Privacy 679 / 2016 last call for Italy - PRIVACY 679 / 2016 EU, already in force for the other European States by 2016 and in which it has already found full application where the European Union, for Italy, because of the problems linked to a persistent crisis that the same Europe has taken on by recognizing its size, has granted the date as the last term 25 May 2018, creating many problems for companies and associations that had not considered the importance or had always been underestimated or snubbed.

GDPR - GDPR 679 / 2016 EU - 679 / 2016 - EUROPEAN PRIVACY - 679 / 2016 EU Privacy

La SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD, has created a service designed to carry out and analyze all the procedures for compliance with the law to comply with the GDPR 679 / 2016 EU, thanks to the experience already gained in Italy for the former Legislative Decree 196 / 2003 thanks to the experience of its technical consultants, some from this State, already prepared and aware of the new stringent rules concerning the processing of personal data and the importance of the security of data processed digitally, having already adopted and tightened the meshes for the protection of operating environments exposed to the Internet and visits by external company personnel that under no circumstances must be able to visually observe the data present in the company systems if not authorized.


In compliance with the 679 / 2016 EU Privacy, only 27% of the Italian Companies know the new legal obligations and many have always considered them superficially ... we must hope you are not among these?

From 25 May 2018, without intermediate periods, the new European privacy regulation GDPR 679 / 2016 EU will be fully operational.

Shrugs are not contemplated in response to this important news and do you know why?

Because you too will have to take into account the new European regulation concerning the personal data of your customers.

The year 2016, considered by experts as the most disastrous year from the point of view of Digital Security, has led the competent authorities to decide that it was necessary to intervene on the current legislation in order to contain in any way all the risks coming from the digital world.

It seems that, on an average of 100 companies, only 5 can claim to have a sufficient level of security thus ensuring those who have entrusted their data.

The May 25 will enter into force the European Data Protection Regulation, where many rules remain unchanged and others are re-elaborated and some have been introduced from scratch.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will have a significant impact not only from the technological point of view, but also, and above all, from an organizational and legal point of view.


According to this principle, in the matter of 679 / 2016 privacy, it is necessary to prevent not to correct, so all the precautions must be taken already in the design phase and not subsequently applied to the occurrence of the lack of protection; this consideration is an integral part of a concept devised in 2010 and already present in Canada and in the United States of America, although often disregarded by some lobbies (see Facebook and others).


According to this concept it is necessary that all companies have predefined settings that can process their customers' data only to the extent necessary for the purposes set and strictly within the time strictly necessary to achieve the purpose whose settings and times are strictly predefined and already included in the design phase.


According to the GDPR 679 / 2016 EU, it is necessary to have an attitude based on the evaluation of the danger deriving from the treatment, to be fully aware of all the treatments that can cause physical or immaterial physical damage by carrying out a preventive analysis and a careful evaluation.

LA DPIA (data protection impact assessment)

This is a procedure that can measure and confirm the suitability of the treatment with the rules regarding the protection of personal data (Privacy 679 / 2016 EU).

In reality, it must also be applied where it is not mandatory as it is an extremely useful method to monitor the activity in progress.

Its obligatory nature is determined by at least two of the criteria established by the regulation, for example, in the case of video surveillance and in the case of the processing of sensitive data.


This register is necessary and shows the treatments carried out and the safety procedures adopted not being a mere formality but an integral part of the system for the correct management of personal data.

For this reason, beyond the company size, it is always advisable to use this register, which is often kept for convenience as a spreadsheet.


All the structures must adopt behaviors aimed at concretely demonstrating the adoption of measures aimed at ensuring the correct application of the regulation by entrusting the owners with the task of autonomously deciding on the modalities, the guarantees and limits of the processing of their data according to the GDPR 679 / 2016 EU, as also reported by us in ours Legal Info


Commonly defined as Data Breach, notification occurs whenever there is a breach in the security procedure that involves the accidental or unlawful loss, modification, disclosure or access of personal data.

The GDPR 679 / 2016 EU, establishes that the holders of the treatments will be obliged to notify the Control Authority within 72 hours and unfortunately to date they spend about 205 days between the data breach and the moment in which the institution or the company or the association gets to know it.

The violation must be such as to manifest a high risk for the rights and freedom of persons (legally understood in a physical sense) for the respect of the Privacy 679 / 2016 EU.


