Dream of Europe, the dream made by many bankers without having the wit to make a European Union united politically in a strong and stable way by taking an example from United States of America it is breaking and melting day after day like snow in the sun, putting at risk the financial and economic future of the member States that compose it

European Dream - European Union

Contrary to what many thought and hoped for, the rating agencies have rewarded the efforts that a serious government is making in the United Kingdom to take Britain out of the European Union trying to reduce the damage and absorbing the markets' outflows which fortunately support this great country.

The rating agency Fitch, confirming the rating in AA for the United Kingdom and its floride companies but imposing only a negative outlook, it has formally made it clear that this fair nation has a financial solidity given above all by never having joined the single currency: "the EURO" and keeping the pound sterling (GBP) that is supported by the Bank of England.

The speculation hovers however on the British State even if it is not yet able to take shape, strong that if within 29 2018 March should not be ratified an agreement with the European Union and arrive at "NO DEAL", while trying to wedge in a solid finance, it will be difficult to break up the European dream of the other Member States.

Following the "NO DEAL", the conditions could be created for a breakdown of the customs system, of trade and therefore of free trade and a reflux on economic activities which are also very solid.

The United Kingdom, supported by the support ofAmerican historical ally, would put in serious difficulty the European Union affected to date even by a possible exit of Greece that to recover and survive could choose this path after passing the Troika and being squeezed like a lemon, and a desired exit of Italy that does not he would never accept the conditions that were imposed on the Greeks.

The Italian Government, for its part, with the maneuver presented for the 2019 - 2020 - 2021, oriented more to welfare than investment, is encountering strong resistance and failures that will lead to a head-on collision with theEuropean Union.

The auspicious support of the Visegrad countries that did not take place during the presentation of the financial maneuver is certainly not a good omen for Italy and for the European dream that could be found between sanctions and Troika the spread in addition to the 400 share, the Italians' savings would be at risk of default and could lead the Italian government to capitulation on financial choices not in line with the investment and the elimination of IRES to companies that would result in an immediate industrial recovery.

Fortuna has wished that after the downgrading of the Moody's rating agency, the economic and financial forecasts for Italy by Standard & Poor's have only been addressed to a negative outlook that does not compromise the Italian economic stability without penalizing the country with the classification of "Junk" titles, junk titles.

Italy's solvency is also dictated by an enormous primary surplus enjoyed by the State, thanks also to the saving habit of Italian citizens with their current accounts and their financial investments exceed double the public debt of the Bel Paese.

The solvency and solidity of Italian citizens should not be the status and the confrontation with the European Union as it is precisely the Italian citizens could see themselves volatizing part of their savings to recapitalize Italy and bring the public debt back to zero.

The move launched by the Italian government, at the moment, weighs on the competitiveness and growth that is eroding investor confidence day after day and soon could affect access to banks' credit, putting industrial sectors in crisis and also affecting Italian citizens in costs of banking transactions and higher interest rates that in the long run could break the European dream.

The Keynesian economic maneuver does not conform to the standard that would have been expected as it should have pushed on investments and then turned to the weak class of the country, while it was oriented for a 80% to economic aid to the weak and to an 20% towards a principle of investments.

The solidity of Italian banks is certainly not questioned but, contrary to what happens for the Britain, Italy no longer enjoys the support of the Bank of Italy and can no longer fight sovereign money to support the economy, making it probable to further bank recapitalization to support a spread which is eroding the value of the BTPs forfeited in the banks' coffers.

The volatility of the markets, provoked above all by the tensions and the exacerbated tones that have arisen between Italy and the European Union on the budget law, will have to be lowered and dissolved in order not to break up the European Union itself or at the exit of Italy that no one hopes because after the exit of England would trigger a financial storm not easily controlled.

European Dream - Back Finance

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