Finance, Information Technology are just some of the aspects that characterize the core business of SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUPTECHNICAL ASSISTANCE ITALY

SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP LTD is a Maltese company located in 19 Triq il-Kappella – San Gwann SGN 1345 Valletta (Malta) and is configured as a holding company making use of partners at an international level, articulating and developing itself in the Information Technology sector improving and making highly qualified IT services for corporate uses, interacting also in the financial world, thanks to management consulting other than financial management services, starting from the requests of numerous customers and placing an imprinting oriented towards a highly technological environment, closely following the financial movements of the most sought-after assets and interfacing directly with international partner companies that have enabled it to become an entity similar to brokerage companies that allow it to operate at the highest levels in Europe and internationally.

The management of SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP recommends that you read the LEGAL INFO carefully.

SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP is a group that responds promptly to all those who turn to the professionalism, confidentiality, experience and keen interest of its collaborators and partners in the analysis and intermediation of foreign economic and financial issues.

On this portal each client is considered unique, with very often unique needs and services are elaborated by our consultants and partners as a tailor-made suit for maximum satisfaction and resolution of problems, not relying on any standardization.

Our consultants and partners have maximum attention and care for the needs of the customer, studying the situations one by one and proposing appropriate solutions.

The contact, the advice that follows, are the first operations to be carried out as our company focuses on direct confrontation with the customer so that he knows and can look into the face of those who will take charge of the various situations to be resolved, has always a direct line with the consultants and can follow and be always perfectly informed on the evolution of the various situations contracted.

The Italian IT market will be followed by a new partner S.H.A.D.O. GROUP srl, an Italian company based in Lazio, Italy, which has demonstrated first of all to want to relaunch itself in a market that is currently asphyxiated and difficult to manage, and finally to have incredibly advanced knowledge of the problems of both Small and Medium Enterprises, as well as those of a larger market such as companies belonging to large industrial groups, being able to make use of professionals with proven experience and from business realities of considerable technical and systemic thickness.

In a global market, where you often do not have the knowledge sufficiently specific and rich to be able to move easily and with the security that is always inherent in the soul of the professional or manager, the SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP and in particular the SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP, stands in the way with its employees and its partners, in assisting and converging the interests of the customer to an economy different from that with which it has habit and knowledge.

Information Security also called Cyber Security should be among the top priorities in every company, and should therefore have a person in charge appointed by the top management. The fragility of the information age we are living requires a strong control, adequate tools and trained personnel.

Information Security consists in ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information, a concept translated into the acronym ICA (Integrity, Confidentiality and Availability).

It represents the ability to defend against or neutralize the effects of incidents such as broken hard drives or cyber attacks from various types of attackers.

SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP has put in first place the indispensable IT services for companies and professionals, selecting what is indispensable to achieve a high level of quality and allow a secure corporate financial management.

As far as the financial sector is concerned, we are often asked whether it is possible to act on different taxation and with different taxation from that to which the client is subjected in his country of residence.

Our answer is always ” YES of course “, as there are entirely legal possibilities for acting on business internationalization contexts, which certainly involve more facilitated tax relations depending on the tax laws permitted by the country of origin and the country where you wish to start building a new business.

The staff of the holding company SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP is composed of professional experts in Information Technology, experts in Information Technology Security, experts in international law, professional analysts, accountants and it also avails itself of financial broker partners, companies specialized in financial markets and professional experts specialized in foreign and European financial markets respectively.

These are essentially qualified individuals and companies, carefully selected for their specific characteristics, and with direct experience in their areas of expertise and interest.

In addition to the staff that works daily in the office, SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP also has a large number of external collaborators who offer their valuable input on specific topics of interest. Moreover, the company’s distinguishing feature is that it is constantly in contact with industry experts and foreign personalities.

The subjects of the SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP’s analyses focus on the dynamics of the European and international political and financial economy of the countries of greatest interest.

A fundamental aspect is also that of understanding the foreign policy lines of the major international players in order to have concrete business and reliable political and financial information.

The company addresses the international context and development and their respective updates on all major financial areas, especially those of direct interest to the technological and financial world, thus promoting secure investments.

The areas of greatest interest are:

Europe in general

United Kingdom

United States of America and in particular Delaware

Latin American countries and especially PANAMA where we have partner companies connected worldwide

United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

The companies of the group also operate in other countries and continents without any problem with financing for businesses and services for companies, up to the internationalization of a company by supporting the manager throughout the process of implementation and strategic financial positioning.

The choice of areas and themes, within a wide-ranging but at the same time selective framework, is determined by the desire to focus attention on the realities that the company’s staff considers of greatest interest for investment and economic-financial solutions.

This is mostly knowledge learned through direct experience and covers important scenarios of keen interest.

The company’s goal is to understand and get across what is happening, quickly and in the clearest ways.

The intent is to provide keys that help the client to be in the best position to draw his conclusions and make his choices.

Compared to academic work, the company is characterized by analyses carried out in extremely short times, in such a way as to be able to promptly provide the client with the required situation and to have an immediate and direct usability.

What the SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP intends to provide is a “multi-faceted” approach that, in the complex reality of the contemporary world, must be based on some essential elements whose understanding is essential to interpret the dynamics in place to orient with greater confidence in long-lasting investments and satisfactory economic and financial solutions.

SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP, a completely independent and private company, believes that to better understand what is happening in the financial world, it is necessary to have direct contact with all the components.

It follows that it is important to establish relationships with state and non-state realities of many European and non-European countries, including those with which official institutions find it difficult to establish a dialogue, but with whom it may be useful to keep a listening channel open.

The work of the SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP is formed through analysis that, with a constant, timely and dynamic update, provide information and objective keys to understanding, in order to direct attention, mainly on perspectives often neglected by the media that allow, to those who need it, to have a complete and thorough picture of the essential elements of the dynamics in place.

In this regard, especially on the basis of recurring visits and established contacts, the SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP has the characteristic of approaching the countries of greatest interest and important people, institutional representatives, professionals, to develop insights and strategies on the most current issues and for the necessary assessments of possible developments, critical issues and opportunities.

What differentiates the SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP from other political, economic and financial analysis companies is that it does not so much deal with similar interlocutors abroad as it seeks out and maintains privileged relationships with national and non-state realities, cultivating connections through frequent trips to areas of interest.

These trips allow the professionals of SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP not only to come into contact with local realities, but also to transfer their experiences to their clients, so that they can have the clearest possible view within sensitive economic and financial contexts and political movements.

We are faced with a paradigm shift, but the majority of business managers confront the hard work of management every day by managing to combine strategic discontinuity with day-to-day operations, understanding that the global picture is a complex managerial challenge that must be addressed.