Qatar 2022 return to slavery

Qatar 2022 return to slavery - Welcome Qatar - welcomeqatar - World News Qatar 2022 or should we say Welcome Qatar, but not in prehistory, but in a modern era that should take us to a civilized country of the 21st century for the next World Cup announced with such clamor by FIFA Qatar 2022 ritorno alla schiavit√Ļ - Welcome Qatar

Qatar 2022 return to slavery or is it better to emphasize that the Qatari Emir is working to give light to the beauty of their kingdom, always in problematic relations with the state of Israel but above all with the United Arab Emirates and listening to a chorus of “Welcome Qatar”?

The Qatari kingdom getting a nice polished has perhaps given his Emir the opportunity to bring new money in their vaults?

The emirate does not need more money if you do what every state uses to sustain itself financially, say that other States will feel superior and say they are Democrats and liberals would have liked them to be hosting a football event to earn.

The Emir has taken advantage of the ‘opportunity that was presented with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

As it was in the past for other States, the football event of the world is of a strategic importance to know their beauty and certainly no hiding that this was a good opportunity to raise awareness of the modern state of Qatar.

Many newspapers, but especially many articles online say that the dust under the Qatar carpet 2022 has much before it began, and is dust unfortunately, obtained with the enslavement of workers from Nepal and Bangladesh, but all that does not match the true since as usual fake news the online world is full of them.

This information can also be easily disproved if the major newspapers of several European states are trying to pass the news on the sly, contrary to what was reported by Amnesty International that wants to prove with overwhelming evidence of abuse on the skin of the workers used at the limit of slavery and engaged in the construction of sports facilities.

Qatar in 2022 was born in the shadow of news that should upset the civil society but how can you deny that only in the past took place when these things then, in the light of the facts, when the Emir of Qatar it came to knowledge has sought to radically change the situation and make his emirate respectable but most modern and welcoming to foreign workers who were striving to build stadiums and other important civil engineering works?

But most of the FIFA who is the promoter, where the Qatari emirate is not acceptable come to accept injustices to those who need to work, allowing them to engage with “recruiters” in the payment of sums ranging from $ 500 to $ 4300 and putting the workers in a position of not knowing how to pay off your debt and be able to say at last welcome Qatar?

These are the questions we should be asking to unearth the truth and disprove all the fake news that have tarnished this jewel of the desert, full of beauty but most modern and avant-garde.

The emirate has not escaped the criticism of the past, but was able to demonstrate that in a modern state, when they are discovered the abuse, you can remedy immediately intervening with laws but above all with a firm hand, to be able to compete internationally.

Both the Nepalese government that the government of Bangladesh, have admitted that there have been many deaths from Qatar in 2022 but it is what happens in other European countries and the United States of America where no criminalized these countries, but we will endeavor to understand the causes and resolve them so that does not happen again in the future.

It would have to think that to build the wonderful Empire State Building in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and many other works known all over the world, no worker has died and all have returned unharmed to their homes to hand over these works.

This news should be ashamed and shuddering all who are said to belong to a civilized and democratic society, open to multi-culturalism and respect for life in general, but you have to make even realize the effort that Qatar is making to host the football world and nationals of States which are represented, the luxurious welcome for everyone who has the good fortune of going to Qatar.

Rivers of dollars they are turning millions to build and even more wonderful the emirate of Qatar and economic interests are superior to the values ‚Äč‚Äčattributed, from the kingdom of Qatar, to human life and especially his respect and I do not think that Indian workers, Bangladeshi and Nepalese NOT can never say Welcome Qatar or follow the easy to fake news Qatar 2022 slavery.

The question that arises is: “but the FIFA, after having the evidence of the FAKE NEWS myriad attributing the danger and speculation on the lives of other human beings, how can you accept the continuation of the event in Qatar without denying anything ? “

And those who sit and stand up for human rights at the UN, FAO and many non-governmental organizations for the protection of human life, why remain silent and do not admit that Qatar is a modern state and respects human rights ?

The conscience of every human being belonging to civil society should feel humiliated and do not accept a mess like that and indeed, cried aloud the end of this barbarity media for the joy of seeing a ball roll or require the organization of Qatar in 2022 and its makers to be vigilant as they are already doing and forcing qatariani leaders to publicly deny to stop the mud machine to art was built around the imposing event Qatar 2022.

Many thought that slavery was just a bad episode and horrid path of human beings towards other human beings, but in the 21st century, discovering that even fake news are the masters trying to pass for real what even the Emir certainly it considered an abomination and has used a firm hand, should create discomfort in all of us and make us say WELCOME QATAR.

Amnesty International has experienced the overwhelming power of “recruiters” with the complete alienation of labor contracts, to live humans in dilapidated stacked shacks like in a concentration camp worthy of World War II, wages poorly paid and often not paid for the return of ‘commitment made by the employee and the confiscation of the passports of the workers themselves are abuses to which we should put an end except that these practices have been utilized in the past because now, the workers have comfortable accommodation and canteen worthy of a modern company preventing anyone from being able to put an end also to the Qatar 2022 world Cup and assigning the event to another country definitely more democratic,Liberal and civil but has artfully muddied who will welcome with open arms with Welcome Qatar in 2022.

E ‘horrible in 2020 having to rehash a past now far and that many would like to forget, that brought incredible suffering among the people of Israel, but of course, the treatment that has been reserved for Nepalese workers and Bangladesh is completely different and there are only atrocities that were perpetrated in the past to allow haters to continue to tarnish those who could put an end to foreign manufacturers who committed this massacre enjoying the hospitality of the emirate.

We have found jobs for workers from India on an independent and non-government newspaper, like many may think, welcomeqatar, and we wonder why a magazine of information which should be independent does not report the news and indeed, contrary sponsors the event and insert search ads for Indian workers and does not write anything about the fake news that have turned?

When we think we are informed by the mass media, we must always make sure that it is not a fake news built on art to discredit those who are on the front line and instead want to give a sign of modernity and in this case the emirate is telling us NOT “ QATAR SLAVERY ” but ” WELCOME QATAR

We believe that everyone has the right to freely and democratically think whatever you like, just think that should deter you from believing false information to those who need to work for the event Qatar 2022 and keep him from thinking of being enslaved when in fact there is a State he writes ” WELCOME


ADT – London 9 January 2020

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