In compliance with the 679 / 2016 EU Privacy all the information must contain new references and among the various changes emerges the introduction of the retention period of the data and the criteria established to define it.

After the indicated period the data must be canceled (introduction of the right to be forgotten).

In compliance with the 679 / 2016 EU Privacy Law, the storage time of a data is typically linked to the purposes of the processing and the right to be forgotten is configured as the obligation of the data controllers not only to cancel the data. data but also to inform of the request for cancellation the other owners who process the data including links or reproductions.

DPO - Data Protection Officer

Not all companies and / or associations have a video surveillance system, not all companies and / or associations proceed to target customers and not all of them carry out direct marketing activities, but ... all process personal data.

We address the issue in a generic way and according to what appears on the website of the Guarantor, thinking that tThe various changes introduced to stand out is the fact that the new legislation on Privacy 679 / 2016 EU strongly empowers companies and / or associations before the concrete and correct application of the established provisions.

We do not have to worry, it's about charges that affect so many, many, many other managers and every business and / or association, he will therefore have to use a professional, a consultant, able to verify and direct the structure in all these legislative adjustments.

This new figure is the so-called DPO, the Data Protection Officer or the Data Processing Manager who can also be represented by the System Administrator as long as a third party, ie a professional or representative of another company in IT systems to avoid interference and / or or unwanted pressures from compliance with the 679 / 2016 EU Privacy Policy.

The DPO is a professional already known in some European countries and is an expert in information technology, organization and in the field of risk management, being guarantor of the observation, evaluation and management of treatment, storage and protection of personal data for this to happen in compliance with national and European legislation.

The Data Protection Officer must have regulatory, technical and communication skills and a deep knowledge of the organization of the IT sector.


We speak of the strict sanctions regime that will intervene in this regard:

administrative sanctions are expected much harsher than in the past.

The fines can even reach € 20.000.000 (millions of euros).

Administrative measures also come into play when the concept of Privacy by Design is not complied with.

DO NOT Underestimate it, it goes to your company.

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System administrator

System Administrator is a figure often questioned by business managers when just talking with this character and the close relationship with the junior and senior systems engineers can very often result in the best solution to secure their corporate digital data.

System Administrator - DPO - GDPR (2016 / 679 EU)

With the new regulation that the European Union has put in place to protect the personal data of individuals, professionals and companies, the System Administrator has become the fulcrum on which almost all the configuration of privacy and GDPR (2016 / 679 EU), as he can also compensate for the figure of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and work in tune with the programmers, the system operators and the centers that assist the company IT (technical assistance), taking firsthand the often more difficult decisions to which no one can object technically.

The System Administrator or a network system engineer who, to say the least, is a professional figure who integrates and complements the skills of a hardware and software technician, as he must necessarily have all the facets and technical qualities to be able to drive to the assistance and development staff who will have to answer him personally for the responsibilities that he assumes before the property or the professional.

The System Administrator must have managerial qualities and skills in the field of networks and above all of IT security, management of data flows and profound knowledge of the operating systems with which he must interface, but must also know how to interact with company personnel, without losing never mind the human relationship that must always be placed first for the success of the tasks entrusted to him.

This figure will have to deal with every type of computer network putting first the storage of data with backup solutions both local and deferred (remote), using the systems of MX Backup Email for e-mail and planning of disaster recovery activities, aimed at recovering the most complex situations in a certain and rapid time.

Many times we have heard of personal data stolen from banks, search engines and social networks, thinking that the systems had failed their task but we must always remember that for how many padlock the system administrator can put, crackers, often very skilled programmers programmers can make their way and remove them more or less easily in the same way, that's why you need to document everything, update the eventual DPS (Security Planning Document) and take advantage of the remote backup , wannacry (ransomware) should have taught us something.

The information security of our data is not limited by installing simple antivirus, firewall, implementing networking rules and Policy but, it is guaranteed PROFESSIONALLY, only with a careful analysis and daily / weekly monitoring of the LOG, now more than ever necessary as a result of the heavy penalties imposed on managers or professionals holding their own activities.

The computer security sector as well as the good data storage, make the System Administrator a specialist you can not do without, to guarantee the complete adoption of the GDPR (2016 / 679 EU).

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously concerned, do not think about us and contact us.

