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Spread to 322 points and the auction of the Italian BTP that make a flop due to the Italian Government's response to the European Union

Spread to 322 Balance Savings Offshore Bank Current Accounts

Italians continue to believe in the goodness of their financial economic maneuver, not thinking that the greatest economic observers, the European Union and twenty-seven Member States think that it must be changed because it does not profit the interests of Italy and of Europe as a whole.

We hear from the Government that the EU does not understand the financial maneuver, which is not the law because it was written by a Euro-skeptical government and tries to convince the Italian people of what it says, but can not see beyond their electoral promises, the famous "book of dreams" by many announced that will only lead to a worsening of the economic situation also due to the questioning of infrastructure works for Italy, requests and participation in percentage share, even from the European Union and from France that comes involved.

All the exchanges had a negative downturn and the Italian spread had a sudden surge leading the yield on ten-year bonds to 3,59% causing a strong distrust on the part of the international markets.

The increase of spread to 322 It is a sad omen for Italy as a whole and for Italians who perhaps begin to understand the real problem and that the "dream book" should remain so until the public debt is halved and a more credible maneuver should be presented and made of real investments in the interests of the Bel Paese.

The increase in the spread to 322 is caused by the executive led by Italian Prime Minister Conte who continues to tell the European Union that he is not willing to change the content of the Italian maneuver and this will start the Eurogroup process for a procedure infringement against one of the founding countries.

But, in fact, the spread to 322 that continues to rise on what is affecting?

The constant swing of the spread over 300, is eroding the capital of the banks and this could also cause a probable default for smaller institutions with a long maturity, because they would not be able to recapitalize.

Even the largest and most important Italian banks are beginning to feel the effect of the spread to 322 and in fact for those seeking a mortgage, a loan, a surety or any other transaction involving the money trade, interest rates and the same bank charges started to rise in small doses.

With a rising 322 spread, there is a risk of a forced recapitalization also by the Italian government which, as far as it denies, patrimonial (get their hands on the savings of Italians), could be forced to avoid the default of Italy that would not be able to pay the ten-year bonds expiring.

In this climate of uncertainty and concern, many Italians, unjustly criticized by their government, are thinking about their interest, their future and alternative solutions and rather than continue to see even small investments in BTP volatilized, they begin to disinvest and move their capital in safer countries outside Italy opening up offshore bank current accounts non-EU and onshore but in other European countries.

The spread to 322 is also a matter of concern for the Italian Minister of Economy Giovanni Tria, who consciously states that the banking problem will be felt on the weaker banks as the Italian banking system is solid, but also states that it can not be unbalanced for not negatively affect the markets.

But is it only a problem of the markets or of the two parties operating in the Italian government?

Some financial advisors of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD, Italian professionals operating on foreign markets since Britain, By United States of America, are convinced that if the maneuver will not undergo a more than justified inversion of course, even leaving it to 2,4% deficit but radically changing what at all seems to be spending current and not structural investment for a country that deserves a lot for what many entrepreneurs have made until today with the export and what many Italians have suffered with great sacrifices to recover the public debt, Italy will continue its run towards the abyss like Greece and Portugal just because of a spread that will become unsustainable for Italy.

Italian BTP demand is very weak and also weighs on other Italian bonds, waiting for the European Commission to make a decision on the opening of the infringement procedure for excessive debt, obviously weighing on an already fluctuating upward spread.

It should also be considered that Italy is not benefiting from its exports, which until now has driven the economy and allowed a more than decent GDP, the commercial war opened by the United States of America towards China and the duties imposed also to the Eurogroup countries that support the opinion contrary to the Italian maneuver issued by the European Commission.

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Spread to 400 for Italy

Spread to 400 for Italy, here is the risk for a country under stress from the financial markets because of the constant rumor about a dangerous economic maneuver that the government would like to put in place by playing against the budget balance guaranteed in the past by the previous governments

Spread - spread to 400

Day after day, against all the councils bestowed by Europe, which has no interest in the eventual fall of Italy with an appalling public debt of about 2300 billion euros, advice given to avoid dragging into the abyss of other Member States , an alarming financial drift is being consumed which is burning tens of billions.

The impasse of the Italian government on the "income of citizenship", where it can not be considered a real investment but rather a praiseworthy way to try to give hope to millions of Italian citizens who have fallen into poverty due to the closure of many companies, has led the Minister of Finance Tria has to choose whether to clash with the markets and the European Union or to look at the poverty of a part of his people trying to give them a chance to sustain themselves.

What is unleashing the financial markets with relative increase in spreads, is the risk of instability in Italy if a maneuver was carried out with a deficit of 2,4% or higher, which would result in an immediate increase in Italy of the spread to 400 , characterizing the serious financial crisis, the closure of many banks that would not be able to recapitalize their assets, the closure of many companies with the relative impoverishment of many Italians and the immediate arrival of the Troika to try to save the salvable.

The hope of the most important managers and of the banks themselves, is that the Government decides to be more constructive and careful, deciding to change the DEF (Economic and Finance Document) arriving at an acceptable compromise that goes from 1,8% up to a maximum of 2%, trying to make truly investment maneuvers and not of electoral promises that could only be postponed by a few years, managing to bring the budget balance to zero and then think of both the "citizenship income" and the "citizenship pension" "That to a sort of" flat tax ", not putting the Bel Paese at risk and avoiding a spread out of control.

The risk of a spread to 400 would be the critical threshold beyond which the banks, which until now have been the biggest buyers of Italian government bonds, would be found with capital ratios below the levels that the ECB has imposed for some time and should obligatorily recapitalize its capital.

Already the swing of the stock exchanges and the ups and downs of the spread is putting at risk many banks that started to affect their assets, not forgetting that towards the end of October there will be the responses on the possible downgrading of Italy that, all financial operators, they hope will not happen as it would lead to massive sales of Italian BTPs above all by American funds and to the ECB's intervention as no longer possible, which by regulation could no longer buy the securities as they were downgraded to junk bonds.

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