BrExit and the International Markets, for the United Kingdom "will not be like the world of Mad Max", these were the words of the British Secretary of State David Davis addressing the British citizens


Life made of poverty and misery following the BrExit No Deal, hoped for by the many supporters of a very fragmented Europe, where every State does not feel cohesive with others is only a science fiction film that will not absolutely reflect reality as the economy and especially the UK finance is very solid and the financial centralization in the City, having always turned to the markets for the primary international negotiations regardless of their accession to Europe, will continue to be the British economic hub.

The alignment of the business world, with the separation from the European Union, will not lead to changes in Britain as the new rules will be aligned with the European ones and the companies will not suffer market declines and will not be affected by the national import-export following the BrExit.

Le British companies, always respected and seen as an economic-financial entity superior to other European companies, pride and pride for the United Kingdom, even after the BrExit, will continue to work and to establish itself worldwide, continuing to give prestige to the Crown Britannica with their seriousness, tenacity and class that has always distinguished them.

The exit of Great Britain from the Single Market will not lead to economic collapse and any forecast in this sense has only the interest to flex and put the markets into fibrillation to start the start of speculations that will fall without a shadow of doubt into the void, with heavy losses for those who will try them.

The fortune of Great Britain was not to join the single currency (the EURO) and remain with the pound, strong of a nationalized central bank (Bank of England) and dropped by the European Central Bank, even though it had a fluctuating currency but undisputed, has never been put in jeopardy as it has happened to other countries of the EURO area.

The fact remains that until the last moment, the United Kingdom can take a step back by giving up the BrExit and stay in the European Union giving a lot to reflect on the Prime Minister because the gap between staying and leaving the countries of the Union, following the democratic referendum, it was subtle.

The tempting proposal of the American Atlantic ally that spurred for the firmness towards the BrExit, has not completely convinced the British public opinion even as a return on its own steps could leave the sense of bitterness for the blackmail suffered during the negotiations with the 'European Union.

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