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GDPR 2016 / 679 EU

GDPR 2016 / 679 EU - General Data Protection Regulation applicable in all Member States, was created to regulate European privacy as citizens and businesses feel their identity, their projects and their choices in danger and over time have involved their own States until they reach the European Parliament and obtain a law that would protect them in their rights.

GDPR - 2016 / 679 / EU - 2016 / 679 EU

SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD has always considered important the privacy policy and has worked very hard to set up a service for companies that would be useful to the manager or the professional to comply to the obligation of law, but first we need to understand in depth what is important to know for risks, sanctions and methods of treatment to which we must comply (European original text).

Let's start immediately by saying that only the data processed with the digital form, but also the paper-based data that, regardless of the correct degree of storage per storage place, must be treated anonymously for those who observe us, preserving them from the sight of the one who can be beyond your desk.

The prudence to be used for paper documents, mostly deals with the use of simple folders with only an alpha numeric code that identifies the person or company involved.

The data types that the GDPR (2016 / 679 EU) indicates as relevant for protection and their protection are:

  • Location data
  • Personal data
  • Sensitive data
  • Health data
  • Data contained in smartphones
  • Banking data
  • Accounting data (billing data, etc.)
  • Personal data (religion ... opinion ... etc)

Regardless of the criminal complaint to which we risk meeting, it should be noted that failure to comply with European legislation in part or in its entirety will result in heavy penalties and civil and criminal liability, as well as immediate taxation. the same fulfillment by the law enforcement agencies, as well as administrative verification and a penalty that starts from a minimum of 3000 Euro up to tougher penalties such as a quarter of the taxable present in the deposited budget, up to a maximum of 20.000.000 of Euro for the most serious cases.

In the legislative text, we often refer to the DPO (Data Protection Officer) who can be appointed by the company manager, without however relieving him of his criminal and civil responsibilities.

The DPO is an independent supervisor who will have to support the owner and the company IT manager in guaranteeing and organizing data protection in accordance with the GDPR (2016 / 679 EU), representing, by similitude, a Supervisory Body.

The DPO will be the contact person with the Guarantor for the protection of personal data and can not be represented by the manager or professional but he can not be ascribed responsibility for damages that always remain the manager, director, director or professional.

The reason for which the DPO must be a person external to the company staff, is due to the fact that being an independent figure, will not be subject to interference by the owner and will not suffer the absence of a conflict of interest.

DPO - GDPR - 2016 / 679 EU

The DPO will always have to iterate with theSystem administrator that is the one who operates directly on the company or professional systems and can be represented by a single physical entity, making sure that all the minimum security measures are always based on the backups, verification and control of the logs, the protection policies ( firewall, antivirus, antimaleware, antiransomware etc) are scrupulously respected and there is the conservation of the first mentioned system logs to prove the efficiency of the systems themselves and above all, appropriate documentation must be written that certifies what has been done and no less will carry out any communications of non-compliance, directing them to the company management or to the professional, so that they can be processed quickly and always followed by a written reply certifying the times in compliance with the GDPR 2016 / 679 EU.

With the GDPR (2016 / 679 EU) clearer rules are introduced on information and consent:

  • Definition of limits to the automated processing of personal data
  • Basis for the exercise of new rights
  • Criteria for the transfer of the same outside the European Union
  • Set strict rules for data breaches (data breach)

The law applies to all companies located also outside the European market and affects both companies / professionals who treat services, both those who process products.

In the case of Data Breach, the holder, following the regulations of the GDPR 2016 / 679 EU, is obliged to inform all interested parties in a clear and immediate manner and to offer indications on how to limit the damages; may decide, however, not to inform interested parties if it considers that the violation does not entail a high risk for their rights or if it demonstrates to have taken adequate security measures, or may not give information if the effort was disproportionate to risk, without prejudice that in case of lack of information, he will assume all the civil and penal responsibilities.

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously concerned, do not think about us and contact us.

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European privacy decree

European Privacy Decree (ex Legislative Decree 196 / 2003 Italian Legislation), because it is so important for a professional and for a company

The DECREE EUROPEAN PRIVACY ex Legislative Decree 196 / 2003 (for those of Italian nationality) now Rel 2016 / 679 / EU, also called the Privacy Act, indicates the minimum measuresPrivacy Policy DLSG 196 / 2003 - private storage data storage - business consulting - web statistics - cloud object storage service - remote backup - mx backup email - technical and system assistance - European privacy decree - internet advertising - data recovery from media to be adopted by all those who hold personal data, data relating to the accounting treatment, medical data, civil and / or criminal data, in short, any element attributable to the person, body or industrial secret treated mechanically (computerized) and not mechanized.

The SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD, has seriously examined the problem of security and privacy of its customers, especially for the privacy activities that must comply to ensure the tranquility they seek and deserve, to protect businesses and managers.

Annex B of the decree provided that all companies of any kind, including individual ones, should have a document containing the "minimum security measures", called DPS (SECURITY DOCUMENT DOCUMENT).

The DPS. it was compulsory (Article 34 of the Italian Legislative Act) only for those organizations that treat personal data (even if not sensitive) with the use of electronic computers.

Who handled the data manually on paper, was not required to have the security program document.

It was explicitly required by the 19.6 section of Annex D. of the D.Lgs. 196 / 2003 for all organizations dealing with sensitive data with the help of computers.

According to logical deduction and according to the analysts of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD, the growth of the network / risk phenomenon brings with it two seemingly contradictory factors: the development of the network increases the sophistication necessary to take shelter from unpleasant events, but the expansion of the network market makes the basic and widespread solutions cheaper.

Today it is much less expensive to implement an efficient IT protection policy: so why take risks?

The SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD, always invites you to keep in mind, moreover, that whatever was the expense to be incurred, it would cost you less and less damage caused by a sudden loss or alteration of data, an unwanted intrusion, a theft of news, a lack of service to your customer, because when the damage is done, it becomes difficult to take cover.

The 196 / 2003 Decree, with the entry into force of the European Privacy Decree, has in fact repealed the Program Security Document (DPS, Article 34 of the Italian Privacy Code), which should not be updated by March 31 every year and its maintenance and relationship remain optional but advisable, as the Privacy Guard requests remain unaffected by following the European standards which are, among other things, less permissive.

The DPS, let's remember, is a manual where enterprise data security is planned: it describes how to protect the personal data of employees, employees, customers, users, suppliers, and so on. and always according to the European Privacy Decree, they should be placed on a separate page for those who conduct online business activities, including via the internet.

The Italian Privacy Authority has identified a person responsible for data processing plus a number of points for which the company must take all necessary steps to enforce the law.

Furthermore, the dictate of the 19 rule of Annex B - Technical specification for the minimum security measures of the Code concerning the protection of personal data, concerning the content of the DPS and the 26 rule of the same, obligation to report in the accompanying report on the financial statements, if any, of the drafting or updating of the security policy document.

However, it should be noted that for the former 196 / 2003 (Italian Law) Decree that for the new European Privacy Decree, the minimum security measures whose effective implementation was subject to the drafting of the DPS remained unchanged, and in particular in the sector of computer treatments.

Many of the parts that were already part of the Italian privacy decree have been reproduced and extended also in the European Privacy Decree, such as:

(a) computer authentication;
b) the adoption of authentication credential management procedures;
c) the use of an authorization system;
(d) Periodically updating the identification of the scope of the treatment granted to individual persons in charge of the operation or maintenance of electronic instruments;
(e) the protection of electronic means and data against illicit data processing, unauthorized access and certain computer programs;
(f) the adoption of procedures for safeguarding security copies, restoring data availability and systems;
g) the adoption of encryption techniques or identification codes for certain data processing suitable to reveal the state of health or sex life performed by health organizations.

Unchanged are also the minimum measures in the field of paper processing:

(a) periodically updating the identification of the scope of the treatment allowed to the individuals or to the organizational units;
(b) foresee procedures for proper custody of acts and documents entrusted to the persons responsible for carrying out their duties;
(c) anticipating procedures for the preservation of certain acts in selected archives and rules governing access procedures for the identification of those involved.

The opinion of security experts and computer and legal analysts at SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD, to prevent any problems for companies and managers, both of a technical nature and of a legal nature, and continue to protect the privacy of their customers, is:


SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD has thoroughly analyzed the new European Privacy Decree by identifying that the categories of people involved in this legislation are numerous, such as: accountants, jobseekers, lawyers, notaries, doctors, credit retirement companies, insurance companies, political, philosophical, religious or trade union associations, market research firms, personnel selection companies, employers who retain employee health data, etc.

