Birth of a StartUp

Birth of a StartUp for the officials of the SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD is always a work that ignites a new spark, new life and new adrenaline that we always believe necessary to perform our work better

Birth of a Start Up

When we are commissioned a new application for the registration of a new company that can be implemented in the Delaware in that England, the first step to which we hold in particular is the meeting that can be done by phone, by Skype or in person.

During the first interview we have the opportunity to listen to the needs and aspirations that the future manager has and the problems he thinks will have to face for the birth of a StartUp.

Our officials are always supportive and prepared to explain and advise the manager on the solutions most suitable for him so that his project can take flight and pursue an uneven road that allows him to see day by day realize his idea.

Work continues, personal relationships are tightened up with the client, followed step by step, intervening on every possible obstacle, and the company can be registered and registered thanks to one of our agents authorized to do so, waiting anxiously for official documents to appear. .the new company was born and is now a young reality ready to operate.

At this point we are carefully prepared to face all the requests of the various banks and in the meantime our agent makes the report (for England) to the HMRC (British tax agency) of the new entry.

This is the long awaited moment, the confrontation with professionals from the banking world who do not see the creation of a StartUp by foreign subjects and put stakes and questions often studied to make life difficult for those who would like to work with them because they demand the maximum seriousness and professional preparation.

Our officials are very competent and always ready to face all the eventualities to counter the truth and with adequate responses to the various situations, always providing very comprehensive and clear arguments that allow the bank manager to understand that he has serious people in front and that the future manager is a person able to enter the business world.

The documents are approved at the bank, the multi-currency workspace is prepared by us and the debit cards are ordered and valuable advice that the entrepreneur must always keep in mind, which will be useful for carrying out the autonomy in full autonomy. his business and his relationship with the bank.

Spend a few days and a smartphone is prepared with an English card which, besides being used for conversation and messages, will be very useful for the customer to manage his bank account with speed and dynamism.

It comes the day of delivery of all the documentation, the smartphone and the latest advice, he is told not to feel abandoned because now he can start working with his new company and will be able to contact us for any problem at any time. as the advice is of vital importance for the conduct of a business conducive to the birth of a StartUp.

Our work is finished, we check that everything is in order, that the contract has been respected up to the last line, we listen for one last time to the client that for us it was like following a friend and we meet to see and discuss of any problems that can be presented and how they have been resolved, all this because it is business and professional growth also for our officials.

We look into each other's eyes and beyond the satisfaction we see a hint of melancholy, it feels like a doctor who witnessed the birth of a child, follows him for some time and then sees him go away, like an actor at the theater at the moment in whose representation ends and the stage lights are lowered but, in the end, they are satisfied and convinced that tomorrow will begin a new professional adventure and there will be new challenges to be won.

Often entrepreneurs think of opening a new company and have many ideas but our task is to convey many concepts and channel them to make them clearer objectives and avoid procedural errors, neglect in planning and financial sustainability and other mistakes that can often be made when it is at the beginning for the birth of a StartUp, being convinced in the strength of those who have the courage to bet on a better future.

Many wonder how a new company is born and the answer is always the same.

Companies are born from ideas, from notes thrown down in a way that is often not well ordered but clear in concepts, from graphic projects and often from processes that change during the development of the thoughts of a business that could allow us to turn the idea into a work activity .

We must always be able to realize the ideas so that they can become economic processes, study the target you want to achieve and see what is the ROI (Return Of Investment), that is, following a certain investment which will be the financial economic return after the birth of a StartUp.

It is necessary to study the market and estimate the time it will take for our project to start developing concretely, transforming itself day by day and capturing the attention of those who frequent the reference market.

It is often easy to imagine what will develop our idea and how long it will be possible to assert itself but we must always keep in mind that the statistical numbers must always be taken with the benefit of the doubt and the financial returns that you think will bring will initially have to be considered always a tenth of the estimate made; this will allow us not to carry out the so-called false steps and to carry out a series of operations necessary for the development of a Business Plan.

The simplest ideas, which are not easy to replicate and the estimated cash flows will be the rules that will allow us to develop a good business.

