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Zimbabwe it’s a presidential republic with a registered population of about 13 million in habitants, predominantly Roman Catholic, who celebrate all the Christian holidays over the Independence Day, the Africa’s Day and other local festivities.

The capital of Zimbabwe is Hararere and the currency used is the US Dollar which allows financial exchanges on local and foreign markets, but are also accepted other currencies like the Euro and the Yen.

The language spoken is English since the bygone era Zimbabwe was a British colony, but the official internal languages ‚Äč‚Äčare Shona, Ndebele and other 13 idioms related to the officially recognized state region.

The territory of Zimbabwe is largely composed of a plateau that leads down to the border with the neighboring state of Zambia marking the division of territories thanks to the Zambezi River and the Limpopo river, for the rest of the land is flat except for the Monte Inyangani.

The Zambezi River is one of the four longest rivers of Africa which, with its lapping waters of many other African countries but has the distinction of form between Zimbabwe and Zambia, those are the spectacular Victoria Falls famous mainly thanks to the explorer English David Livingstone that baptize with the name of Queen Victoria, economic Contracting of almost all British expeditions of the time.

The Victoria Falls, have always been an unforgettable sight for anyone who has had the opportunity of being able to see and often were the subject of locations for films set in Africa, just for their beauty mainly due to their jump into a very steep ravine and giving rise to its waterfalls wrapped in a unique worldwide nature that determined the inclusion among the UNESCO heritage.

Driving along the Zambezi River, you can admire the beautiful flora composed mainly of papyrus plants and lotus flowers, as well as being able to meet the local wildlife that always gives a touch of closeness to nature that surrounds breathtaking scenery.

The climate of Zimbabwe is rather torrid wandering almost always about 30 degrees for about nine months a year, but of course being of tropical origin a bit of refreshment you can find it easily at higher elevations except for the rainy season that will not lasting very determine a warm climate but dry, and then bearable.

The Victoria Falls bringing with it a special charm, they also have the privilege of being able to allow the tourists to immerse up to the cliff edge making sure with a rope, as there are what are called Devil’s Pool, and that the pool of the devil, who a rocky curb prevents the bather can precipitate with a 103-meter jump.

But it’s not just Victoria Falls one of the largest and most fascinating attractions of this natural paradise.

Tourists can enjoy camping surrounded by the wild nature of Zimbabwe, at the Hawange National Park, Mana Pools National Park and other natural paradises of the African country very impressive especially at night.

Zimbabwe is a country immersed in a stunning natural environment which still preserves ancient traditions and local folklore with a welcoming population, hiding in itself shows that allow the tourist who is currently the driving force of the economy after the resignation of President Mugabe and the new government administered by Emmerson Mnagangwa that brought a breath of democracy also increasing access to strong foreign tourists to a local hospitality unparalleled.

The financial key tourism is part of a financial and economic recovery of the country with the opening of new hotels in the Victoria Falls and the construction of a modern airport is the primary and dominant in the operation.

Even professions are beginning to diversify the tourist service with helicopter flights and light aircraft that provide aerial tours of areas accessible but often inaccessible by land and over the Victoria Falls.

The tours also take you with interesting medieval ruins and safari inside the area that offer the chance to see up close wildebeest, zebras, giraffes, African moose and many other animal species has always been the subject of international documentaries and National Geofraphic.

The Zimbabwean cuisine has been strongly influenced by Anglo-Saxon cuisine but also allows you to try local products without losing the origins of the past with typical dishes like corn porridge accompanied by nyama, the innumerable and pleasant local recipes and soup impala and meat crocodile that can not be tasted when visiting African countries.

Zimbabwe is a country rich for tourists and deserves to be visited at least once in their lifetime.

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