Finance - Information Technology, are just a few aspects that characterize the business of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd.

The company is articulated and developed in the financial world as well, from the demands of many customers and by employing a highly technological-oriented imprinting and closely following the financial movements of the most sought-after assets.

The company responds promptly to all those who address the professionalism, confidentiality, experience and the interest of its collaborators for ANALYSIS and INTERMEDIATION, which helps to deepen the foreign economic financial issues.

In a global market, where often you do not have the knowledge that is sufficiently specific and rich enough to be able to move smoothly and with the security that is always in the soul of a professional or manager, SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD, comes up with its professionals in assisting and converge the interests of the client into a different economy from that with which he has friendliness and knowledge.

Often we are asked if it is possible to act on different taxation and with different taxation from those to which the customer is submitted to his country of residence.

Our answer is always "YES", as there is a whole legal possibility to act on corporate internationalization contexts that certainly involve easier tax ratios depending on the tax laws allowed by the country of origin and the country where you want to start building a new company.

The staff of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd is comprised of professionals in international law, professional analysts, accountants, specialists respectively on the foreign and European financial market.

They are essentially qualified people, carefully selected by virtue of their specific characteristics, and with direct experiences in the mutual areas of interest.

Beyond the staff working daily at the venue, SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd has a large number of external collaborators who offer their valuable contribution to certain issues of interest, where the company's most prominent feature is that to constantly confront with industry experts and foreign personalities.

The issues covered by the analyzes of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd are focused on the dynamics of the European and international financial policy of the countries of greatest interest for Italy and Great Britain.

A key aspect is also to understand the foreign policy lines of the major international actors to have concreteness in certain financial affairs and political information.

The company addresses the international context and development and their updates on all major financial areas, especially if they are of direct interest safe investments.

The most important areas are:

Great Britain;
The United States of America.
Latin America and in particular Panama

The choice of areas and themes, in a broad but selective context, is determined by the desire to focus attention on the realities that the company's staff feels are of greater interest for investment and financial economic solutions.

It is mostly knowledge gained through a direct experience that involves important scenarios and interest in life.

The goal of the company is to understand and to make it clear what is going on quickly, in a clearer way.

The intention is to provide reading keys that help the customer to be in the best conditions to draw his conclusions and make choices.

Compared to academic work, the company is characterized by analyzes carried out in extremely short time, in such a way that it can provide the customer with the services and the point of the required situation immediately and with immediate and direct usability.

What SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd intends to provide is a "faceted" approach that, in the complex reality of the contemporary world, must be based on some of the essential elements whose understanding is crucial to interpreting the dynamics in place for more secure orientation in long-term investment and satisfactory financial solutions.

SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD, a wholly private and private company, believes that in order to better understand what is happening in the financial world, it is necessary to have direct contact with all components.

It follows that it is important to establish relationships with the actual and non-realities of many European and extra European countries, as well as those with which official institutions have difficulty in dialogue, but with which it may be useful to keep a listening channel open.

The work of SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd is based on analyzes that, with a constant, timely and dynamic update, provide objective information and key readers to focus attention, mainly on perspectives often overlooked by the means of information that allow, those who it needs, to have a thorough and in-depth picture of the essential elements of the ongoing dynamics.

In this regard, especially on the basis of recurring visits and frequent visits, SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd has the capability to approach the most important countries and key figures, institutional, professional, to develop insights and strategies on the most current issues and the necessary assessments of possible developments, criticalities and opportunities.

What differentiates SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd from the viewpoint of other companies in economic policy analysis is to relate not so much to similar interlocutors abroad as to seek and maintain privileged relationships with actual and non-realities, cultivating frequent travel connections in areas of interest.

Travels that enable SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Ltd's professionals not only to come to terms with local realities, but to transfer experience to their clients so that they can have the clearest view possible within financial contexts and movements sensitive politicians.