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Cloud Internet is a term that the technicians of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD, used in times when the company was not in the mind of the founders and already in the 2004, thanks to the possibility given by the RDP and the use of terminals (pc without disk) ) that loaded the linux operating system via the network, allowed many companies to keep connected to each other by sharing files


Cloud Internet, over time the term was abused for everything related to the use of software and files on the Internet, many providers called cloud sharing via FTP and via web of what was produced at the various offices but not guaranteeing any safety and exposing the data to dangerous alterations.

To date, the cloud has assumed the right meaning and that is the image of a huge tank made secure by the HTTPS protocol and the various hardware and software security systems that prevent the intrusion of unauthorized third parties, where data from people, companies with the ability to view, edit and share them safely from anywhere in the world.

Cloud data is stored on one or more physical servers that are managed and controlled by the provider who made the service available and manages it by verifying its reliability and security.

With the evolution of Internet cloud platforms, it has begun to be able to use software such as Word, Calc and other programs that allow the alteration and modification of a data even in shared mode, without necessarily having installed such software on the client platform used and even Microsoft with the Microsoft 365 service tries to keep up with the times and the evolution of infrastructural solutions where the open source world stands out.

With the correct computerization, more and more companies have recourse to the cloud, involving their IT departments for fine-tuning and implementation, allowing their employees, representatives and marketing centers and consultants, to access and download data on any device such as a tablet, a smartphone, a laptop, etc., making the company product much more cohesive, available and immediate.

The limit of internet cloud for a company, but also for a professional, is dictated only by the space that can limit the volume of data available and the speed with which they can be delivered.

We will not dwell on the techniques of disk mirroring, cluster server etc but we simply want to provide the correct answer by saying that the limit on the volume of data and the speed at the disk level, resolves very quickly increasing resources and replacing the old mechanical hard drives with drives solid state (SSD) and speed, as well as being dictated by the speed of access to data at the server-level hardware, is mainly dictated by the bottleneck that could represent a poorly dimensioned external network and a badly managed internal network.

Many companies think of the illusions saved by their systems engineers and IT engineers, that with virtualization we can avoid the group of physical servers, not taking into account that virtualization can be used for some types of services that can be delivered but for the cloud it is better to resort to physical servers for a reason of speed and management of the disks and above all because the CPU or the CPUs integrated in the physical machine, to manage the virtual machines use cycles that slow down the operations and determine a bottleneck also dictated by the emulation of the software-level hardware.

Among the most used platforms by those who use the internet cloud, DropBox is highlighted, but how many real IT engineers would be willing to share their data and sensitive ones on a platform unrelated to their systems with the doubt that someone else can day spy documents?

There are several alternative platforms that can be installed on GNU / Linux systems, where Microsoft itself uses the same system to make their updates public and share their data, thanks to the security offered by the open source world, it is clear that SeaFiles, OwnCloud and NextCloud stand out for guarantee and reliability in this category of services.

SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD supplier of the Cloud Internet service taken long ago in consideration OwnCloud and has used it until recently makes its invaluable contribution to store and distribute the data of the companies that entrust it to it, but because of quarrels in the board of directors of OwnCloud Inc (USA) and the resignation of Frank Karlitschek, co-founder, we have directed everything on a safer, more reliable and modern platform that is maintained by the OwnCloud system operators and programmers: NextCloud.

The full compatibility and simplicity of migration of what was done on OwnCloud, has led us to migrate on NextCloud that today is the most modern, fast and complete Cloud Internet platform, even higher than the vaunted DropBox, but with the certainty that data are protected and verified as data and not as company information, with all the guarantees that can be offered to a company that intends to operate in maximum security, coming to supply already installed servers or prepare servers of companies that will then be maintained by our company or systems engineers of the company that owns the server.

NextCloud enjoys security updates and features essential for sharing business data on the Internet and today, it guarantees an innovative way to share their work with other people, using a minimum band, ensuring speed even on hardware not exactly updated and giving a breath of fresh air to those who control it by going beyond the old patterns.

The server app is useful for system operators, to verify in real time the CPU load, memory usage, storage statistics and other monitoring tools through an administration panel, in addition to the possible integration of the Nagios monitor.

For the user, stands out the possible advanced features such as Collaborate Online Office and integration for video conferencing thanks to the combination with external platforms such as WebRTC, in addition to the implementation of new apps in the NextCloud available store, so a new way to see the Cloud Internet and to use a single work tool directly in the browsers.

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Cloud object storage service

Cloud Object Storage Servicand allows us to always have access to our data that has always represented the heart of the company

CLOUD OBJECT STORAGE SERVICECloud Object Storage service allows you to distribute and store large amounts of data such as static images, audio-video files, or document archives.

You can manage content through software as if you were in a virtual disk folder attached to your server.

Il servizio Cloud Object Storage Service is a cloud storage solution that allows you to synchronize the files on all your devices, PCs, tablet smartphones, but it is also a platform that allows you to manage several applications, moreover, the Cloud Object Storage Service can be managed directly from the web interface or through client (available for all platforms) that takes care of synchronizing all if in a completely automatic way and in the background with the remote serverCloud Object Storage Service - Cloud Object Storage Server Service - email data storage on private server - business consulting - web hosting - web statistics - cloud object storage service - remote backup - mx email backup - technical assistance and systems - European privacy decree - internet advertising - data recovery from mediathey are modified or created on the device that you are using at that time, doing so you can have all your files updated in real time and on all the equipment.

The Cloud Object Storage Service also allows you to send (via your own mail service) size attachments for a single file of 1GB exceeding the limit on the size of attachments of traditional mail.

With the Cloud Object Storage Service you have the ability to store your files, folders, contacts, attachments, photos, calendars on a server. With the ability to access it from your mobile device or your PC, or a Web browser to access the your data wherever you are, when you need it.

With the Cloud Object Storage Service you have the ability to synchronize your files, contacts, photos, calendars on any mobile device or desktop at any time.

With the Cloud Object Storage Service you have the ability to share your files with other Cloud Object Storage Service users and give them access to your files uploaded to the server. With or without password or time limit.

A solid reality in Web Services, Clouds and Professional ICT Services with the industry's highest standards. SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd is therefore the ideal company for anyone who wants to apply the most modern business management systems.

Solutions available
The SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd has thought of various solutions, from the most economical for the professional, up to the inclusive server solution at the customer, where the latter, must necessarily be able to have available a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) not an industrial level but a simple ups of adequate power available even at large hypermarkets, fixed public IP to allow the achievement of the server by our technical staff and allow updates and possible interventions remotely, access to the router to allow the proper configuration of the ports.

It is understood that the invoices will all be issued in advance and must be paid upon receipt as will be subsequently mentioned in our contracts; transparency is very important for us on both sides, so why not take advantage of the Cloud Object Storage Service to stay in touch with your company, with your accounting, with your secretariat?

Our consultants are at your disposal, if you are seriously concerned, do not think about us and contact us.

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