FAQs better known as Frequently Asked Questions, are the set of questions and answers that are often asked on internet portals as a result of requests for further information and information on the part of people interested in that topic.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that come to us from visitors to our portal.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How does the Constitution Service of a Company in the UK work?
The assistance service for the establishment of a company in the United Kingdom focuses on the necessary practices for the management of the company (opening of the current account in the UK, accounting, tax obligations, VAT registration) that risk becoming difficult, problematic and expensive if there rely on expert international partners able to communicate in the mother tongue of the client and the place.
The various stages of the service are as follows:
- Advice and Quotation
- Decision to become our customer
- We will send you an email with the list of necessary documents and enclosed our contract

We will need to be sent: Service contract
Address test (domicile etc)
Confirmation of payment

For our part, you will receive:
Constitution of Your Company (uncompromising fast times)
Opening Bank Account for the London Company

Creation of your account for online accounting (if package higher than basic)
Virtual Office Creation (if package superior to basic)
English phone number smartphone card (if above package)
VAT registration (if package above basic)

Why choose SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd instead of another company found online?
The true strength of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd is the value-added consulting service.
This service allows each customer to benefit from the support of experienced tax consultants and with several years of study and work behind.
This factor is essential when the establishment of a UK corporation is only the beginning of a larger expansion and internationalization project, especially when it comes to tax optimization.
Legal experts in international law, our consultants know the local and international legislation and this guarantees absolute peace of mind in the choices made.

How much does the service for setting up companies in the United Kingdom cost?
The cost of the establishment service Company Ltd in the United Kingdom varies depending on the needs of the customer and the size of the business, directly related to the amount of work necessary on our part.

In my country I have undergone a bankruptcy procedure, can I open a company in London?
Certainly, there is no foreclosure from the opening of a company to the use of a corporate current account.
Many people who have had problems in the homeland, today can benefit from this opportunity to get back into play.

Are there sector studies, the management of withholding tax for companies Ltd in London?
Absolutely not".
In England, companies and freelancers emit and receive bills and do not make the state tax substitute and there are no industry studies.

What does LTD mean?
LTD means Limited.
We often ask for a comparison with an acronym linked to the example of companies registered in countries such as Italy.
The Limited companies are comparable to the Limited Liability Companies (SRL)

Is the VAT number required in England mandatory?
Up to about 80.000 Gbp (Great British Pounds - Sterling), the VAT charge also called VAT, is not mandatory.
It is required to be compulsory by British taxation after earning 85.000 Sterling a year (from April 1 2017), before the figure was lower.
To issue invoices without VAT, invoices are issued by companies only with the taxable amount, however, returning the invoice number and the number assigned by the Company House under your tax / legal address.

How long does it take to assign the VAT?
English taxation is handled by the HMRC which, unlike other government agencies in other countries, is not an enemy of the tax payer and, on the contrary, will meet the needs of those who turn for information or otherwise.
Allocation times are usually of 90 days, so we recommend that you start asking for it when approaching an annual 70.000 Sterling revenue.

What Identity Documents are accepted in the UK?
All documents issued by government authorities that bear the name and surname, address, date of birth and which have a photograph are accepted.
Fall into this category:
Identity Card (Valid for Expatriation)
Driver's license
All documents admitted by the electoral offices.

Which documents are valid as proof of address?
For this purpose the utility bills (light, water, gas) and extracts not older than 3 months are the most used documents.
Cell phone bills are not considered valid.
We also advise you, as well as the presence of a residence stamp stamp, as it is officially recognized.

In the constitution of a company, who must provide the documents?
In order to set up a company, you need the documents of director, shareholders with a higher share than 25% and the company's secretary.

Do the documents have to be authenticated?
No, it is no longer necessary for documents to be authenticated.

Are non-English documents accepted?
Documents other than English are accepted, but often have to be authenticated.
If these documents are written in characters other than Latin, (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Greek etc etc), they must be translated into Latin characters and authenticated.

Is my physical presence necessary to open the UK account?
For new customers, our policy requires physical presence to open a bank account. This for a relationship of transparency both to the client and to the bank manager who will meet the collaborators of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd.
It remains the fact that if the customer desires and does not have time to go to London, SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd has the possibility to open the current account in Great Britain as well, provided the documents required by the bank are sent.