All companies process personal data and surely your company processes data (in electronic or on paper) of customers and suppliers or has a database of employees that in addition to the personal data of your employees contains, directly or indirectly, their data "Sensitive" (for example, sick leave).

It is necessary, as required by the European Privacy Decree, to protect the privacy rights of the data subjects to whom personal data relate, to make these databases secure.

As an example:
- name, surname, address, telephone number, tax code, VAT number, accounting data, bank details ...
- information about the composition of the family, the profession exercised by a given subject, both physical and legal, its formation ...
- photographs, X-rays, videos, recordings, impressions ...
- information on the credit profile, pay ...
- information relating to the health of a subject, sexual life, participation in trade associations, parties, trade union restraints, medical records, surveys of attendance ... etc ..

Legislation included the obligation to draft the Security Policy Document. The European PRIVACY law ex art. 196 / 2003 (Italian Law) provides for new compliance with the protection of personal data.

Often the recurring question that the SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD has faced is that it is placed to our expert technicians in safety and to our lawyers because there is the need to protect their own business if for twenty years there is not It was never a problem.
The answers that SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD speaks to its specialists, to those who are hesitant, especially considering the small but small expense that the small professional is thinking is aimed at his computer system, the fact that he has the conviction that an excellent antivirus can solve all of its problems and we are often in the situation to be exhaustive by saying it:
"Sorry, but even the best product in the world can not, alone, against the destructive ferocity of cyber criminals or, more simply, a possible hardware blackout.
Professionals and companies of all sizes regularly make use of an Internet connection. These new technologies allow faster and less expensive connections, so the problem that arises is that more and more computers are permanently connected to the network, thus ending up as potential targets for some hacker."

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SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD noted that the EU chose to reform the legislation on the processing of personal data mainly due to the incredible technological evolution of the last 15 years, and also because of the regulatory difficulties regarding the relations between private citizens and companies Europeans and non-European companies.
The main objectives of the regulation defined by the European Commission are:
to make the principles of the 1995 Directive more current and to introduce a single regulatory text directly applicable in all 28 countries of the European Union;
define the rights of natural persons in a clear manner and also establish the obligations of all those who treat or are responsible for data processing;
establish methodologies to ensure compliance with the rules in addition to sanctions for those who violate these standards.
On 18 December 2015 came the approval of the final compromise text of the regulation by the CoRePer (Permanent Representatives Committee).

The new regulation strengthens the rights of European natural persons who will have more control over their data thanks to:
the need for a "clear consensus" of the person concerned in order to be able to process his / her data;
Simplified access by the person concerned to his / her personal data;
right of rectification, cancellation and "oblivion";
right of objection (also regarding the use of personal data for profiling purposes)
the right to carry one's personal data from one service provider to another.

In the text of the European Privacy Decree, the lawyers of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD have noted that the new regulation specifies the general obligations of the data controllers for the processing of personal data and those figures that deal with data on behalf of a company (defined as "Responsible for the treatment").
The most important obligations in this regard are:
obligation to implement adequate security measures according to the risk associated with data processing operations;
obligation to report personal breaches ("data breach notification");
obligation to appoint a Data Privacy Officer in the event of risk data processing activities.

As stated in the European Privacy Decree, SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD noted that the regulation confirms the obligation for member states to set up an independent control authority. In addition, the aim is to set up mechanisms to ensure consistency in the application of legislation in all EU countries. In cross-border disputes, a company with subsidiaries in several states will only have to interact with the competent authority in the Member State where the main establishment is located.

A European Data Protection Committee will be set up to include representatives of all member states.

The right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority, the right to a judicial remedy and compensation and liability is recognized. In addition, the right to obtain a review by a national court of decisions taken by data protection authorities is provided.

As far as penalties are concerned, fines will be fined up to € 20 € uro or up to 4% of turnover for policyholders or those responsible for processing that violate standards.

The Regulation provides for the possibility of transferring personal data to third countries and international organizations following an assessment of the level of protection offered by the Territory or by the third country processing industry carried out by the Commission.

In case of inadequacy, the transfer can take place only in special cases or if there are adequate safeguards (data protection clauses, binding company standards, contractual clauses).

