Enterprise and Planning - Business Management Control

Business and planning, business management control are services necessary for the growing international competitiveness that determines the need for business planning and an improved company management control aimed at the objectives of globalization of the markets

Nowadays, doing business has become an arduous and complicated thing, mainly due to the contraction of demand and increasing international competitiveness, the increase in raw material costs and production factors, primarily the bureaucracy.

Business and corporate planning

This is why there is a need to have super partes companies that by working with their consultants for administrative management and advising the entrepreneur on any improvements to static organizational charts, can bring benefits to management controls, the right way to deal with financial markets in a wiser and optimistic way of knowing their potential.

Already the hardest part of the Italian economy has been based on the work of small and medium-sized businesses that have and still today contribute to increasing business volume in order to grow and conquer important market slices while keeping an eye on the economic crisis which makes it difficult to operate without a proper corporate organization.

Taking into account these data, the entrepreneur or business administrator who is, has increasingly relied on the professionalism of his accountant who, as we all have noted, is not the most suitable figure for solving and managing the business organization as a person specializing only in advanced accounting analysis that almost never handles the single customer by dedicating him the 100% of his time and know how, but must distribute among his various clients losing the sense of specific business management.

It is also true that often the accountant receives the accounting records on the deadline due to failure to handle the right time to solve and solve any problems that can be generated at the same time by putting the entrepreneur or business administrator in front of critical issues often disastrous when it is too late to intervene.

Precisely in this context, it is part of the activity of consultants of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd. who, not intending to replace the precious work of the accountant, also become the glue that often makes the difference, highlighting the issues and asking at the right times the resolution .

Our belief is that good corporate governance and management can only bring tremendous benefits to economic-financial growth when the data is inherent in the first notes, where there is a business organization that includes timing optimization, where the IT platforms in to be efficient and properly maintained with the right tools for proper accounting administrative management, where the company has access to credit and financing and how they are used, these are just some of the important facets that enable a company to grow into 'global economy and that can make it competitive.

The professionals of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd, tangibly support the company accompanying it in the necessary reorganization and growth processes, providing the accountant with a clear image and a consistent business reality that will allow him to work profitably in the interests of the client.

We are increasingly asked whether it is possible to carry out audits, audits of budgets, legal issues related to corporate or professional aspects.

Among our consultants there are high-level professionals such as accountants specialized in auditing accounts (auditors), lawyers etc, who can assist the manager, the professional or the board of directors, to solve all the problems related to a proper taxation and management of the company and its assets.

How do our consultants work?!?

It is interesting to note that our consultants, with over ten years of entrepreneurial and managerial experience, make their business know-how at the heart of entrepreneurship and defining cost-cutting guidelines, an increase productivity and time optimization, seeking and proposing the use of management software that is already in the hands of businesses but is poorly used or under utilized.

Business Management

Our consultant works with extreme discretion, especially in line with business guidelines, where the confidentiality of the information being analyzed may eventually lead to administrative inconsistencies.

He will be interested in the most appropriate way to sponsor corporate products whether it be mobile or real estate services, and that will create the glue between the entrepreneur, the company's administration and the accountant, analyzing the data and giving suggestions in the case posed doubts on administrative management to increase revenue, cut costs, rebalance any company misunderstandings.

It will perform its task with the utmost serenity due to the delicacy of the situations, interested and studying the reason why any orders are falling and talking to those who work for the company in a short and targeted manner to reach the point of bringing benefit to company production and the company itself with suggesting creative responses after verifying financial flows; in other words, starting with the budgeted budget, it is appropriate to propose, through suitable hypotheses and appropriate methodologies, the trend of the cash flow of the company, in order to verify the evolution of the financial requirements and to plan its adequate coverage, as well as to evaluate the feasibility of planned investments.

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously concerned, do not think about us and contact us.