Malta and corporate taxes

Malta and corporate taxes, despite being one of the European states and using the single currency, it has often been falsely considered a tax haven like Panama, not thinking that the latter State has a taxation and a corporate management very similar to that of Delaware (USA).

Malta and corporate taxes

It is also necessary to dispel the myth of being able to pay "only" the 5% of company taxes in Malta, as it is not correct to give this incomplete information to those who wish to work seriously in this State which is also like an oasis in the desert for its historical beauties, the climate and the tranquility that a geo-politically stable and democratic government has managed to give to those who live in this place.

Corporate planning is important for the entrepreneur who intends to internationalize his own company, even establishing it in Malta, optimizing an often heavy tax burden in other European states and obtaining benefits often recognized only to Ltd (Limited company) like the British ones.

The diversity of company law can sometimes cause concern, since the opening of a company in a foreign state is already a trauma and is almost always full of questions, the answers to which will be obtained only with time or with the help of a consulting company that will avoid any inadvertent errors.

For the entrepreneur who decides to open a company in Malta, we can say that these entities enjoy the same corporate law as the English one, in fact this State has inherited the best things from Great Britain, allowing the creation of exceptional business and banking relationships and privileged states in comparison with other states.

In compliance with the law, the manager will be able to obtain advantages in new markets with the opening of his company, obtaining reduced company costs, simple and understandable regulations and above all a friendly tax state that will help him in relations with foreign subjects at the time where the need arises.

The corporate taxes of Malta are not very high also in relation to the excellent services that are provided, settling at an 35% on the taxable amount and a local VAT that does not exceed 18%.

But you don't have to be a finance genius to figure out what the taxes are in Britain are facilitated at 19% and this should make us understand that, after opening a company in Malta, we can very well open another in England which will in turn become the largest shareholder, therefore, based on the Tax Refund on income, once carried out the allocation of corporate profits and paid royalties as well as having monthly turned over the quota for the works carried out by the British company, or for the brand held by the latter and given in the form of sharing by contracting it, our Maltese taxation will be lowered considerably and thanks to the tax refund, the British company will be able to ask the Maltese State for the 30% tax paid on its dividends, bringing the taxation on its share to 5% on the taxable amount left over from corporate expenses.

Stopping is the point that in Britain the tax on the company's revenues will have to be paid to 19% but this is another story.

The fact of paying 5% of taxes on profits accrued by a member also applies when that person has no residence in Malta and in fact he will also be entitled to the return of 30% but will have to comply with the payment of taxes in his own State belonging to the Capital Gain obtained (the 26% on the declared for those who are Italian); this situation cannot be applied to a Maltese resident or Maltese citizen who will have to pay taxes for the full amount, but this is another story.

The SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD, thanks to the great experience and professionalism of its consultants, supports and builds together with the potential entrepreneurs perfectly legal situations suitable to obtain cost savings without having to resort to financial tricks that could generate controversial fiscal situations but using and using systems efficient banking, planning and studying low management costs, optimizing the work of companies, providing expert personnel who assist the manager, assisting the company with the enormous IT and financial experience, advising situations where labor costs are low compared to to that of the State of origin.

The solutions to realize one's dreams exist but, one must not improvise and rely on consultants with proven experience

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Malta and corporate taxes

Birth of a StartUp

Birth of a StartUp for the officials of the SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD is always a work that ignites a new spark, new life and new adrenaline that we always believe necessary to perform our work better

Birth of a Start Up

When we are commissioned a new application for the registration of a new company that can be implemented in the Delaware in that England, the first step to which we hold in particular is the meeting that can be done by phone, by Skype or in person.

During the first interview we have the opportunity to listen to the needs and aspirations that the future manager has and the problems he thinks will have to face for the birth of a StartUp.

Our officials are always supportive and prepared to explain and advise the manager on the solutions most suitable for him so that his project can take flight and pursue an uneven road that allows him to see day by day realize his idea.

Work continues, personal relationships are tightened up with the client, followed step by step, intervening on every possible obstacle, and the company can be registered and registered thanks to one of our agents authorized to do so, waiting anxiously for official documents to appear. .the new company was born and is now a young reality ready to operate.

At this point we are carefully prepared to face all the requests of the various banks and in the meantime our agent makes the report (for England) to the HMRC (British tax agency) of the new entry.

This is the long awaited moment, the confrontation with professionals from the banking world who do not see the creation of a StartUp by foreign subjects and put stakes and questions often studied to make life difficult for those who would like to work with them because they demand the maximum seriousness and professional preparation.

Our officials are very competent and always ready to face all the eventualities to counter the truth and with adequate responses to the various situations, always providing very comprehensive and clear arguments that allow the bank manager to understand that he has serious people in front and that the future manager is a person able to enter the business world.