One of the objectives of the reform is simplification.
For those who are Italian, the obligation to notify the Guarantor will no longer be mandatory for those who perform special types of treatment (geolocation, genetic research, profiling, analysis of financial strength, etc.), is considered too burdensome from the administrative point of view / and therefore it is replaced by new mechanisms that only focus on processing operations that present potential risks to the rights and freedom of those concerned.

With the introduction of the new European regulation it becomes necessary to go to assess the degree of impact that individual treatment can have on the privacy of users.

SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD analyzing the text of the European Privacy Decree has highlighted the figure of the Data Privacy Officer, mandatory in cases where the data controller is a public entity , the volume of data processed is relevant or the data processed are judicial or sensitive.
The Data Privacy Officer must possess the requisites of professionalism, independence and spending autonomy, can play the role of System administrator and is a reference figure of the Privacy Guarantor.
It can be an outside consultant to the company and can be contacted by the authority if it wants to acquire information.
The basic tasks of Data Privacy Officer are:
to know and inform the controller of the obligations arising from the European Regulation;
verify the application of the European Regulation;
guarantee the conservation of documentation related to the treatments performed;
check that personal data violations are documented and reported;
check that the impact assessment on data protection is carried out and that prior authorization or consultation is required in the cases provided;
be an intermediary between the company and the Guarantor for Privacy;
check the execution of Privacy Guardian requests.
This illustrates the importance of this figure and the direct and indirect responsibilities that are burdened with its work.

New forms of privacy
The European regulation on the processing and protection of personal data introduces two founding principles:
Privacy by design: the protection of personal data must be designed from the earliest stages in which the collection of information is designed. It therefore becomes necessary to analyze data flows and adopt criteria for minimizing treatment risks and, where possible, reduce the amount of data processed.
Privacy by default: the obligation to "prevent the collection of unnecessary data for the purposes pursued" is introduced.

SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD, if you wish to maintain and / or obtain a Program Security Document to facilitate you in any disputes and / or checks by the appropriate bodies, will send you an e-mail, a contract, a questionnaire to be filled out carefully and all the documentation necessary to adapt your company (facsimile letters to be filled in according to European regulations).
The questionnaire will have to be sent to us immediately by e-mail (which will be followed by a call from one of our managers), so that the DPS can be drafted and all the specifications to adapt your activity.

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously concerned, do not think about us and contact us.

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British trustee protection company

Trust company LTD LTD company allows the preservation of their identity by putting us safe from unpleasant consequences

Many people often wonder how to be able to have the privacy necessary to register a company and not appear among administrators, lenders and / or owners and our solution is the trust protection service. Trustee Protection

The reasons for such a choice linked to strict privacy can be many such as not wanting to reveal to the competition the opening of a new company, compliance with a non-competition agreement with today's or previous employer.

There are often serious reasons why you do not want to know your address or your name or, but not least, the problem of a current or imminent divorce that puts you in a position to protect your belongings.

After careful analysis, we have put in place solutions that are suitable for the protection of privacy, which evolve into a series of services necessary for this purpose.

SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd can make available a director (director), a shareholder and a secretary (secretary) trustee for a complete protection of your privacy, thus protecting your interests and those of your company Limited.

As in many other countries, the names of the directors of a public or private company are recorded in documents that can often be consulted publicly (visure) thanks to the provision made on the internet by the Chambers of Commerce.

In Great Britain, Companies House, having the role of Chambers of Commerce, holds the register of companies present on the British territory making it publicly available.

SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd's trust protection service allows to keep the real name of the company anonymous, thus preventing it from appearing in public registers, without completely circumventing the laws of the British and other states

You may apply to the administrator of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd, to commission or coat himself, the figure of your company's director Limited or LTD and you may also be requesting a second director for an image of corporate image oriented to international business.

The fiduciary director will take care of all the bureaucratic and administrative obligations of the company but with the limit of executive and banking powers.

In fact, the trustee director will have absolutely no executive powers unless explicitly (in writing) required by the actual ownership of the company and will not have the means to access the bank's current bank account.

An additional solution, in case of further privacy, will be the opportunity to apply for SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd and its property and its administrator to fully administer your British company by dealing with your business and interfacing with you for your decisions.

The only instant that will reveal the composition of the real owners of your company will be only at the express request of the British Court and never from any request from your country of residence.

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously concerned, do not think about us and contact us.