Do I have to go to the country in question to open an offshore account?
For the opening of an Offshore Company's current account, in most cases the physical presence of the client is not necessary.

Is it possible to open a current account in another currency?
Yes, it is possible.
The only condition is that one is first opened in Sterling or multicolored commissariat

In which bank will the current account be opened?
SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd relies on the largest and most reliable banks, but the choice will depend on the needs of the client and the unquestionable advice of our financial technicians who will always operate in the interest of the customer by fielding their experience for the various situations.

How long does it take to open a current account?
The current account for UK-based customers will be opened in 3 / 4 weeks, starting with the delivery of all requested documents.
The timing, unfortunately, will be subject to the various checks that the bank deems appropriate to carry out.

Will it be possible to manage the account via the Internet?
Yes, you will be emailed an activation code for your online banking.

Who can open a personal bank account abroad?
Anyone who has passed the age can open a bank account abroad

What personal documents are needed?
The documents required to open a personal account abroad are:
Passport and / or ID card (Valid for expatriation) or both if requested by the bank
Driving License (European) - if you own it, you will also send us a copy of it
we always say: it is better to overcome that deficiency
Tax code

Why can not I open a foreign personal account without the help of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd?
A foreign personal bank account can also be opened independently.
However, in order to benefit from the services described in the section on the opening of a bank account abroad, it is necessary to introduce an accredited agent with the same bank to solve any issues that usually arise in the course of preliminary practice .

Is it possible to open the foreign account without going to London?
To open a personal bank account in England, the physical presence of the client is not mandatory. However, the staff of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd wants to know each customer personally, to have the opportunity to establish a personal relationship, as well as professional. Planting the foundations of a relationship based on mutual trust is essential to work efficiently and correctly.

Is there a minimum amount to be paid into the PERSONAL bank account?
To open a foreign personal bank account and enjoy the services described above, 1000 GBP is usually sufficient, but it may happen that the bank can request the payment of an amount not less than 10.000 Euro.

How does SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd manage my accounting?
How do I send my invoices?
For those who want to ask us or the Virtual Office service or the management of company accounting, you will be able to send us your invoices by entering them directly in the cloud created specifically to update your accounting account online.
Our system will load all the invoices you save to your personal area.
You will be able to access your account whenever you want to verify that everything is in order and the documents that are subject to accounting by our employees will be directly processed.
The link to your virtual office will be emailed to you.

What is included in the payroll management service?
Having a UK corporation with staff working at the company, payroll management includes both the company's / client's employer registration as well as standard P11D, P60 etc etc forms, plus payroll creations of employees.
There will be quarterly documentation for P32 payment and the Employee's income.

The fastest way to get in touch with one of our consultants is to fill out the online contact form.
We will be in touch with you as soon as possible

After how long from my request will I be contacted by a tax advisor?
The response times of our staff depend on the amount of requests received during the period and above all on the complexity of the case presented.
Before contacting us we must know if we can help you and in case create one or more solutions to be submitted to you, which are suitable for your case.
In general, our phone call / email may arrive after a few hours or on the next working day.
If you are busy you will only need to inform the consultant of the time when you want to be contacted (always respecting our office hours listed in the contact link).
If you can not answer the phone, we will try to contact you by email.

How much does a first consultation call cost?
Absolutely nothing.
Often our consultants contact you for more details about your request for a specially designed quote on your case.
If a solution is not possible you will be notified immediately.
Otherwise, we will discuss it together and only pay when you decide to become our customer.
In any case, the first telephone consultation will be completely free.

Can I call you on the phone for tax advice?
In order to optimize the time of consultants and customers and to study more thoroughly every single case, you can not apply for a quote or consultancy by directly calling the offices of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd.
We invite you instead to fill in the contact form on our portal.

The FAQs we have just put forward to you are the majority of the questions that are usually posed to us and we hope to be as comprehensive as possible.

When you become our customers, you can call our offices to arrange an appointment with our lawyer and / or our administrator who will always welcome you with your financial advisor and / or tax advisor to always clarify all aspects of the case that you want to submit.