ABOUT USWe are a company that was created for the need of professionals and the modern company that wants to take advantage of technological tools that are changing the way we do, think, communicate and workabout us

Our intent is to be your first resource, to integrate ourselves as the professional and fundamental tool for your business.

If you want to get the most out of your business, you must entrust the task to a brilliant and forward-thinking company, so you cannot go wrong in your choice: SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP

We are a group that has always dealt with financial intermediation, information technology and communication; bound by a common interest: success and seriousness, yours and ours.

The SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP operates internationally dealing professionally with ANALYSIS and INTERMEDIATION in the:


Consolidation of foreign companies
Opening of companies abroad
Internationalization of business
Foreign Investments
International Business
Establishment of Holding Companies and Foundations
Protection of assets and capital

Web Platforms
Network applications for your Intranet/Internet and for your IT needs
Professional databases
Licensing and support
Advanced and customizable software
Source systems to implement the best of your web space and the park Customers and Suppliers

Our solutions are designed to get the best result in the shortest time at an appropriate cost also trying to inform everyone about Microsoft and GNU/Linux platforms with targeted articles also present on this web portal.

The first step is always the meeting

Meeting the customer is of fundamental importance not only to establish what should be done but especially how.

The second step is the analysis

The team of professionals meets to evaluate the request, examine the starting point and determine the guidelines of the project.

This outlines the final project and the best solution for the client.

The third point is the development of the project and its transformation

At this point, ideas and expectations will be materialized into practical and intuitive solutions.

The professionals at SHADOIT CONSULTANCY GROUP are ready to address and satisfy your every need.

Managers, Systems Engineers, IT Security Professionals, Finance Professionals, Accountants and Lawyers, we are the ones who can support and advise you to meet and enable the achievement of your goals.

Often our consultants work side by side with the entrepreneur or the company management, they help him to understand, to know, they undertake with him a dialectical path through which they arrive to decipher the complexity of the company; all this with the aim of allocating in an optimal way the company resources to obtain the highest return on investment.

Starting from the improvement of the efficiency of production and distribution processes, to commercial and e-business strategies, to marketing plans and market research, to the opportunities arising from the internationalization of the company, up to the improvement of budgeting and reporting systems.

Clients develop growth paths that allow them to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors and maintain it over time.

The areas of intervention are, therefore, those that involve the role and tasks of the company’s management; these areas, generally separate, are in reality closely integrated as all company activities interact with each other with reciprocal effects.

It is clear, in fact, that the computer system is, today, the essential tool for managing data and information relating to the various operational activities and the information necessary for planning and control, as well as considering the management of communications and geographical networks.