The documents are approved at the bank, the multi-currency workspace is prepared by us and the debit cards are ordered and valuable advice that the entrepreneur must always keep in mind, which will be useful for carrying out the autonomy in full autonomy. his business and his relationship with the bank.

Spend a few days and a smartphone is prepared with an English card which, besides being used for conversation and messages, will be very useful for the customer to manage his bank account with speed and dynamism.

It comes the day of delivery of all the documentation, the smartphone and the latest advice, he is told not to feel abandoned because now he can start working with his new company and will be able to contact us for any problem at any time. as the advice is of vital importance for the conduct of a business conducive to the birth of a StartUp.

Our work is finished, we check that everything is in order, that the contract has been respected up to the last line, we listen for one last time to the client that for us it was like following a friend and we meet to see and discuss of any problems that can be presented and how they have been resolved, all this because it is business and professional growth also for our officials.

We look into each other's eyes and beyond the satisfaction we see a hint of melancholy, it feels like a doctor who witnessed the birth of a child, follows him for some time and then sees him go away, like an actor at the theater at the moment in whose representation ends and the stage lights are lowered but, in the end, they are satisfied and convinced that tomorrow will begin a new professional adventure and there will be new challenges to be won.

Often entrepreneurs think of opening a new company and have many ideas but our task is to convey many concepts and channel them to make them clearer objectives and avoid procedural errors, neglect in planning and financial sustainability and other mistakes that can often be made when it is at the beginning for the birth of a StartUp, being convinced in the strength of those who have the courage to bet on a better future.

Many wonder how a new company is born and the answer is always the same.

Companies are born from ideas, from notes thrown down in a way that is often not well ordered but clear in concepts, from graphic projects and often from processes that change during the development of the thoughts of a business that could allow us to turn the idea into a work activity .

We must always be able to realize the ideas so that they can become economic processes, study the target you want to achieve and see what is the ROI (Return Of Investment), that is, following a certain investment which will be the financial economic return after the birth of a StartUp.

It is necessary to study the market and estimate the time it will take for our project to start developing concretely, transforming itself day by day and capturing the attention of those who frequent the reference market.

It is often easy to imagine what will develop our idea and how long it will be possible to assert itself but we must always keep in mind that the statistical numbers must always be taken with the benefit of the doubt and the financial returns that you think will bring will initially have to be considered always a tenth of the estimate made; this will allow us not to carry out the so-called false steps and to carry out a series of operations necessary for the development of a Business Plan.

The simplest ideas, which are not easy to replicate and the estimated cash flows will be the rules that will allow us to develop a good business.

The preparation of proposals and contracts, the expansion of ideas that will have to be transformed in an orderly manner, will allow a young entrepreneur to find the right path to success thanks to the birth of a StartUp.

Conducting analysis simulations and studying the economic scenarios will allow you to understand any weaknesses in your idea and find the right solutions to avoid the level of financial risk, managing to win the trust of who will be the estimator and user of our business, succeeding in a reasonable time to realize the business and capture the trust of who will be the user.

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Birth of a Start Up

England for business

England for the business, here is a resurgence of a whole series of perspectives that certainly require the attention of those who want to do real business and especially quickly as they are not usually used to

England for business

First of all, it must be said that in England taxation is one of the most appreciable as it is transparent and has a fixed rate of 19% up to 1.500.000 GBP (one and a half million pounds) and already the right to pay taxes appropriate to The work that one carries out is the greatest advantage we can find in a continuously oppressed Europe.

Contrary to other states that adopt very aggressive fiscal policies, from the police state, England prefers social peace and trust towards its taxpayers who hardly betray the expectations of this important and serious state.

The business is running fast and thanks to the fact that today we can sell lots of glasses and tomorrow we can decide to sell whole banks of potatoes, the profit is in first place and the companies enjoy a whole series of innumerable tax benefits dictated by a real and a real bureaucratic simplification that makes it easier and quickens the possibilities offered by international markets.

With BREXIT, the possibility to further reduce the tax rates is being considered and the opportunity to get off from a 19% to a 10% is achieved thanks to the lightening achieved by the separation from the heavy European burden, making England primary for the business

Many professionals suggest, before registering a company in England, to register one or the Maldives, or in Belize or in the Delaware and then make them become majority shareholders in the new companies that will be established in Great Britain.

This is not, according to our consultants, of primary necessity, as you can still sign agency contracts with other companies and pay the 95% of profits leaving a 5% in England, on the amounts of which we will have to pay taxes.

The substantial difference consists in the fact that maintaining a clear separation between companies, could be useful in the near future in the case of problems with the British company, although it could reduce the already low taxation.

To open a company in England for the business is to have acquired a higher gear compared to its European and above all Italian competitors, because first of all there is not the burden of the Data Protection Agency that obliges us to fanciful registrations, but it is only compliance with net-etiquette and data processing rules is necessary.

