Our company, linked to a Maltese holding company that deals directly with partners, customers and factory managers and directors, remained silent for a long time but continued to work observing the international markets that were polluted by unscrupulous brokers who boasted false stocks on the ground ready to buy at crazy prices, interposed between distributors and customers asking for hidden commissions that raised the real prices of the manufacturers and often led the factories to have to place on their web portals ads that invited to distrust brokers.

We don’t like to waste time but above all we don’t like to waste time on those who need to buy existing and safe goods.

Our companies are able to satisfy requests even from governments that are not on the black list.

Initially, we have chosen to enter into partner agreements with European pharmaceutical companies, then we have entered into an important agreement with a company in the United Arab Emirates that is official supplier to the Emirates government and finally all together, we have entered into written agreements as official and exclusive distributors with important Asian factories that allow us to work directly with the goods produced and not with non-existent goods or resold at unacceptable prices.

On this web portal, you will be able to view the products that have been given to us in exclusive distribution directly by managers and that will allow you to place certain and transparent orders.

Our task will be to act as a first filter and to carry out a first screening of the customer and immediately afterwards put him in direct contact with the factory that will take care of the contracts and the execution of the order, allowing us to act as a shield for those who would like to continue playing the Rockefeller without having the financial possibilities to do so, putting an end to the wizards of Monopoly.

To purchase on this web portal, view the products and from the contact page you will have to indicate the company details for invoicing, the place of destination, the type of item to purchase and most importantly, the quantity of goods you are interested in.

Requests CANNOT be made for single quantities per item, but you must also remember that we have more possibilities with a larger number of items to obtain favourable prices.

All prices are FOB and sometimes they could also be EXW, but everything will be indicated on the page where the goods will be described and you can organize yourself with your couriers or ask us to show you some if you have difficulties.

All manufacturers have provided European CE certification issued by certifying bodies present in the NANDO database of the European Union and American FDA certification also because the customs authorities in the absence of this documentation do not allow the customs clearance of the goods and unlike others, having the banks as guarantors who are strictly vigilant, we can be sure that there will be no problems in the delivery of goods.

To be able to access the purchase you will need to send a LOI (Letter of Intent) and prepare a Bank Proof of Funds which, as we all know, is valid for only 5 days and we warn you right now that this document will be sent promptly to a central bank for verification, and then allow you to proceed immediately to open a BANK LETTER OF CREDIT on a primary bank.

Other methods of payment will NOT be accepted or that are not guaranteed by a primary bank.

Many brokers like to get lost in chatter in order to get between the client and the manufacturer, but we immediately tell you that we do NOT deal with lawyers, notaries etc etc, but only and exclusively with banks which are the only indisputable vehicle and guarantor for the client and the manufacturer.

We are wary of those who say they have suitcases of money ready for payment and we invite them to deposit it in a bank because it is the only way to buy and deal with our companies and producers.

Once the bank checks and validations have been carried out, you will receive all the contractual documentation, the documents necessary for customs clearance, SGS (at your financial cost) and the bank will be the ONLY GUARANTEE of both the seller and the buyer, making the operation completely transparent and secure for the purchase and avoiding unnecessary loss of time and possible scams.

We will contact you and resolve all your requests in a positive way as we have already done with many customers