The preparation of proposals and contracts, the expansion of ideas that will have to be transformed in an orderly manner, will allow a young entrepreneur to find the right path to success thanks to the birth of a StartUp.

Conducting analysis simulations and studying the economic scenarios will allow you to understand any weaknesses in your idea and find the right solutions to avoid the level of financial risk, managing to win the trust of who will be the estimator and user of our business, succeeding in a reasonable time to realize the business and capture the trust of who will be the user.

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously interested do not think about it and contact us


Birth of a Start Up

England for business

England for the business, here is a resurgence of a whole series of perspectives that certainly require the attention of those who want to do real business and especially quickly as they are not usually used to

England for business

First of all, it must be said that in England taxation is one of the most appreciable as it is transparent and has a fixed rate of 19% up to 1.500.000 GBP (one and a half million pounds) and already the right to pay taxes appropriate to The work that one carries out is the greatest advantage we can find in a continuously oppressed Europe.

Contrary to other states that adopt very aggressive fiscal policies, from the police state, England prefers social peace and trust towards its taxpayers who hardly betray the expectations of this important and serious state.

The business is running fast and thanks to the fact that today we can sell lots of glasses and tomorrow we can decide to sell whole banks of potatoes, the profit is in first place and the companies enjoy a whole series of innumerable tax benefits dictated by a real and a real bureaucratic simplification that makes it easier and quickens the possibilities offered by international markets.

With BREXIT, the possibility to further reduce the tax rates is being considered and the opportunity to get off from a 19% to a 10% is achieved thanks to the lightening achieved by the separation from the heavy European burden, making England primary for the business

Many professionals suggest, before registering a company in England, to register one or the Maldives, or in Belize or in the Delaware and then make them become majority shareholders in the new companies that will be established in Great Britain.

This is not, according to our consultants, of primary necessity, as you can still sign agency contracts with other companies and pay the 95% of profits leaving a 5% in England, on the amounts of which we will have to pay taxes.

The substantial difference consists in the fact that maintaining a clear separation between companies, could be useful in the near future in the case of problems with the British company, although it could reduce the already low taxation.

To open a company in England for the business is to have acquired a higher gear compared to its European and above all Italian competitors, because first of all there is not the burden of the Data Protection Agency that obliges us to fanciful registrations, but it is only compliance with net-etiquette and data processing rules is necessary.

We do not have the problem of declaring VAT because the VAT number is not issued if we do not reach a gross amount of 83.000 Pounds and the time to get it varies from 3 months to 5 months and to year end, in case we exceeded this amount , we will only have to pay 10% on income.

The notaries to whom we are accustomed to draw up contracts, develop any corporate relationships and other, are no longer the cornerstone of the companies as all operations can be carried out quickly without their indispensable presence with considerable savings.

England for business

The companies do not pay taxes until the twenty-first month and will have the sole obligation to keep the accounts simple, orderly and fast thanks to some very intuitive online applications or using the billing package of the SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD.

The corporate form most used in England is the Ltd (Private Limited Company) which is the equivalent of the Italian Limited Liability Companies (Srl) but with the difference that a British Limited enjoys unimaginable advantages for a manager accustomed to working with Italian companies , distinguished by slenderness, economy in the constitution and drafting of contracts.

In England for business, English Limited can have up to two Directors (Directors) but usually only one is appointed who can also be the sole shareholder, there is no limit to the minimum amount to be paid for the company incorporation ( a share capital may also be declared by 1 GBP), and unlike Italian subsidiaries, although there is a separation from shareholders and directors by only responding with the share capital or percentage thereof, a Director is unlikely to be persecuted if the company fails to stand out good financially.

With the creation of BREXIT and the agreement with the European Union, England has managed to further grab the benefits it already enjoyed in the past for free trade and trade, but having a free hand for bilateral agreements with other countries without the limits that the European Union imposes on its member states.