We do not have the problem of declaring VAT because the VAT number is not issued if we do not reach a gross amount of 83.000 Pounds and the time to get it varies from 3 months to 5 months and to year end, in case we exceeded this amount , we will only have to pay 10% on income.

The notaries to whom we are accustomed to draw up contracts, develop any corporate relationships and other, are no longer the cornerstone of the companies as all operations can be carried out quickly without their indispensable presence with considerable savings.

England for business

The companies do not pay taxes until the twenty-first month and will have the sole obligation to keep the accounts simple, orderly and fast thanks to some very intuitive online applications or using the billing package of the SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD.

The corporate form most used in England is the Ltd (Private Limited Company) which is the equivalent of the Italian Limited Liability Companies (Srl) but with the difference that a British Limited enjoys unimaginable advantages for a manager accustomed to working with Italian companies , distinguished by slenderness, economy in the constitution and drafting of contracts.

In England for business, English Limited can have up to two Directors (Directors) but usually only one is appointed who can also be the sole shareholder, there is no limit to the minimum amount to be paid for the company incorporation ( a share capital may also be declared by 1 GBP), and unlike Italian subsidiaries, although there is a separation from shareholders and directors by only responding with the share capital or percentage thereof, a Director is unlikely to be persecuted if the company fails to stand out good financially.

With the creation of BREXIT and the agreement with the European Union, England has managed to further grab the benefits it already enjoyed in the past for free trade and trade, but having a free hand for bilateral agreements with other countries without the limits that the European Union imposes on its member states.

However, there is the problem that many people pose for what is defined "Foreign dress", but this is also one of the many harassment that some States try to put in place to tax their citizens and to avoid their effects, we resort to the so-called "nominee" and that is, people resident in England who lend their name to make us Director and Shareholders, releasing a depository fiduciaria (in the case of shareholders) and a power of attorney (in the case of directors) and legally allowing us to drive the company as we believe it may be for the business we intend to develop, or by first establishing a company in Delaware ( USA) which among other things has 0 (zero) taxation and then incorporating the company in England as Ltd where the Delaware company (USA) is holder of the 100% of the shareholder and even if we are appointed Director, not it is essential that we receive a salary that should, logically, be taxed in the State of our residence and therefore we can exploit the England's business opportunity.

England for business

If you want to open one offshore companies in England SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD it will provide you with all its experience and assistance dictated by important financial advisors and partner companies of significant experience and importance, allowing you to quickly reach your goal in complete safety and in full legality and above all with a minimum bureaucracy.

You can always count on the advice of our professionals and our partners for your business operations, to search for possible investors in your projects and to protect your capital and assets thanks to the close collaboration with an important and above all , serious Corporation company of Panama, which may constitute foundations that will shelter your assets or request us to register LLC company in the State of Delaware (USA) for protect your assets and capital obtaining documentation that is perfectly in line with European standards (apostille and notarized documents as prescribed by the AIA Convention).

You ask us to act in your name (fiduciary relationship) and you can ask us for agrowing bank accounts in geo-politically stable countries where others could not succeed in the enterprise because you are not resident in that country, but where we have, over time, have maintained business relationships and state relationships of primary importance.

Our guide for your business will be an added value that will allow you to do business quickly and in total safety, being able to also avail of experienced lawyers with considerable experience in international law, expert accountants and senior officers with years of experience gained behind the shoulders in prestigious companiesEngland for businessde international.

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously interested do not think about it and contact us


England for business

System administrator

System Administrator is a figure often questioned by business managers when just talking with this character and the close relationship with the junior and senior systems engineers can very often result in the best solution to secure their corporate digital data.

System Administrator - DPO - GDPR (2016 / 679 EU)

With the new regulation that the European Union has put in place to protect the personal data of individuals, professionals and companies, the System Administrator has become the fulcrum on which almost all the configuration of privacy and GDPR (2016 / 679 EU), as he can also compensate for the figure of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and work in tune with the programmers, the system operators and the centers that assist the company IT (technical assistance), taking firsthand the often more difficult decisions to which no one can object technically.

The System Administrator or a network system engineer who, to say the least, is a professional figure who integrates and complements the skills of a hardware and software technician, as he must necessarily have all the facets and technical qualities to be able to drive to the assistance and development staff who will have to answer him personally for the responsibilities that he assumes before the property or the professional.

The System Administrator must have managerial qualities and skills in the field of networks and above all of IT security, management of data flows and profound knowledge of the operating systems with which he must interface, but must also know how to interact with company personnel, without losing never mind the human relationship that must always be placed first for the success of the tasks entrusted to him.

This figure will have to deal with every type of computer network putting first the storage of data with backup solutions both local and deferred (remote), using the systems of MX Backup Email for e-mail and planning of disaster recovery activities, aimed at recovering the most complex situations in a certain and rapid time.

