the single currency (Euro) but kept the Pound and a Central Bank (Bank of England) perfectly autonomous as in the past.

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