However, there is the problem that many people pose for what is defined "Foreign dress", but this is also one of the many harassment that some States try to put in place to tax their citizens and to avoid their effects, we resort to the so-called "nominee" and that is, people resident in England who lend their name to make us Director and Shareholders, releasing a depository fiduciaria (in the case of shareholders) and a power of attorney (in the case of directors) and legally allowing us to drive the company as we believe it may be for the business we intend to develop, or by first establishing a company in Delaware ( USA) which among other things has 0 (zero) taxation and then incorporating the company in England as Ltd where the Delaware company (USA) is holder of the 100% of the shareholder and even if we are appointed Director, not it is essential that we receive a salary that should, logically, be taxed in the State of our residence and therefore we can exploit the England's business opportunity.

England for business

If you want to open one offshore companies in England SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD it will provide you with all its experience and assistance dictated by important financial advisors and partner companies of significant experience and importance, allowing you to quickly reach your goal in complete safety and in full legality and above all with a minimum bureaucracy.

You can always count on the advice of our professionals and our partners for your business operations, to search for possible investors in your projects and to protect your capital and assets thanks to the close collaboration with an important and above all , serious Corporation company of Panama, which may constitute foundations that will shelter your assets or request us to register LLC company in the State of Delaware (USA) for protect your assets and capital obtaining documentation that is perfectly in line with European standards (apostille and notarized documents as prescribed by the AIA Convention).

You ask us to act in your name (fiduciary relationship) and you can ask us for agrowing bank accounts in geo-politically stable countries where others could not succeed in the enterprise because you are not resident in that country, but where we have, over time, have maintained business relationships and state relationships of primary importance.

Our guide for your business will be an added value that will allow you to do business quickly and in total safety, being able to also avail of experienced lawyers with considerable experience in international law, expert accountants and senior officers with years of experience gained behind the shoulders in prestigious companiesEngland for businessde international.

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously interested do not think about it and contact us


England for business

Protect bank savings and assets

Protecting bank savings, this is the worry that is putting into crisis thousands of families of Italian savers contrary to what happens in Britain where the economy and a very solid territorial finance breathes different air even if the mass media make us believe there is an institutional crisis

Protect bank savings and assets

The Italian Government with its irreducible attitudes, not trying to rethink in any way the change of the financial maneuver, but making only very small adjustments to allow the maintenance of beautiful electoral promises for a people so harsh that they arrived at 5.000.000 (five million) of people on the threshold of poverty, where they should have state finances in order and not a frightening public debt, are coming to a fight with the European Union.

Everything starts from anti-Europeanist thoughts of the two majority parties that before the elections praised the return to the Lira as the solution to all the ills of Italy, not saying that it would only be worth 70% of a Euro due to the immediate devaluation (70 cents for 1 Euro) and that the debts should however repay them not in the former new sovereign currency but in the current currency (Euro).

Italianism and the return to the claim of respect from other countries is commendable and even some of us of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD who are Italians would like the good of their country because they love it and every day they feel disappointment and indignation for what is happening , but we are not professionally, absolutely agree with these anti economic and financially dangerous systems, which will lead to a sure recession after a first financial rebound and probably even more poverty with the possible advent of the Troika that economically destroyed Greece.

Let's start by saying that after the approval of the bail-in bank account holders are required to participate with their savings to reorganize the bank in the event of bankruptcy or probable bankruptcy and that this is already a profound risk for those holding capital on current accounts without having diversified its investments.

Why Italians are afraid of the economic crisis?

The affirmations of a party shareholder of the Italian government, those always praised by the previous governments on the solidity of the country thanks to the education of Italians inclined to bank savings, have sparked the eyes of other Euro-Group countries that despite having finances in order or almost in order, do not enjoy the economic wealth of Italy and correctly, Germany in the lead, have already aired the possibility of lowering the Italian public debt with the economic aid of Italian citizens by means of an equal levy to 20% on all bank accounts, bringing Italians to act to protect bank savings and assets.

Useless the move of Italian banks that are proposing the exchange in another currency, because even if doing this operation, in case of a forced withdrawal could not but comply with the government directive and in the meantime have immediately capitalized and earned on the exchange made.

In case of return to the Lira and forced withdrawal to avoid the European Troika, not only the savings but also the salaries of the state and the pensions that are part of the Italian public finances will be affected, but they all look at it from saying it ; a founding state of the European Union would be brought to its knees.