Many times we have heard of personal data stolen from banks, search engines and social networks, thinking that the systems had failed their task but we must always remember that for how many padlock the system administrator can put, crackers, often very skilled programmers programmers can make their way and remove them more or less easily in the same way, that's why you need to document everything, update the eventual DPS (Security Planning Document) and take advantage of the remote backup , wannacry (ransomware) should have taught us something.

The information security of our data is not limited by installing simple antivirus, firewall, implementing networking rules and Policy but, it is guaranteed PROFESSIONALLY, only with a careful analysis and daily / weekly monitoring of the LOG, now more than ever necessary as a result of the heavy penalties imposed on managers or professionals holding their own activities.

The computer security sector as well as the good data storage, make the System Administrator a specialist you can not do without, to guarantee the complete adoption of the GDPR (2016 / 679 EU).

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously concerned, do not think about us and contact us.

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Enterprise and Planning - Business Management Control

Business and planning, business management control are services necessary for the growing international competitiveness that determines the need for business planning and an improved company management control aimed at the objectives of globalization of the markets

Nowadays, doing business has become an arduous and complicated thing, mainly due to the contraction of demand and increasing international competitiveness, the increase in raw material costs and production factors, primarily the bureaucracy.

Business and corporate planning

This is why there is a need to have super partes companies that by working with their consultants for administrative management and advising the entrepreneur on any improvements to static organizational charts, can bring benefits to management controls, the right way to deal with financial markets in a wiser and optimistic way of knowing their potential.

Already the hardest part of the Italian economy has been based on the work of small and medium-sized businesses that have and still today contribute to increasing business volume in order to grow and conquer important market slices while keeping an eye on the economic crisis which makes it difficult to operate without a proper corporate organization.

Taking into account these data, the entrepreneur or business administrator who is, has increasingly relied on the professionalism of his accountant who, as we all have noted, is not the most suitable figure for solving and managing the business organization as a person specializing only in advanced accounting analysis that almost never handles the single customer by dedicating him the 100% of his time and know how, but must distribute among his various clients losing the sense of specific business management.

It is also true that often the accountant receives the accounting records on the deadline due to failure to handle the right time to solve and solve any problems that can be generated at the same time by putting the entrepreneur or business administrator in front of critical issues often disastrous when it is too late to intervene.

Precisely in this context, it is part of the activity of consultants of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd. who, not intending to replace the precious work of the accountant, also become the glue that often makes the difference, highlighting the issues and asking at the right times the resolution .

Our belief is that good corporate governance and management can only bring tremendous benefits to economic-financial growth when the data is inherent in the first notes, where there is a business organization that includes timing optimization, where the IT platforms in to be efficient and properly maintained with the right tools for proper accounting administrative management, where the company has access to credit and financing and how they are used, these are just some of the important facets that enable a company to grow into 'global economy and that can make it competitive.

The professionals of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd, tangibly support the company accompanying it in the necessary reorganization and growth processes, providing the accountant with a clear image and a consistent business reality that will allow him to work profitably in the interests of the client.

We are increasingly asked whether it is possible to carry out audits, audits of budgets, legal issues related to corporate or professional aspects.

Among our consultants there are high-level professionals such as accountants specialized in auditing accounts (auditors), lawyers etc, who can assist the manager, the professional or the board of directors, to solve all the problems related to a proper taxation and management of the company and its assets.

How do our consultants work?!?

It is interesting to note that our consultants, with over ten years of entrepreneurial and managerial experience, make their business know-how at the heart of entrepreneurship and defining cost-cutting guidelines, an increase productivity and time optimization, seeking and proposing the use of management software that is already in the hands of businesses but is poorly used or under utilized.

Business Management

Our consultant works with extreme discretion, especially in line with business guidelines, where the confidentiality of the information being analyzed may eventually lead to administrative inconsistencies.

He will be interested in the most appropriate way to sponsor corporate products whether it be mobile or real estate services, and that will create the glue between the entrepreneur, the company's administration and the accountant, analyzing the data and giving suggestions in the case posed doubts on administrative management to increase revenue, cut costs, rebalance any company misunderstandings.

It will perform its task with the utmost serenity due to the delicacy of the situations, interested and studying the reason why any orders are falling and talking to those who work for the company in a short and targeted manner to reach the point of bringing benefit to company production and the company itself with suggesting creative responses after verifying financial flows; in other words, starting with the budgeted budget, it is appropriate to propose, through suitable hypotheses and appropriate methodologies, the trend of the cash flow of the company, in order to verify the evolution of the financial requirements and to plan its adequate coverage, as well as to evaluate the feasibility of planned investments.

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously concerned, do not think about us and contact us.