Delaware Registration Company LLC and Corporation Company - In the State of Delaware, the registration of LLC companies or the registration of Corporation corporation is one of the best financial solutions to protect its identity and that of the company's associates that will go to form with the help from SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD


Delaware is a state that allows a safe investment with the registration of a corporation or LLC company, in fact, we start by representing the taxation of this American state by saying that all the companies registered in Delaware that do not operate directly with the US economy, they are not required to pay taxes if not the annual registration and maintenance fee of the company itself.

The members of the board of directors or the sole shareholder are highly protected by the confidentiality that in the USA, and especially in the State of Delaware, is constitutionally guaranteed allowing administrators perfect privacy to remain anonymous as long as the law is not affected.

It should be borne in mind, that contrary to what is happening in other offshore destinations, where the scandals due to lightness in the processing of personal data (Panama Papers, Panama Paradise and others) have determined the putting at risk of huge assets and investments deemed safe that are blurred as snow in the sun, Delaware is among the States of the US has always remained more anchored to confidentiality and anonymity.

The Corporation (joint-stock company) and the Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in Delaware may have secondary and operational offices in any area of ​​the world, be constituted by a single natural person who can act as shareholder, director, or secretary. and executive director of the company and do not need to have their own physical office or postal address but it is normal to see the company registered with the address of the company Agent acting as a Registered Agent provided it is located in the State of Delaware.

The Registered Agent or the Agent is responsible for the management of mail and government or legal documents to the company and the company books and accounting records, which need not be deposited in Delaware.

As with the United Kingdom, corporate shares or shares can be transferred instantly and privately without the need for notification to public bodies and without the assistance of a notary.

Anyone can register a Corporation company or an LLC company in Delaware and do not necessarily need to be a US citizen or reside in the US

Delaware-based companies may perform different types of assets and may be owners or owners of real estate and movable assets located anywhere in the world and, of no less importance, that a Corporation company may be converted into an LLC company and vice versa, allowing almost inexistent flexibility in many other countries.

Unlike other legislations, the directors, directors, secretaries and shareholders of a corporation or LLC company are secretaries and are not disclosed to the public offices of the State of Delaware; the same thing applies to their postal references, addresses and anything else that could allow them to be identified.

The degree of protection of the administrator of a Delaware company is very high as it can not be prosecuted personally and with its assets in case of legal action against the company making it very difficult if not impossible for a possible creditor, to promote a cause and affecting a company and its individual components by allowing protect bank savings and assets.

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