The fact is that some pseudo economists say that the purchase of Italian government bonds and Italian bonds are a safe and guaranteed investment does not correspond to reality, as in the event of a serious crisis and return to the Lira, they would be immediately renamed in the ex- new currency with an unimaginable financial loss in the worst case: "The default".

Discourse would be different for Italian shares, where they would most likely find an appreciation on the stock exchange to offset the devaluation in the first period of rebound, but the loss in value of the new currency would be significantly higher, always remembering that this would not be the case for bank shares the banks with billions of Italian bonds and very high loss of capital would be at risk of failure and it is therefore clear what would happen to Italy if it decided to leave the European Union.


How can we protect savings and therefore capital?

It is not very complicated to understand that we need to diversify on more investments and shift our savings on different banks, both in the Eurozone and outside the European Union, but in geo-politically reliable and secure countries and especially with banks that have agencies present. at least in the UK where it is important protect bank savings and assets.

The advice that many operators are giving, is to open online accounts and move their capital, but this does not correspond to good advice, as many e-banks have proved unreliable over time because they do not have a banking license and therefore with a serious risk for guaranteed capital, especially in this difficult period for European financial economies.

Needless to reiterate the concept of NON-EVASION, as it is sufficient to declare its current account that MAI may still be the subject of assets if opened in a foreign state and pay VATFE and 2 × 1000 on the average annual stock to the Italian State, then a ridiculous amount also protected by the European Central Bank with very stringent and secure rules that help protect bank savings.

It is normal to think of buying securities from other countries that are financially sound and safe as a safe haven, directly on foreign exchanges and thanks to accredited stockbrokers and is an operation that many Italian banks have already started to do in total silence, to ensure its shareholders.

The Italian government has denied having started talking about returning to the Lira, playing on the fact that people, with the daily problems of work, family and financial, have forgotten that the two parties that compose it, up to a few months before elections, proposed the exit from the Euro and tried to put the Ministry of Economy and Finance, a strong euro-skeptic who spoke of "black swan" and proposed the path of economic sovereignism: "Prof. Paolo Savona", an illustrious Italian academic and an expert in world finance.

If a person is unfamiliar with the markets, he must rely on expert brokers who are regularly registered, as the danger of ending up in the hands of fraudsters or speculators, in this period is very high, especially if they are non-independent operators related to banks and that they try to entice on bank stocks of Institutes currently considered safe (a classic example of failed Italian banks and the total loss of investor savings) putting at risk the protection of bank savings.

The advice of the financial advisors of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD is to rely on brokers belonging to independent foreign companies or independent brokers not related to the Italian territory to always have the maximum of their objectivity for the financial economic evaluations that will be brought to give.

But the possibilities to protect our assets and capital do not end with the resources protected in the belly of the banks, as it is convenient to set up foreign companies, have a passport for all their family members, establish trusts and transfer assets to their companies as a trust fund or part of the share capital, to make sure that they become untouchable in case of economic disaster of the Italian State.

Or you can resort to tools like the fiduciary mandate, a very interesting tool from the juridical point of view, through which, while remaining at the head of the most complete ownership of the asset, the administration of the asset is attributed to the mandator company to realize a stakeholder interest, thus securing confidentiality and administration of goods but with costs for financial advice and for those who administer the asset or capital to protect bank savings and assets.

There are also other instruments of fundamental importance, such as foundations of law and private interest that, thanks to our partners, can be useful to ensure the proper management of its real estate assets with the possibility of Trust.

Therefore, it is useless to think about investing on the good old brick, because with the percentage loss on the purchase value of the investment that has now been at 23%, with the risk of a property that would further reduce its value and with a hypothetical risk of Italy's default, it can no longer be considered a good investment to protect bank savings and assets.

Protect bank savings and assets

ITALY - 2016 Stability Law

ITALY - 2016 Stability Law, Offshore and Fiscal Paradisi, with a paragraph contained in it resolves with a knock off of the off-limits taxation, giving the possibility to Italian professionals and managers, to be able to easily maintain business relations with any offshore company and download expenses and payments made from the tax return.

ITALY - 2016 Stability Law

A subparagraph passed mutually allows the Italian ministerial decree of 23 January 2002 to be finished in the attic from the 2016 tax period, where it will no longer be necessary to indicate separately in the tax return, the costs considered up to 2015 in "Black List ", Making them deductible from taxable income with the intent of putting a brake on escapism and escapes of capital constantly increasing due to excessively aggressive taxation.

The elimination of the "black list" was considered and implemented with the 2016 Stability Law due to the embarrassment of the then Prime Minister Matteo Renzi during a visit to Oman, a strong world investor country like the United Arab Emirates, which they were listed among the tax havens and their companies were considered Offshore.

The 2016 Stability Law has established a historic record for Italian finance and economy, with the aim of allowing free trade in world trade to Italian companies, allowing it to approach with greater aggressiveness the big businesses that already in other democratic countries, they have always been customary on the big squares, those tax-free exchanges that have always been fiscally hindered with Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates themselves and other nations.

This innovative arrangement can be found in the circular 39 / E / 2016 of the Italian Revenue Agency, which has the difference of the legal constraints previously implemented in the year 2015 adapts to new world markets, trying to allow its companies to become more competitive.

The contrast to offshore companies and tax havens, fought by Italy for years, demonizing and trying to inculcate in its citizens the fear of escape and evasion for those who registered companies and tried to operate on world markets even with foreign banks, suffered a sudden setback, precisely at the most delicate moment for international finance due officially to a line of journalistic inquiry.

The strange thing is the rapid rise of the Italian standard with the 2016 Stability Law, immediately after Panama Papers scandal by Mossack Fonseca, Panama Paradise, the Bahamas Leaks and other scandals that have upset Panamanian offshore companies mainly because of the superficiality with which they were treated confidential and sensitive data of their customers, which have made bankers, industrialists, politicians, nobles, financiers and so many professionals and accountants tremble worlds of which many refer to Italian citizens still under the magnifying glass of the tax authorities, whose generality have become public.

The offshore and the tax havens that until now have hidden capital and taxes to the tax authorities of the various nations involved with the entry of the mass media, has brought to light only a small part of the capital, even though Italy has plummeted in limbo and are still used at full speed to make it disappear or easily recycle assets of dubious origin.

It does not seem a coincidence that in the United States of America, to attract fresh capital and try to concentrate huge assets, after World Finance has burned Panama and its investment companies, Nevada, the Delaware and other states, have facilitated the registration of offshore companies and guarantee corporate anonymity and undoubted and huge tax facilities.

Back Finance

Investments and privacy

Investments and privacy for SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD have always been, since its establishment, the primary objective to guarantee customers and business companies excluding everything that could jeopardize the credibility and integrity of the company and its its components, as well as the financial geopolitical analysis aimed at offering greater guarantees of security.


SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD, when it begins to analyze an investment project, is opposed to incomplete ideas, and has shown it more than sometimes, in being reticent to release smoky and ambiguous documentation always trying to give clarity and transparency and to companies that turn to their professionals, always thinking about the risk to which the customer will be exposed, often rejecting the mandates and not writing documents to his director's signature, not being enchanted by hypothetical gains defined by others ... "safe investments ".

Until the moment in which he has no certainty about the feasibility and safety of the deal, of safety and safeguard for the client, he only issues drafts ("DRAFT DO NOT COPY") that are not valid for any legal purpose as they do not have an autograph signature , reporting only a confusing cloud of information received from the company that turned to you and then later elaborate them with its professionals and eventually draw up agreements and contracts with full legal validity.

This behavior, distinguishes us from many other companies, as we put forward first the customer and then the business, for seriousness and professionalism typical of a British company.

In recent times, our professionals have been interested in what in the jargon, they are called "investments in tax havens", have analyzed the geopolitical stability of some countries with which we have business relationships, the financial situation and the solidity of their banks, the transparency of the interlocutors and above all, the reason why Switzerland and Panama now, have ended up in the eye of the storm and especially of world finance, allowing the loss of privacy and inviolability of the privacy of those who had constituted holding and foundations.

It has turned out to be something fascinating if seen with the eye of an expert in geopolitics, as what the big financial world intends to promote to a new tax haven in the western bloc, is the United States of America.

The USA is the great super-economic-financial power that is explicitly, that through their intelligence services, they have collaborated with the intelligence of other nations in the various "Leaks" or "scandals", attracting capital in search of shelter under the shield of the Stars and Stripes flag by converging he sought privacy, towards the establishment of companies in the State of Nevada and in the State of Delaware.

It might seem strange, but Uncle Sam's protection for investment and privacy protection, under the aegis of US investment banks and powerful US law firms, has increased the flow of investment in movable and immovable assets, but above all financial , just towards the United States of America.

The most experienced economists already noticed 10 years ago, that the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), with its rules, was attacking and attacking today, those countries considered a haven for capital and for privacy of identities.

In Switzerland, the pressure was enormous on the part of the US administration, which also joined the European countries, so that from "Fiscal Paradise", the Cantonese banking and financial services, slowly became transparent, bringing to light the names of the current account holders shareholders and administrators and the sums that had been protected in their coffers, giving up financial opacity gradually and shifting their economy on the industry by not guaranteeing more secure investments and privacy.

Today, the geopolitical financial shooting has moved to Panama, always a coveted tax haven, where the Panama Papers scandal by the law firm Mossack Fonseca, the Panama Paradise and the leaks of documents (thousands) made to the detriment of Panamanian financial companies, have led serious damage to the economy of that state and put into serious trouble, big and small entrepreneurs, professionals and disparate societies that to date have to account for their work to the financial control bodies of their states of residence.

The United States of America, have had an easy game with the State of Panama, as a small country, with no possibility of defense neither for itself nor for its customers has been made palatable and succulent prey of the powerful US financial powers, implementing a policy of terror and making us reflect on a forced transfer of perspectives towards the US states with zero taxation.

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Delaware registration company LLC and Corporation company

Delaware Registration Company LLC and Corporation Company - In the State of Delaware, the registration of LLC companies or the registration of Corporation corporation is one of the best financial solutions to protect its identity and that of the company's associates that will go to form with the help from SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD


Delaware is a state that allows a safe investment with the registration of a corporation or LLC company, in fact, we start by representing the taxation of this American state by saying that all the companies registered in Delaware that do not operate directly with the US economy, they are not required to pay taxes if not the annual registration and maintenance fee of the company itself.

The members of the board of directors or the sole shareholder are highly protected by the confidentiality that in the USA, and especially in the State of Delaware, is constitutionally guaranteed allowing administrators perfect privacy to remain anonymous as long as the law is not affected.

It should be borne in mind, that contrary to what is happening in other offshore destinations, where the scandals due to lightness in the processing of personal data (Panama Papers, Panama Paradise and others) have determined the putting at risk of huge assets and investments deemed safe that are blurred as snow in the sun, Delaware is among the States of the US has always remained more anchored to confidentiality and anonymity.

The Corporation (joint-stock company) and the Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in Delaware may have secondary and operational offices in any area of ​​the world, be constituted by a single natural person who can act as shareholder, director, or secretary. and executive director of the company and do not need to have their own physical office or postal address but it is normal to see the company registered with the address of the company Agent acting as a Registered Agent provided it is located in the State of Delaware.

The Registered Agent or the Agent is responsible for the management of mail and government or legal documents to the company and the company books and accounting records, which need not be deposited in Delaware.

As with the United Kingdom, corporate shares or shares can be transferred instantly and privately without the need for notification to public bodies and without the assistance of a notary.

Anyone can register a Corporation company or an LLC company in Delaware and do not necessarily need to be a US citizen or reside in the US

Delaware-based companies may perform different types of assets and may be owners or owners of real estate and movable assets located anywhere in the world and, of no less importance, that a Corporation company may be converted into an LLC company and vice versa, allowing almost inexistent flexibility in many other countries.

Unlike other legislations, the directors, directors, secretaries and shareholders of a corporation or LLC company are secretaries and are not disclosed to the public offices of the State of Delaware; the same thing applies to their postal references, addresses and anything else that could allow them to be identified.

The degree of protection of the administrator of a Delaware company is very high as it can not be prosecuted personally and with its assets in case of legal action against the company making it very difficult if not impossible for a possible creditor, to promote a cause and affecting a company and its individual components by allowing protect bank savings and assets.

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously concerned, do not think about us and contact us.